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Domain Transfer

Why transfer domain to Appy Pie?

  • Code free process

    No complication, no tech skills, and absolutely no coding needed. Whether you want to transfer domain away from GoDaddy or transfer domain from Bluehost, Appy Pie lets you complete your domain transfer without any technical knowledge.

  • Centralize your domains

    In case you have multiple domains, getting them under one provider is a good idea. It makes things easier to manage, and you no longer have to switch from portal to portal trying to keep on top of things.

  • Easy management

    Appy Pie will take care of all your tasks regarding subdomains, forwarding, and so much more. While Appy Pie takes care of all these tasks for you, all you need to worry about is creating some wonderful content to put out on your website.

  • Round-the-clock domain monitoring

    We at Appy Pie will monitor your domain at all times to ensure that your up times are maximized without you having to worry about it or doing anything about its upkeep.

  • Multilingual support

    No matter what your preferred language may be, Appy Pie offers support and maintenance. This removes any language barriers that you may have suffered with other service providers.

  • Email forwarding

    You can set up domain transfer to Appy Pie to let you set up automatic forwarding. So, the emails sent to any email addresses under your domain will be sent automatically to any valid email address.

How to transfer domain names to Appy Pie?

  • Unlock your domain
    Unlock your domain

    Go to your current domain registrar and unlock the domain you want to transfer

  • Search your domain
    Search your domain

    Use Appy Pie’s domain transfer tool to search for your domain

  • Authorize transfer
    Authorize transfer

    Confirm your domain transfer by providing authorization codes

How to choose the right domain name registrar?

Whether you are planning a Wix domain transfer, Squarespace domain transfer, Weebly domain transfer, or Google domain transfer, it is important to know how to make the decision.

Pricing & registration period

The pricing of a domain name is of prime significance when you are trying to choose the right domain name registrar. Some registrars may offer you a domain name you want for an affordable price, but keep an eye on the renewal price as it could be significantly higher.

You can register your domain name for minimum one year but some domain registrar may require you to buy the domain for a longer period of time – 2 maybe 3 years even! The maximum period you can register a domain name for 10 years.

Additionally, you also should look at any additional fees for things like domain transfer, renewal, or any other expenses.

Transfer Your Domain Name

Ease of further transfer

While choosing the domain registrar it is important to check whether it is going to be easy for you to transfer to other platforms. Though you may not need to do this all the time, but in case you are not happy with the provider, you should have the option to do it without having to jump through hoops.

However, one detail that you must remember is that you cannot transfer a domain within the first 60 days of buying it. Most of the domain name registrars let you transfer domain names without an additional fees. There are some who may complicate the process in an effort to discourage you from going ahead with a domain name transfer.

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Domain expiration notice

Domain names are bought for a fixed period of time, and you will have to renew the domain name registration before its expiration. If however, you miss renewing it after the expiration date, someone else might get it.

This can spell disaster for any business, hence it makes sense to go for an auto renewal. More ethical domain registrars will send out warnings and offer a grace period before putting your domain name up for sale. However, there always will be some companies who will put the domain name up for auction as soon as it expires. Now, this may happen even if you have set up autorenewals, e.g., if your credit card expires. So, it is a good idea to check their domain registrar’s domain expiration policy.

how to transfer domain name
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