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Must-Have Features in Internal Communications App

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on April 18th, 2024 11:50 am | 4-min read

Communication, both internal and external, is of great importance when you are planning to build a successful business. Traditionally, internal communication was carried out through office memos, and later, it was emails. However, today internal communications tools have taken the mantel for smooth and efficient employee communication.

Yes, there was a time when making an app was considered to be expensive and impractical for businesses with budget considerations. However, with no-code app builders like Appy Pie AppMakr, the hesitation is all but gone! Did you know that you can make your own internal communications app without any coding?


Whether you want to check on a data point quickly, double-check the agenda for an upcoming meeting, or consult the official policy on delicate matters, a corporate communication app can help you get your answers without any delay!

Lack of communication within an organization can cause significant issues with proportionate outcomes. An unanswered phone call, an email that bounces back, or a clash of schedules can stall important processes. You can avoid it all by building an employee engagement app without having to write even a single line of code.

What is an internal communications app?

An internal communication app is a convenient platform for the leadership to interact directly with the employees and vice versa. Some of the best internal communication apps are known to have brought about a significantly positive impact on the overall performance of the staff and made communication more fluid.

However, corporate communication apps do a whole lot more than just share corporate data. The employee engagement apps can be used to inform, inspire, and listen to the employees’ needs.

The underlying idea of an employee engagement mobile app is to create two-way communication between employees at all levels. The app can convey information to the employees and collect feedback from them in return.

Must-have features for an internal communications app

The best employee engagement apps are known for their ability to create positive employee engagement and boost their overall performance and loyalty to the organization.

  1. Directory
  2. An employee directory is an absolute must-have feature in an employee communications app. At one point or another, you may need to reach out to an employee within your organization. When you have an employee directory easily accessible through a staff engagement app, you improve the overall communication flow between different teams.

  3. Push notifications
  4. The flow of communication is more important than you think when it comes to an organization’s internal operations. Whether it is launching a new feature or raising the alarm for a major event, push notifications work the best for you when you need to relay time-sensitive information. The chances of an employee reading a push notification are higher than them opening an email.

  5. Feedback & survey
  6. By adding the feedback, poll, and survey feature to your employee engagement app, you open the two-way communication channel. Through surveys and polls, you can let the employees know that they are being heard and their opinions matter. This leads to a more inclusive decision-making process, which takes into account the employees’ perspective into consideration before any new policy comes into effect.

  7. e-reader
  8. There are multiple company documents like HR guidelines on delicate matters, company policy, and myriad others that an employee may need to consult from time to time. Instead of keeping multiple physical copies in your drawer or downloading them all on a device, it makes sense to make them accessible through an easy-to-use platform like your very own employee communications app.

  9. Events
  10. Events, whether just for some fun and internal bonding or for professional improvement and networking, can help you keep your employees engaged. Add the Events feature to your internal communications app so that employees can view all the upcoming events that are lined up and prepare accordingly. No one wants to be taken by surprise by a professional event on the day they wear their casual Friday attire.

  11. Social community
  12. Create a social community within your corporate communications app and let all the employees connect over their shared interests in the work or non-work arena. This feature can provide a great boost to overall employee engagement and employee brand advocacy. A social community that offers employees space to connect over hobbies like fitness, art, cooking, travel, and more adds levity and brings about a refreshing change in the mundane work environment.

  13. News
  14. Information about the latest developments within the organization is often not relayed beyond those in the thick of the things. However, when you have a news feed within your employee engagement mobile app, you keep the employees informed while keeping them engaged. By keeping the employees informed about the latest happenings within and outside of the company, you can create a culture of transparency. With every new announcement of achievements, employees actually see their contributions making a difference to the bottom line.

  15. Video call
  16. A video call and conference feature makes internal communication more effective. When your team has people working from home or in the field, the video conferencing feature helps everyone stay connected and on the same page. When everyone is apprised of the exact situation and working together, the overall employee performance improves significantly.

  17. Calendar
  18. A team calendar and individual calendars bring about coherence in schedules. This means no double-booking of a meeting or conference room or running around till the last moment to get everyone on the schedule.

  19. Instant messaging
  20. Adding the instant messaging feature to your staff engagement app improves internal communication significantly. Your employees can communicate with each other instantly and not have to call a bunch of people for every piece of information.

How to make an internal communications app?

Now that you know which features to add to your internal employee communications app, it is time to start making one.

Though there is a widespread belief that making a mobile app takes months of coding and programming, Appy Pie’s no-code app development platform makes it possible for you to make your own internal communications app in minutes.

  • Give your employee app a name
  • Choose a name for your app or give it the same name as your organization. Select a theme, color scheme, and design layout that you want for your app.

  • Customize your corporate communications app
  • Drag and drop the features you like, add your brand logo and other specific details to make your app personalized to your company.

  • Publish your app
  • Once you are happy with the app, you can test it on a device of your choice before submitting it to all the leading app stores.

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