Appy Pie’s Graph Maker helps you visualize your data with beautiful and striking graphics

Use Appy Pie’s professionally-designed templates to create your own graphs and charts

Features that set Appy Pie Graph Maker apart

  • 100+ graph and chart templates to choose from
  • Simple drag and drop interface well-suited for beginners
  • A completely online tool that can be accessed from a standard browser
  • No watermarks. Your graphs are your own
  • Custom branding for your graphs
  • Share your graphs & charts in any file format you choose

How to make a graph with Appy Pie Graph Maker

  1. Choose a graph template that you like

    Appy Pie’s Graph Maker is a template-based design tool that provides you with over a hundred graph & chart templates that you can edit according to your requirements. Choose the graph template that will visually suit your data best. Make a graph like no other!

  2. Customize your chosen graph template

    Use Appy Pie’s Graph Maker’s selection of excellent tools to customize your graph template. Play around with our graph maker’s editor and create unique designs for your graphs. Add various types of charts and graphs, play around with colors and legends. Create a graph that will engage your readers.

  3. Export, share, or print

    Once you are satisfied with the graph you designed, export them in a file format of your choice. Use your graphs for presentations, infographics, and data reports! Design a graph today!

Templates to simplify your work

  1. Templates to simplify your work

    Appy Pie offers a range of professionally designed graph templates that you can use. Each template allows you to enter your data and create graphs without any effort at all. Appy Pie Graph Maker is a perfect tool for beginners.

  2. Custom branding for the win!

    Appy Pie firmly believes that you should own your work. Add your brand logo and colors and create free graphs. Make branded graphs and charts for free with Appy Pie’s Graph Maker.

  3. Safe and Secure

    Appy Pie does not store your graphs or track your data. Once you’re done creating your graph, we delete all your designs and data to protect your privacy! Even if you work with sensitive data, feel free to use Appy Pie’s graph maker to make a graph online!