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What are favicons?

A favicon, also known as favorite icons, is a web icon associated with an online website. It is generally the online logo of a business or brand website and is displayed on the top left corner of the browser address bar. With Appy Pie’s Favicon Generator, you can create your own favicons with ease.

Create Your Favicon

Ways to create a favicon with Appy Pie Favicon Generator

  • Use the editor

    Log in to Appy Pie Favicon Generator and use the editor to design your favicon. With the help of various designing tools, upload images, play around with colors and simple design elements to design the perfect favicon.

  • Upload your logo

    Already have a company logo? Use Appy Pie’s Favicon Generator to optimize it for your webpage. Edit bits of your uploaded image and export an appropriately sized favicon to add to your webpage.

  • Letter Generator

    Do you want your initials as a favicon. Simply type your initials, play around with its fonts and generate a respective favicon suitable for your needs.

Learn more about Appy Pie Favicon Generator

  • Made for websites and blogs

    Favicons are icons and logos optimized for online use. SEO professionals and webmasters around the world are keen on using favicons for their websites. From small blogs on the internet to major Fortune 500 companies, everyone tries and includes a favicon on their website and web pages.

  • Easy-to-use

    Appy Pie’s Favicon Creator has been designed with beginners in mind. With its simple and intuitive interface, you can potentially create a favicon in less than 10 minutes. Try out the amazing Favicon Generator today!

  • Works everywhere

    Appy Pie Favicon Generator is a web app. To make it work, all you need is a browser and an internet connection. Currently, Appy Pie Favicon Maker supports all major browsers, operating systems, and electronic devices. You want to create a favicon on mobile? Go ahead!

  • Standard formats

    Once you have generated a favicon with Appy Pie Favicon Creator, you can download a zip file that will give you your generated favicon in various standardized formats suitable for your needs and requirements. Your favicons will look and feel the same irrespective of the format!

  • Multiple image sizes

    You can get your favicons in various image sizes. Depending on where your favicon will be uploaded, you can choose the appropriate size. This ensures that all your favicons are crisp and clear for your viewers.

  • No watermarks

    Appy Pie doesn’t believe in watermarks. Each favicon you create is yours to keep. Create favicons for free with Appy Pie’s Favicon Generator and use it without any restrictions wherever and whenever you want.