Wedding App Builder

Weddings, for most of us would mean a ton of things to get done between now and then. From finding the perfect dress to picking a venue and everything in between, it can all be covered in it! If the idea is to save time, money, mental health and ultimately make more inspired, intelligent choices, then a wedding app can do just that. Appy Pie’s Wedding App builder can help create apps targeted at planning for weddings with the following features:

  • Design Invites for weddings and send them out to your guests as a part of the app.
  • Using e-Commerce feature create a marketplace that allows users to search , compare prices, and book from thousands of wedding venues.
  • Location Based Venues Directory with multiple listings with one-touch call.
  • Venue listing syndication with images or videos.
  • Location based Search will auto detect user’s position and display the closest venues.
  • Help wed-planners to create Event calendars and schedules to help collaborate with clients, vendors and venues in a streamlined, time saving manner.
  • Offer online boutiques with e-Commerce pages that offer the modern bride a highly curated selection of brands in a variety of styles while offering professional support and social sharing.
  • Providing an online honeymoon registry creation solution, so that wedding guests are able to book meaningful, memorable and unique experiences for the newlywed couple with the Directory and e-Commerce feature.
  • Enable wedding guests to give unique and vetted gifts that might not be on a more conventional gift-giving radar screen. Showcase various options using Photo Gallery integration with Picasa, Flickr, Instagram.
  • Give guests directions via GPS to the wedding venue.
  • Sharing photos of the various events using Photo Gallery integration with Picasa, Flickr, Instagram.

Wedding App Maker