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What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a standardized web technology that helps keep internet connections secure. It helps safeguard sensitive data being shared between two or more computers and prevents criminals from reading/modifying information that is being transferred over the web.

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How does SSL work

How does SSL work?

SSL safeguards data by making sure that any data shared over an SSL protected website is encrypted and scrambled during transmission. It uses various encryption algorithms to protect personal data such as credit card numbers, financial and personal information, and much more.

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How to create an SSL-Certified website

Any SSL-certified website loads with the prefix “https://” on a browser instead of “http://”. The ‘S’ stands for secure. One easy way to create secured websites is to use Appy Pie’s no code website builder.

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What does an SSL Certificate do?

When you install SSL for website, it uses a key pair to initiate an HTTPS protocol. In unsecured HTTP connections, hackers can intercept the messages between the client and the server. In an HTTPS website, the communication is scrambled until the client decrypts it with the other session key.

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Why should you get SSL certification for website?

  • More secure websites

    SSL secures your websites better than normal HTTP. This extra layer of encryption protects your websites and your users by encrypting their data. It also adds a layer of authentication to your website.

  • Needed for SEO rankings

    Since 2014, Google has considered SSL certification as an important part of SEO rankings. Ergo, it is easier to rank your website if it has SSL certification and an HTTPS URL.

  • Adds a layer of trust

    Website users that share their data are usually conscious of their own security. Having “https://” in your URL adds a layer of trust for your users, and they will be more likely to use your website.

  • Affirms Identity

    Implementing SSL for websites provides authentication for the website. Authentication or identity affirmation is critical for web security. This verification ensures that no impostors can create a fake website and claim to be you.

  • Meet PCI/DSS Requirements

    PCI/DSS requirements are relevant to you if you accept online payments through your website. In order to receive any online payments, it is important to have a PCI-compliant website. An SSL certificate is one of the 12 primary requirements for PCI compliance.

How does SSL work?

HTTPS uses the SSL protocol to make communication secure by transferring encrypted data. The SSL protocol leverages asymmetric and symmetric cryptography for secure data transfer. The SSL communication between any two systems is primarily divided into two steps – the SSL handshake and the data transfer.

How does SSL work

The communication with SSL starts with an SSL handshake which is asymmetric cryptography that lets the browser verify the web server, get the public key, and establish a secure connection. This chain of events happens before the actual data transfer happens.

At the end of the SSL handshake, the client and the server would each have session keys to be used for data encryption and decryption.

During the actual data transfer, the client and the server use a shared session key to encrypt and decrypt actual data. Since this is done through the same session key on both sides, it is symmetric cryptography.

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How to Implement an SSL certificate on a website

  • Log in to Appy Pie Website Builder

    Make your new website with our no-code website builder.

  • Design your website

    Use Website Maker’s excellent tools to design your new website.

  • Publish your website

    Every website created with Appy Pie website builder comes with pre-built SSL certification.

Learn more about HTTPS

HTTPS or HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure is an SSL-certified HTTP. HTTP defines various standardized protocols and rules websites need to follow to be able to communicate over the World Wide Web.

Almost every website that exists already follows HTTP. However, a website secured with the help of SSL encryption is an authenticated HTTPS website by default.

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