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How to create a file sharing app with ease

Here are the steps you can follow to create your file sharing app:

  1. Enter a name for your file sharing app

    Select app category and a design scheme

  2. Add file sharing feature to your app

    Create your own file sharing app without coding

  3. Publish your file sharing app for Android and iOS

    Launch your app onto the play store

Create a File Sharing app with Appy Pie’s File Sharing App Maker

Create a file sharing app with Appy Pie AppMakr. Appy Pie’s app builder can help you share your files across various devices completely online. With Appy Pie, you can create a free file sharing app with the help of a no-code development platform. A no-code development platform allows you to create mobile apps without coding.

Appy Pie provides a drag and drop interface with over 200+ features and a plethora of design templates to choose from. Create a file transfer app with Appy Pie today!

Why you should use Appy Pie’s File Sharing App Maker

Unlike other software, Appy Pie is an extremely easy tool to create an app. With Appy Pie, you can create file sharing apps and transfer files from PC to mobile or between Android and iOS. Here’s why Appy Pie is the best platform for creating a file sharing app:

  • File sharing:

    The file sharing feature allows for the exchange of files among your app users. You can transfer large files with ease with the help of Appy Pie’s File Transfer feature.

  • Social sharing:

    You may need to share your files through your favorite social media. With the help of the social sharing feature, you can share files online easily through your file sharing app.

  • Push Notifications:

    Appy Pie provides you the ability to send push notifications. It is an excellent way to notify your users about the progress of their file sharing between two devices.

  • App Analytics:

    Use Appy Pie’s inbuilt analytics feature and get a perfect idea of how your app performs in the real world. Appy Pie’s app analytics give you an accurate insight of your mobile apps.

  • File opener:

    The file opener allows you to view various files within your mobile device. It is an excellent way to open file formats that would otherwise not be supported in a normal file explorer.

  • In-App purchases:

    Want to offer a premium version of your file sharer? Use the in-app purchase feature and add paywalls to your app to generate direct business revenue.