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What is a Backlink Checker?

Simply put, a Backlink Checker is a tool that you can use to see how many backlinks (links pointing to your website) you have or how many backlinks other sites have.

This is a very powerful tool for a website owner. The creator of the tool can also use this information for good or for evil. For instance, if someone is building spammy backlinks, you may be able to tell as a webmaster or blogger. You can use this information to improve your search rankings.

To use our Backlink Checker tool online, it's that simple! You can enter your website URL in the box and click “Check”. It might take a few minutes but it's worth it!

Why do you need a Backlink Checker tool?

In order to keep your website up to date, it is important to know how many backlinks you have. You want to make sure your website stays competitive and relevant in the eyes of search engines.

Number of Backlinks: A backlink checker tool can be used for a number of different things. The most basic usage is to just see how many backlinks a website has. If you want to see the links to a certain page, you can just type in that page’s URL to the tool and see how many backlinks the page has.

NoFollow/DoFollow Check: You can use the tool to look at your own backlinks as well. You can find out how many backlinks you have, which ones are nofollow, and which ones are followed. You can also see if you need to remove any of your backlinks as they may be harming your SEO or not helping at all.

Competitor Analysis: Another thing that you can use the backlink checker for is to see if a website that is competing with you for rankings has more or fewer backlinks than you do. If they have more backlinks than you, then you can try adding more backlinks yourself. If they have fewer backlinks than you, then you may have an advantage over them as it may be easier for you to get higher rankings.