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How to Create an Attractive Instagram Story?

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on May 12th, 2024 9:59 am | 4-min read

Jonathan Gottschall’s “The Storytelling Animal” describes what makes stories work and why people like them. It explains that humans can’t stop telling stories. They turn less interesting incidents into stories to grab maximum attention. For ages, the concept of storytelling is sustaining though the form of reciting them keeps on changing. Earlier stories existed in books and now they can also be discovered on users’ social media accounts.

Instagram, one of the famous social media platforms popularized the concept of storytelling among its users. It introduced the feature of “Story” in its app back in August 2016, and now over 500 million users use this feature on daily basis. Instagrammers post stories on their account that exist for 24 hours only. People design their stories beautifully and add photos, videos, music, etc. to make them exclusive. In this blog, let us learn a few easy tricks to make an Instagram story attractive so that it can leave a long-lasting imprint on people’s minds.

What is Instagram Story?

Back in 2016, Key Systrom (Founder of Instagram) explained that the “Story” feature allows users to upload images that last for 24 hours. Every image posted as “story” appears in the slideshow format at top of the main feed of user. Every slide persists for 10 seconds (viewer can hold the screen to pause slideshow too). Every slide or complete story can’t exist for more than a day unless it is uploaded again.What is Instagram Story - Appy Pie

Instagram stories can be anything from product promotion to funny cat videos. Everyone from celebrities, influencers, start-ups to major brands post stories on daily basis to increase their user engagement. Not only do these stories increase user-interaction but also help in generating organic leads. Creating attractive Instagram stories on regular basis, especially for new users can indeed be a daunting task. So, what should these people do? Should they uninstall Instagram and not enjoy the story feature at all? No! I would rather suggest every old and new Instagrammer read this article till the end to enjoy the story making process. Before we proceed ahead, let us discover some of the major statistics related to Instagram Stories.

Instagram Story - Appy Pie

How to Create Attractive Stories on Instagram?

Instagram has become the abode for more than 1 billion monthly active users. Posting stories on Instagram is turning into a new hobby of millennials and a new method of promoting brands online. People across the world are focusing to leverage the power of these 10-15 second slides (Story) having a shelf life of 24 hours. Majority of Instagram users know that Instagram offers various features to create an attractive story. However, sometimes to stand out and create exclusive stories, you need to take the help of graphic design software available online. Especially for businesses and individuals promoting their brand, it has become important to use graphic designing software. How can you turn unique Instagram story ideas into reality? By using in-app features of Instagram and taking the help of designing software like that of Appy Pie Design, you can make every story exclusive. We would love to recommend a few amazing tips to create eye-catchy and visually appealing stories.

  1. Impressive Image and Trendy Text
  2. As per various studies, it has been proved that most of the viewers tap on the story which is the combination of beautifully edited images and text of the lingo in trend. For instance, one of the famous travel agencies posted images of fancy holiday destinations with their brand logo and “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) as text in their story. They tried to promote the service of their brand with images of happening places and wish to touch the emotional nerve of an audience with a classy and trendy text. You can use this combination to cater to both your professional and personal needs. You can easily design these types of images with graphic design software available online and can upload the same to your Instagram story.

  3. GIFs, Stickers and Emojis
  4. Attractive GIFs, creative stickers, and expressive emojis can convey every expression and feel easy to viewers. For instance, you wish to post a story telling the world that your marriage has been fixed. You can make an attractive Instagram story by using some marriage related GIFs or heart emojis in your story. You can also add the glowing or animated sticker revealing how happy you are after this life-changing event.

    Create Attractive Stories on Instagram - Appy Pie

    GIFs and emojis are not only meant to create individuals’ stories impressive but can be used by businesses for promoting new deals or offering some cashback to their users. Businesses can use stickers to highlight the sales and discounts, new updates to their brand or use them for call to action. For adding GIFs, stickers, and emojis, you can either use the in-app feature of Instagram or the relevant software.

  5. Some Add-On To Trigger Viewers
  6. The majority of active users on Instagram want to increase their followers. To improve the number of niche followers, users try to encourage viewers to comment or like their stories. For triggering users to act, you can add some nitty-gritty to your story. You can include a trendy question, add up the poll with two options, including your location, or can add any specific link for viewers.

    Appy Pie - Create Attractive Stories on Instagram

    If you include one or the other add-on to your story, it can trigger the natural reflexes of viewers and help in improving your direct interaction. Instagram offers variety of stickers, emojis and GIFs to users. However, if you want to play more with your creativity or want to target a specific audience, then you can take help of various templates available with graphic design software.

  7. Tune-Up Your Story with Medley
  8. Instagram keeps on experimenting and adding new features for its users. Recently, it offered the stunning feature to tune up the amazing Insta story. You can make your stories sing and convey that particular feeling with heartwarming lyrics. Instagram allows you to add the snippet of soundtracks to your story. For instance, if you want to promote your dancing studio, you can add some images in your favorite dance poses along with famous songs either by Cardi B or Beyonce. This feature can be easily added by using an in-built feature of Instagram. You just need to click on the Camera icon at the top of your screen and swipe up the arrow in the app. Then, choose the music sticker (@music) to search for your song. You can set the exact part of the song which fits your needs in your story. And your story is read to sing. Don’t forget to include a “sound on” sticker for informing your users to listen to the song. To check if this tunning up of story works for your brand or not, you can use the various Instagram analytical tools available online.

  9. Go Live To Make Your Story Lively
  10. Going live can be a bit challenging but it can certainly lift the level of your Insta story. It allows you to interact and communicate directly with your viewers and promote your story. In live streaming, you can try various ways like Q&A sessions, latest news updates, ask for opinions, and much more. To go live on Insta stories, click on the Go Live button in your Instagram app and start streaming.
Creating stories for Instagram that can help you increase the number of viewers and followers is difficult but not impossible task.

Summing Up

To create the perfect Instagram story, you must not completely rely on the in-built features of Instagram. You should take help of the leading graphic design software available online. So, check out the Appy Pie Design today! It would let you create and edit your images for your perfect Instagram Story!

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