Communicate and engage with every employee using virtual intelligence tools

Keep your customers engaged and your employees efficient with virtual intelligence tools. Explore multiple, scalable virtual intelligence solutions from Appy Pie Plus - the global leaders of no-code technology.

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One employee app for everything

One employee app for everything

From leave portals to customer support with live chat, everything can be integrated onto a single organization-wide employee mobile app. Use Appy Pie’s excellent no-code development tool and create the best app for your employees. Spark conversations, develop relationships, and connect your employees under one portal!

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Tracking and rewarding employee efficiency

Features like timesheets, quizzes, polls, etc., help managers keep track of their employees’ time and adherence to deadlines. Apart from that, employees can also poll for the best manager or several other categories.

Establish robust internal communication

Communication is key. One-touch calls, video conferences, push notifications, forums, and social networking features make internal communication more fluid. It is especially useful for communicating with employees in the field and your remote staff.

Better training and onboarding systems

To keep moving ahead, it is important to keep your employees updated. It involves making good quality training modules available to the employees. It is also a great way to onboard new employees onto the platform.

  • Timesheet feature

    Timesheet feature

    Keep track of your employees’ work hours and time management with the Timesheet feature. This feature helps managers analyze an employee’s efficiency and productivity as the employees can record the time spent on projects or tasks assigned to them.

  • Form builder

    Form builder

    The contact information and other details of all the employees can be stored in a structured format. This directory can become an employee contact book so that coworkers can easily get in touch with each other whenever needed.

  • Directory


    The contact information and other details of all the employees can be stored in a structured format. This directory can become an employee contact book so that coworkers can easily get in touch with each other whenever needed.

  • Video conference

    Hold audio or video conferences or meetings in closed groups. You can decide if the conference is only for one department, the entire company, or just the department heads. The encrypted apps ensure that there is no loss of privacy or leak of sensitive data through the app.

  • To-do list

    To-do list

    When there is a clearly defined list of tasks or to-dos, the productivity of employees is definitely higher. A manager can create daily, or long-term task lists that the employees can consult to plan their work hours.

  • Social Networking

    Social Networking

    A social networking platform within your employee app gives the employees a place to let their hair down. You can post company updates, announce employee of the month winners or other rewards, and employees can share videos and photos they want to share with the company. Employees can also ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ content posted by others.

  • E-reader


    Whether it is the company policies, employee benefits, reward programs, or any other company-related literature, putting all of these in e-reader format helps create an easy-to-access information hub for employees.

  • Poll


    Make employees feel like a part of the company by listening to their opinions. Create polls and surveys when it comes to decision-making that involves the employees. Polls can also help you understand the impact a decision will have on the overall work environment and morale.

Make HR accessible with Chatbots

Without a shred of doubt, Chatbots make HR a lot more accessible to the employees by helping them with instant responses to common queries. It also helps the HR personnel engage individually with each employee and offer personalized attention.


Reduce costs

A chatbot eases communication reducing the need for calls and extra pairs of hands. As most queries and repetitive tasks can be delegated to the chatbot, telephone expenses are cut down, and there is no need to expand the team either.


Increase productivity

As the mundane and repetitive HR tasks are automated, your HR personnel will automatically have more time to concentrate on the tasks that need their attention. Naturally, this will increase the productivity of the entire department.


Round-the-clock support

Your HR chatbot is always available to the employees, irrespective of the time or day. Employees are happy with the timely responses, and Monday mornings are just a little easier for your HR personnel.

Virtual Agents

Virtual Agents

The extra help that your employees need

Your employees can’t be everywhere. Sometimes their workloads can’t let them help all your customers. However, maintaining customer satisfaction is the prime directive for a business.

Empower your employees with a chatbot builder to help them create automated AI Chatbots and Virtual Agents to answer customer questions in a pinch and simplify their work.

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From Chatbots to LiveChat

From Chatbots to LiveChat

Let your employees decide how they want to approach their work. Provide them with the tools they need for their success. Create chatbots, live chat portals, and more with Appy Pie’s plethora of online software solutions. Transform how your business engages with its employees and revolutionize your business structure.

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Increase your organization’s reach

Increase your organization’s reach

A desktop-based intranet is no longer good enough. Reach your employees directly on their smartphones with the help of an employee app. Let your employees download the mobile app from the get-go from the play store. With a company-wide app, provide the relevant tools that employees need for their work directly.

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The tools to revolutionize how your organization works

Build end-to-end solutions and empower your organization. Make scalability easy with Appy Pie’s no-code development tools. Try them today!


Employee Mobile App

Want to make your business more efficient? Use an internal mobile app for your business. Appy Pie’s no-code app development tool makes employee engagement easier and connects your teams and organizations through the convenience of a mobile app.


Tired of answering repetitive customer questions? All you need is an AI chatbot. Answer your customer questions 24*7 without needing a human agent to engage with them. Improve customer support with a chatbot


Live Chat

Live chat empowers your support agents to talk directly with your customers through the medium of instant messaging. Embed Appy Pie’s excellent live chat in your websites & apps and make customer support easier than ever.

Security and Compliances

Built-in Security and Compliances

  • EU-GDPR Compliant, Type I SOC 2, and PCI DSS
  • Support for HIPAA compliant collaboration with enterprise grade security
  • WAF (Web Application Firewall), Protection against DDOS attack Powered by AWS Shield
  • Penetration testing powered by Bishop Fox, and Vulnerability Scanning & patching powered by Alert Logic
  • Two factor authentication and Certified Privacy policy
  • Dedicated Account Manager & Data Protection Officer
  • Supports Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Distribution
  • Business Continuity Plan with ISO 22301 certification
  • Information Security Management System with ISO 27001:2013 certification