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  • Showcase Venues

    Showcase venues with photos & videos

  • Directory

    Location based venue directory with
    listings & one-touch call

  • Organized Itinerary

    Create itineraries of events and bring order
    to the chaos of a wedding

Wedding App Builder

  • Online Shopping

    Online boutique pages for brides to shop from

  • Navigation

    Give guests directions via GPS to the wedding venue

  • Social Media Sharing

    Integrate Picasa, Instagram, YouTube etc. & share pics & videos

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How To Create a Wedding App in 3 Easy Steps?

  1. Choose an amazing app layout

    Customize it to make it visually appealing.

  2. Drag and Drop features like venues, maps, etc.

    Make a wedding app without any coding skills now.

  3. Publish your app to Play Store and App Store

    Streamline all the wedding tasks with your own wedding app.

Wedding App Builder

Weddings are as special as they are chaotic with a ton of things to be done between now and then. From finding the perfect dress to picking a venue and everything in between, there are zillion things that can go wrong due to lack of proper planning! If you are looking to save time, money, retain your sanity and ultimately make more inspired, intelligent choices, then a wedding app can help you do just that. Appy Pie’s Wedding App builder can help you create apps targeted at planning for weddings with the following features:

  • Design exquisite Invites for weddings and let the users send them out to their guests from within the app
  • Using e-Commerce feature create a marketplace that allows users to search, compare prices, and book from thousands of wedding venues
  • Location Based Venue Directory with multiple listings that can be accessed and used with one-touch call
  • Venue listing syndication with images or videos to showcase the venues in a better way
  • Location based Search that can auto detect a user’s position and display the venues that are closest to them
  • Help wedding planners create Event calendars and schedules so that they can collaborate with clients, vendors and venues in a streamlined, time saving manner
  • Offer online boutiques with e-Commerce pages that offer the modern bride a highly curated selection of brands in a variety of styles while offering professional support and social sharing
  • Provide an online honeymoon registry creation solution, which allows guests to book meaningful, memorable and unique experiences for the newlywed couple with the Directory and e-Commerce feature
  • Showcase various unique and vetted gifting options to guests using Photo Gallery integration with Pinterest, Flickr, and Instagram, enabling them to book their favorite ones to be gifted to the newly weds
  • Give guests step by step directions via GPS navigation to the wedding venue
  • Let users share photos of various events using Photo Gallery integration with Picasa, Flickr, Instagram, etc.

Benefits of a Mobile App for Wedding Planners

Staying at the forefront of the technology and leveraging its potential can take any business to new heights. The same holds true for a wedding planning business as well. From making arrangements for guests, to finalizing the dinner menu, a wedding planner has to look into the details of thousands of tasks in order to make the wedding worth remembering for years to come. In such challenging situations, switching to a mobile app can not only help you upscale your wedding business, it can also help couples make their wedding day memorable with just a few taps. Listed hereunder are some amazing benefits of having a mobile app for a wedding planning business:

Saves Time and Energy

With a mobile app, wedding planners can help their customers save time and energy by allowing them to select their desired wedding venue, an exceptional wedding dress, wedding card designs, food and beverages menu, etc. in just a few taps.

24/7 Connectivity

A mobile app can help wedding planners stay in touch with their customers 24/7, and solve their queries instantly. Not just this, you can even send push notifications to your customers on the fly, keeping them informed about the latest deals and discounts you are running for them through your app.

Offline Functionalities

Making mobile apps that are capable to work in offline mode will not only help you establish a long-term relationship with customers, but can also prove to be beneficial in maintaining the interest of potential customers, while gaining the attention of new customers as they can make use of your app even in areas where there is no network of Wi-Fi available.

Improves Brand Visibility

Besides being a handy tool for smoothening out crucial wedding tasks, a mobile app also helps wedding planners improve their visibility and extend their business reach beyond the local boundaries, helping them earn a good revenue in the long run.

Benefits of a Mobile App for Individuals

A next-generation DIY app building platform, Appy Pie allows individuals to create their personal wedding app with innovative features and functionalities, helping them make their special day worth remembering for years to come. By going the app way, individuals can achieve multiple benefits –

  • Save time and energy involved in wedding tasks like booking a wedding venue, finalizing wedding card design, and much more
  • Maintain the budget by calculating the cost and getting an estimate beforehand
  • Efficiently organize each and every task, and free up some quality time that can be spent with your family & friends
  • Get the best deal from multiple vendors, suppliers, and caterers to get more value for your buck
  • Receive instant assistance for even the smallest problems
  • Send push notifications to guests about different events, deals, and discounts
  • Create their own personal gallery of images & videos to treasure special moments forever
  • Give step-by-step directions to guests for the wedding venue via GPS navigation, and much more.

So, take benefit of Appy Pie’s advanced mobile app development platform and effectively create a wedding app for your wedding planning business or personal needs in just 3 simple steps and go live on app stores, such as Google Play and iTunes!

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