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How to Create a High Converting Landing Page using AI in 3 Easy Steps?


Follow these steps to create your High Converting landing page.

  1. Enter your landing page name
  2. Select a unique name to help your landing page stand out

  3. Add your desired features
  4. Create an excellent landing page without any coding and add your preferred features to it

  5. Publish your landing page
  6. Test the performance of your landing page and publish it

Make Your High Converting Landing Page

Convert More Leads with the AI Landing Page Builder

Create your own landing page in just a few minutes using Appy Pie’s Landing Page Builder. The best part about the software is, you do not need any coding skills to create a page using it. All you need to do is go to our landing page builder page, enter your landing page name, pick your desired color scheme, add your chosen features, and personalize the page as per your users’ preferences. That’s all! With Appy Pie’s landing page builder software, you can create your own landing page without any technical knowledge.

The landing page creator from Appy Pie offers a simple interface, customizable layouts, personalized content, call-to-actions, and other advanced next-generation features. Make your own landing page, add these features, and leverage them to drive more traffic and build your brand.

Appy Pie’s Landing Page Builder offers a centralized dashboard to help you keep all your landing pages on a single portal and keep track of their performance. What makes the software truly amazing is it lets you perform various analytics to understand user behavior, how long do they stay there, the number of call-to-actions they clicked on, etc. and keep improving accordingly.

Trusted by millions of users worldwide, Appy Pie is one of the best landing page creators when it comes to creating landing pages more efficiently with zero coding. Whether you are new to development or an experienced developer, you can make a landing page in no time using this unique landing page builder. All the landing pages created using Appy Pie’s landing page builder are fast, secure, and deliver outstanding customer experience.

We also have a support team that remains available round the clock to help you while creating your landing pages. Using Appy Pie’s excellent landing page builder software, you can create landing pages to generate leads, drive more traffic, increase conversions, gain more credibility, and much more.

Appy Pie’s Landing Page Builder allows users to design unique landing pages from scratch. These pages then lead visitors to a specific offer, product, or service and inspire them to act. The pages give you a chance to increase conversions and build a strong customer base.

Pick A Website Template You Love

Appy Pie’s AI-powered Website Builder has a rich library of brilliantly designed website and landing page templates to inspire your next unique website design. Find a design you like and edit it to make it your own!

Top Tips to Create an Excellent Landing Page

A landing page plays a critical role in converting visitors into leads or potential customers. It gives the website visitors the direct information about what needs to be done and why they should do it. Website homepages are a great platform for the direct traffic but when you can control that traffic, you must send it to your landing page as it has all the relevant information about your specific products and your brand. However, to leverage this traffic, you must first learn how to create a perfect landing page.

Create an Excellent Landing Page

Here are a few tips for creating an excellent landing page for your business.

  • Create a unique headline, a brief meaningful description with at least one image or a supporting video
  • Add a submission form to gather users’ details to generate leads
  • Add at least one CTA button to drive users to your product page
  • Match the messaging through the entire conversion path
  • Stay stick to the point and only ask for what you need
  • Make your objective clear and mention what is the page about and what you want the user to do
  • Make your landing page a valuable guide, a free trial evaluation, or demonstration, but not just the ‘Contact Us’ page
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What Makes Appy Pie’s AI Landing Page Builder Better?

Landing pages help businesses focus their website visitors’ attention on specific products or offer. The landing page is mostly created as a standalone page that gives information about your brand or a very particular product offered. Most of the businesses create product-specific landing pages to limit the disruptions of other content on their website.

Here is how Appy Pie helps you in creating an excellent landing page. Check out the unique features that make Appy Pie’s Landing Page Builder better than other Landing Page Builders available online.


CTAs are one of the critical elements of every landing page. They convince users to act whether to download a document or to make a purchase. With Appy Pie’s Landing Page Builder, you can add unlimited CTAs to your landing page and keep your users engaged.

Customizable Layouts
Customizable Layouts

Appy Pie’s Landing Page builder offers hundreds of professionally designed layouts that you can use for your landing pages to help them stand out. You can customize these layouts as per your business needs to help increase conversions.

Mobile-Optimized Templates
Mobile-Optimized Templates

Appy Pie’s Landing Page Builder helps you create your landing page using mobile-optimized templates ensuring that even if it is the website landing page, it works fine on the mobile devices too.

Personalized Content
Personalized Content

Deliver the best possible user experience by tailoring your landing page content to distinctive visitors. Appy Pie’s Landing Page Builder lets you show different types of content based on the visitor’s source, device, location, or any details saved in your CRM. The software helps you create a separate room for content making sure that your visitors don’t get distracted with all the white space or colors in the background. You can also use images and videos to provide visual separation touch.

Appealing Color Schemes
Appealing Color Schemes

Colors have their own language which is why they play a critical role while presenting something to someone. Appy Pie’s Landing Page Builder offers user-friendly colors that you can use to help your users understand all the navigation elements. With the right selection of colors, you can help users easily point out call-to-actions and click on them.

Centralized Dashboard
Centralized Dashboard

Appy Pie’s Landing Page Builder provides you with a centralized dashboard where you can check the performance of all your landing pages that you have created with Appy Pie. Here, you can dig deeper into the total number of visits, the number of customers generated per page, etc. You can also run tests on every aspect of your landing page including images, CTAs, headlines, forms, and more.

Clean and Concise Text
Clean and Concise Text

Appy Pie’s Landing Page Builder offers various fonts and colors to make your content more recognizable. Make sure you use the right height and spacing to get the content right to the point. This makes your content more efficient and look better.

Major Benefits of Creating a Landing Page

Creating a landing page is important as it helps you gather information about visitors’ interests and preferences. Once you get to know what product they are interested in, you can easily convert that visitor into a successful sale.

Landing pages enable businesses to fulfill the goal of converting visitors into leads. Here are a few reasons why you must create a landing page for your specific products and services.

Increase Conversions
Increase Conversions

Landing pages have the relevant product information that can help business influence their users to click on call-to-action. These clicks lead to conversions and then conversions to more customers and more business.

Improve Brand Awareness
Improve Brand Awareness

Your landing page color, look, style should be consistent with the content you are adding to it. With this consistent branding on your landing page, you can improve your brand awareness. Your landing page gives your users more opportunities to know your brand better.

Gather Demographic Information
Gather Demographic Information

You can offer a conversion form on your landing page. Once the user fills it, you can then use those details to understand what types of visitors are getting converted into customers.

Grow Your Audience
Grow Your Audience

You can leverage the landing pages by keeping them organized. An organized and well-managed landing page helps you attract more people and grow your audience. You can create various types of landing pages such as lead generation landing page, viral landing page, custom landing page, infomercial landing page, click-through landing page, and much more.

Generate Leads
Generate Leads

Various businesses put in efforts to drive traffic to their website homepages without even knowing where that traffic has come from and where to take it next, which is almost equivalent to losing leads. You can capture these leads by sending them directly to your landing page. Additionally, you can ask for your page visitors’ details like their name, contact information, and email address and then nurture, segment, or distribute them to your sales team.

Grow Your Email List
Grow Your Email List

Many businesses use landing pages to generate leads, meaning they get submission forms and phone calls from interested people and then turn them into potential leads. You must add a form or a link to ask users for their information like name, phone number, and email address. These email addresses you can then add to your email list.

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