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  • White Label CMS

    Customize your CMS the way you want with custom branding

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    From Facebook banners to display ads, find the marketing materials you need

  • No Technical Skills Required

    Create complete websites from scratch without any coding

Become a Website ResellerWebsite Reseller
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    Sell the website and domain at the price you want - no limits or monitoring!

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    We’ll handle the backend. Get round-the-clock support all year round!

  • No Ads on The Platform

    A completely ad-free and premium user experience

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Try Appy Pie’s Website Reseller Program. Trusted by over 14,000 Resellers Worldwide.

Appy Pie’s Website Reseller Program




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Perfect for your startup project




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No Of Websites
100% White Label Platform
Free Reseller Website
Customer Support Email, Chat & Call
Website Editing
Pubish your Website
Free Domain for 1 Year
Free Professional Email From Google for 1 Year
Option to convert your Website into Native Mobile App
Powerful E-commerce Suit with Premium Feature
Advance Analytics – Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel
Premium Integration with Appy Pie Connect Extensions
Remove Appy Pie Branding (own private labeled website)

Reseller Testimonials

Appy Pie’s Website Reseller Program is perfect. The simplicity of the reseller program combined with the excellent website building application is a must-have for every website reseller.

– Frank Rohr, Minnesota, USA

The Website Reseller Program has helped us create some innovative website designs for our customers. White-label websites are now an official part of our business model.

– Eber Neuman, Munich, Germany

I heard about Appy Pie’s website builder from an online blog. I was skeptical until I tried it out. I was surprised at how intuitive it was! The reseller program is simply the cherry on top of such an excellent software.

– Alfred Cook, Manchester, UK

How to Start Your Website Development Business With Appy Pie

Starting a website development business with Appy Pie is very simple. Our website builder is a no-code development platform which means that you don’t need to have the technical knowledge to build/create a website. You can simply create a website in a few clicks!

Once you subscribe to one of our Website Builder Reseller programs, you will get a unique personalized dashboard to help configure your account, set up your URL, and decide your payment plans.

With our reseller program, you will have your own white label website reseller program. Your users and customers will be able to find your URL and help you sell websites without needing to code!

What Are the Benefits of Appy Pie’s Website Reseller Plan?

Appy Pie Website Builder’s Reseller program is a lucrative opportunity for every reseller. It comes with a host of benefits. Here are a few of the greatest benefits of choosing Appy Pie’s website reseller program –

  1. Complete white-label CMS for maximum freedom
  2. Included white label marketing capability with Facebook ads and banner advertising
  3. All resellers get to decide their own pricing
  4. You can use the reseller program for both, starting a business or boosting an existing business
  5. Access to every live and premium feature Appy Pie Website Builder has to offer at no extra charge
  6. Round the clock technical support for all re-sellers around the world
  7. A no-code interface that allows everyone to create a website
  8. No advertisements whatsoever. A completely ad-free user experience
  9. A 30-minute training session to help you grasp the basics of the website builder

Top Frequently Asked Questions

A white label website reseller is an individual or a company that creates websites with the intent to sell them further to clients. They can do this through a website reseller program that allows them to sell websites. It is ideal for website developers who are new to the industry and want to start their own ventures.

A domain reseller is an individual or company that acts as representatives of domain registrars and assists businesses and individuals when they are creating domain names.

A white label website is a website created by an agency or individual for a potential client/customer that needs a website. “White-label” websites are also known as unbranded websites as they can be rebranded, resold, and customized as required.

It’s easy to create a white label website. In fact, you can create one today by signing up for Appy Pie’s Website Reseller Program. It is a simple three-step process to create a website with Appy Pie.

  1. Enter the Business Name
  2. Choose the name for the brand you are creating a website for.

  3. Add the Features You Desire
  4. Create an amazing white label website without coding

  5. Launch the Website
  6. Sell the website and help it go live instantly for your clients

You can become a website reseller by joining a reseller program. You can either do it with a traditional app development company or be a part of the future by joining Appy Pie’s no-code website reseller program.

Resellers use existing software/services and make money by rebranding and reselling the software/service to clients that require it. For example, every website you create with Appy Pie’s website reseller program can be sold to clients at any price you want. Whatever price you sell it for is yours.

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