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21 Best Domain Name Generators for Website Name Ideas

By Snigdha | July 29, 2022 2:32 pm  | 5-min read

When you are taking your business online, the first step is to get a website up and running. You can build your website today without coding, that too in minutes! Once your website is ready to go live, the next step is registering the domain name and connecting them.

Choosing a domain name for your business can prove to be quite a task. This becomes even more of a challenge when the unique domain name you choose is already taken.

Domain name generators have emerged as the perfect solution for just such a situation. These tools can help you with domain name ideas that match your business, products, and services.

21 Best Domain Name Generators

  1. Appy Pie

    The biggest advantage of using the Appy Pie platform is that you get access to a bouquet of products from a website builder to a full-fledged blog, secure hosting, customizable sub-domains, unlimited bandwidth, and search engine optimization. Simply type in the keywords or brand name and search for available domain names before you can register them. Since the platform also has a website builder, you get to have everything under one umbrella. You can also easily transfer your domain name to Appy Pie if you already have one on a different platform.

  2. Truic

    An interesting and effective domain generator, Truic lets you come up with truly unique domain name ideas. The platform lets you enter multiple inputs like keywords, regions, and extensions before letting the platform generate unique domain names for you.

    The results are generally a balanced blend of keywords, locations, and business names with URLs that are available. This site name generator is perfect for small businesses who want their domain name to reflect their locality.

  3. Namecheap

    Namecheap is both a business name generator and a website name generator. They offer multiple ways to search and filter the results, allowing for more control over the final results. You can enter keywords, select a price range, choose Transform Options, and even pick the top-level domain options to have more control over the domain name suggestions that pop up on the tool.

  4. Name Ideas Generator

    What seems like a fairly basic domain name generator proves to be anything but once you conduct your first domain search. This random domain name generator gives an exhaustive list of domain names with a whole range of domain extensions. You get to see the availability of desired domain names and get a list of useful variations so that you have a range of options ready if you can’t find exactly what you need.

  5. Lean Domain Search

    Your search for cool domain name ideas can be quenched most effectively by this website name generator. On Lean Domain Search, you can start with just one keyword and start looking for unique website name ideas. You can filter the search results alphabetically, by length, or even by popularity. You can track your search history and also share your search results with others.

  6. Nameboy

    One of the best domain name generators today, Nameboy, has been around since 1999. The platform has gained popularity and respect in the industry for its great ease of use. As soon as you enter the relevant keywords on this site name generator, you get a massive list of clever domain ideas for your website. On this list, you can click on any of the domain names to get further details and complete your domain registration.

  7. WPBeginner

    WPBeginner is one of the best AI-powered domain generators and is also a great business name generator. Along with the list of the domain names, the results on the platform showcase the availability/unavailability of the domain name. As the platform offers both a business name generator and a domain name generator, you can easily find your business name, suitable domain name ideas and check their availability before registering your domain name.

  8. Blog Tyrant

    Blog Tyrant makes your search for the perfect domain name much more efficient because it only shows the available domain names. This means you do not have to worry about exploring hundreds of unavailable domain names before you can actually find the ones available.

  9. NameStall

    This domain name generator is great for finding domain name suggestions for businesses, websites, and even blogs. The platform lets you search for popular keywords. You can easily find domain name ideas using basic English words. In fact, to make things even better, you can conduct an industry-specific category search on this domain name generator tool.

  10. GoDaddy

    GoDaddy is synonymous with domain name solutions for businesses. The platform is especially popular because of the ease of use it offers. A simple search bar at the top of the platform lets you enter keywords or company names to find the perfect domain name for your business. The results include all the available top-level domains and variations.

  11. Instant Domain Search

    Instant Domain Search is indeed instant, and all the available domain names materialize instantly as soon as you start typing. It satisfies the expectations of instant gratification by letting you see all the available options instantly. The only problem is that you only get to see the availability of the domain name after you click on Buy and are redirected to

  12. NameMesh

    Among all the complicated domain name generators that require you to adjust multiple settings to get to your desired domain name ideas – NameMesh is a breath of fresh air. This random website name generator is incredibly simple to use. You only need to type in two or three keywords in the search bar, and the generator creates a list of domain names categorized under different heads like short, fun, common, new, etc.


    One of the most popular domain name registrars,, has an amazing domain name generator built into it. You can use their website name generator to find and register all top-level domain extensions. Their algorithm lets you find suitable, available domains that you can register for instantly. Additionally, you can also use to find brandable premium domains for sale that sync perfectly with your keywords.

  14. Domain Wheel

    Domain Wheel lets you look for unique website name ideas while combining your search with random ideas and domain names that sound similar to or rhyme with your search. Domain Wheel has an amazing algorithm that suggests related topics for your domain names and allows you to select preferred extensions. The results that come up on your search for Domain Wheel are all available for purchase.

  15. Name Station

    You can look for domain name ideas through this random domain name generator. But this is where it gets interesting. You can host a contest and crowdsource domain names for your business. It is more of a community than just a tool. You get automated results for domain names for your business plus loads of creative input from other community members.

  16. Bust a name

    Looks can be deceptive, and this platform perfectly demonstrates this adage. The layout and design of the platform are not as attractive as other such modern tools, but it has a ton of other features that no other tools have. For example, you can set prefixes, suffixes, hyphens, plurals, and even drop the last vowel of a word.

  17. Panabee

    One of the most aesthetically pleasing domain name search and website name generator tools – Panabee, is popular for several reasons. You get suggestions related to your search, even if not exactly the same. In fact, you do not have to worry about consulting a dictionary or thesaurus while coming up with variations of the name you have in mind for your domain name. The platform even lets you check for the availability of your chosen domains on all the popular social media sites.

  18. Zyro

    You only need to enter the search terms in the search bar at the top of the platform, and you will get an entire page of available domain names for your business. You can simply click on the one you like, and the platform will guide you through the steps of your domain registration.

  19. Dot-o-Mator

    Dot-o-Mator is a great domain name generator with a strong focus on functionality. To start with, you can compile a list of beginning words and then create a list of endings. Next, click the ‘Combine’ button and get a big list of domain name ideas. The tool also comes with a mobile application to help you generate domain name ideas when you are on the move.

  20. DomainTyper

    DomainTyper comes with a list of valuable features that let you find a list of available domain names, give you instant search results, and provide support for every extension. The platform provides a secure domain name search and comes up with a long list of web name suggestions.

  21. IsItWP

    An instant domain search tool, IsItWP, lets you start your domain name search by entering a few keywords or brand names. You get a long list of domain name suggestions using a variety of combinations.


Once you have chosen a domain name and registered your domain name, it is time to connect it to your website. You can also create a WordPress website with Appy Pie in minutes!

The thing is, you should not wait too long once you have found your domain name. Buy it before anyone else buys it from right under your nose.


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