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Make a video of colorful ink spreading in water. Create a video of flower petals opening up. Generate a sunset over a serene beach with gently rolling waves.

Provide Your Text and Let AI Do the Rest

  • Written text into engaging videos
  • Create compelling videos for various purposes
  • No experience required
  • Eliminates the need of complicated video editing software or production teams
  • Integrated tools for adding voice-overs and background music, enhancing your videos effortlessly.
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A New Era of Storytelling

Automatic Video Creation

It empowers you to transform your text into compelling videos, making the creation process seamless and straightforward without compromising on quality.

Special Effects

Add an extra layer of dynamism and excitement to your videos, create visually striking content and enhance your storytelling by incorporating diverse font styles, innovative animations, and vivid color schemes.

Cloud Storage

Enjoy the convenience and security of cloud storage, allowing you to easily store and access your video projects from anywhere.

Enhance Your Uploaded Videos with Ease

Upload your own videos to our platform and seamlessly add voice-overs and background music. With our intuitive editing tools, transform each video into a captivating experience, tailored to your vision.

Three Simple Steps to Create Stunning Videos with Appy Pie’s AI Video Generator

Step 1: Input Your Text

Begin by inputting your text prompt into the tool. This could be anything you wish to visualize.

Step 2: Generate and Customize Your Video

With a simple click, let our AI transform your text into a charismatic video. Once created, you can also customize the look and feel of your video to infuse your personal touch into the video with the help of design elements such as color schemes, font styles, or even the type of animations and transitions, aligning it with your vision or brand.

Step 3: Download and Share

Once you’re satisfied with your generated video, it’s time to download it and share your masterpiece with the world, across different platforms.

Upload and Unfold – Transforming Video Dynamics

  • Upload your videos, irrespective of their origin. Whether capturing spontaneous moments or meticulously planned events, our platform seamlessly welcomes all, ensuring you’re set with the best canvas for your artistic expressions.
  • Dive deep into the narrative with our voice-over integration. This feature isn’t just about adding sound—it’s about embedding emotion, depth, and a personal touch. Tailor your video’s message, be it a heartwarming story or an educational piece, by providing the right voice to guide your audience.
  • A video needs the right sound to fully convey its story. Choose from upbeat tracks or calming melodies to enhance your visuals, ensuring a deeper connection with viewers.
  • Beyond just voice-overs and music, our platform offers an expansive suite of editing tools. Trim, overlay, adjust speeds, or apply filters. Your content, your rules. Turn any video into a reflection of your vision, ensuring it’s not merely consumed, but truly felt by its audience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Appy Pie’s AI Video Generator

Appy Pie’s AI Video Generator is a revolutionary tool that uses artificial intelligence to convert written text into engaging and dynamic videos.
You simply input the text you want to transform into a video. The AI then analyzes your text, creates relevant visual content, and combines this with suitable background music and narration to create a unique video.
No, you don’t need any prior video editing experience to use AI Text to Video Generator. The AI handles all aspects of video creation, making it accessible and easy to use for everyone.
Yes, Appy Pie’s AI Video Generator allows you to tailor the look and feel of your videos, infusing them with your personal touch and aligning them with your vision or brand.
The time taken to create a video depends on the length and complexity of the text. However, the AI generally produces videos quickly, making it a faster alternative to traditional video creation methods.
The limit may vary depending on the specific plan you’re on. For detailed information, you can refer to Appy Pie’s official website or contact their customer support.
Yes, you can use the videos created by Appy Pie’s AI Video Generator for various purposes, including business presentations, advertising, and other commercial applications.
Appy Pie’s AI Video Generator typically exports videos in the popular format MP4.
Appy Pie provides customer support through various channels, including email, live chat, and phone support. You can reach out to them with your queries or concerns at any time.