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How to Create a Portfolio App in 3 Easy Steps?

To make your own Portfolio app, follow the simple three-step process below:

  1. Type in your app name

    Choose the appropriate app category, color theme, and test device.

  2. Drag & drop the right features

    Add the relevant features to your app without learning to code.

  3. Launch your portfolio app

    Test your portfolio app on real devices & launch it on Google Play & Apple App Store.

Top 7 Must-Have Features for Your Portfolio App

An app can only be successful if it can work to the satisfaction of the intended app users. The features you add to your portfolio app will decide your app’s performance on the app store. Appy Pie has multiple features that perfectly suit your portfolio app’s core functioning perfectly.

Here are the top features that must be included in your portfolio apps:

  • Portfolio Management UI

    Why would you pay for something you’re not sure about? Every Portfolio app you make must have a detailed portfolio management system. This system must allow you to track various portfolios controlled by the user and provide a similar space for sub-portfolios. This management system must be easy to use, navigate, and contain information in a readable and defined manner.

  • Integrated Ledger

    A portfolio app must track all investments such as stocks, deposits, mutual funds, bonds, cash, etc. The ledger must be able to accommodate all the components of the portfolio. The ledger must also allow the user to keep track of purchases, sales, transfers, and remissions.

  • Reports & Analytics

    Your portfolio apps must have a detailed analytics section that allows the users to develop reports and analyze the success of their investments. Reports act as a reliable source for users to predict the future value of a part of their portfolio. Your app must allow users to generate custom reports too. Analytics can both be simple and complex. Your analytics should be customizable and must be able to stand up to closer scrutiny.

  • Price Updates

    A portfolio app must be able to retrieve market prices from the Internet as requested by the user. Price updates are a good way for the user to keep track of the value of their portfolio.

    Your portfolio app must update prices actively in accordance with the market. This helps the user since whenever they check the app, they always know the value of their investments.

  • Broker/Funding Company Interface

    A portfolio app must be able to receive updates from funding companies and brokers regularly. This ensures that the users are always looking at the right prices. A separate interface for each company allows for data retrieval from multiple sources.

    Your portfolio app can have such an interface for multiple brands raising the value of your app further and making your app a lucrative one to have. A broker/funding interface is a great feature to have in your app.

  • Graphs

    A portfolio app must allow for extensive types of graphs to be created at the push of a button. The graphs allow users to view their portfolio, compare various investments, and single out the good investments. The graphs also allow them to understand analytics and check their own position.

    The greater number of graphs you can provide for your users, the better. The best portfolio apps can have as much as 40 varieties of graphs on their apps. Graphs are required for everything from the market status to analytics to reporting. Your graphs must be easy to comprehend and use.

  • GIPS Compliant Performance

    Having a GIPS compliant portfolio apps helps users to use the app to get GIPS compliant calculations. There are multiple result types available to gauge money performance and investment performance by compliant reporting.

    GIPS Compliance is an ethical set of standardized principles that provide investment firms with guidance on how to report the investment performance to clients. GIPS-compliant portfolio apps have nearly a 30% more engagement rate with potential users.

Add the desired features to your portfolio app

Pick An App Template You Love

Appy Pie’s AI-driven App Builder offers numerous app templates designed to suit diverse business needs and inspire unique app ideas. Choose an app template you like and customize it to suit your app needs!

Benefits of Creating a Portfolio App

Now that the must-haves of a portfolio app have been discussed, let us move on to the various benefits of creating a portfolio app.

A portfolio app is an excellent way for any creative professional to showcase all their hard work on an accessible platform that can easily be shared with the right audiences. Not only does a portfolio app give you your own space, but also a space on your audience’s favorite place – their phones.

Here are the major benefits of creating a portfolio app:

  • Convenience:

    Portfolio apps are convenient. With your app, users can manage their complete investment portfolios with the convenience of an app. The portfolio app ensures that the app users can always access their portfolios when needed.

  • Access to Information:

    Portfolio apps are widely accepted since they provide easy access to information. All the registered users’ data is saved in app database and users can login to their accounts to access their information whenever they need.

  • Sharing Capabilities:

    Users can use your portfolio app to create their portfolios which they can then share with others. They can use your app to share portfolios over the Internet without needing to maintain complete documents. You can essentially create social media for portfolios with your app.

  • Authenticity:

    You can use your app to help investors prove authenticity. This, in turn, helps your business develop a positive brand image that helps in the long run. A well-organized portfolio app can raise your business significantly.

  • Lack of Competition:

    Portfolio apps lack proper competition. Good portfolio apps are hard to find in the market. A good portfolio app can take the market by storm since an online portfolio is a lucrative opportunity to invest in. This is a good time to create a portfolio app for your users.

  • Offline support:

    One of the reasons the investors prefer maintaining portfolios on paper is because the lack of the Internet can often put a spanner in their work. A portfolio app can work offline and is portable. This allows investors to research even when there is a lack of Internet.

  • Trading support:

    Another advantage of having a portfolio app is that you can integrate both an e-wallet and online trading into your app. This allows you to support portfolios and help your investors invest from the comfort of your app. You can charge normal brokerage fees and have an additional source of income from your app.

Appy Pie’s App Builder is here to help you create your own portfolio app. The software comes with a wide range of excellent features that help users build responsive apps for their businesses. You do not need the slightest technical or programming knowledge to build an app using Appy Pie’s App Maker. The platform offers an interactive dashboard with attractive layouts and a user-friendly database that helps users create organized apps. The software is the best for creating apps for both, large and small-scale businesses. Additionally, it allows users to create applications for multiple industries such as finance, fashion, shopping, banking, education, real estate, media and news, entertainment, and many more.

Appy Pie’s App Builder builds smooth-running and light-weighted apps that take seconds to load and provide the users with a delightful experience. With the organized and easy to use the platform you can build your charity app in just a few minutes.



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