Free AI Christmas Poster Maker

Create a custom Christmas Poster with Appy Pie’s Online Christmas Poster Maker

Christmas is an idea of love and unity among people. So, if you want to make this Christmas more memorable, then the best way to do it is on putting up captivating Christmas posters everywhere. Decorating your house or office with decorations and lights along with custom Christmas post designs will definitely help you to make your event a memorable one.

Appy Pie has released a free Christmas poster creator to help you create your own Christmas posters easily. You can use this template to design a custom Christmas poster for parties, churches, or even your business.

Benefits of choosing Christmas Poster Templates with Appy Pie Design

Christmas Poster Templates with Appy Pie Design allow you to create a perfect Christmas poster for your employees, your community, your advertisers, and your business. With our free templates, you can create a Christmas poster applicable for a Christmas party, promotional campaign, Christmas Charity, Christmas event, Christmas entertainment, or Christmas celebration. What makes Christmas Poster Maker of Appy Pie Design truly unique is that you can edit the template as you wish and create a unique poster design at a very low cost.

Features of our Christmas posters that you must consider:

  • Free Templates: You can have a number of free templates for Christmas poster designs. Choose any of them and add our pre-designed elements like Christmas trees, bells, Santa images, and more.
  • Simple interface: You can create your Christmas poster with just a few steps. You can place your Christmas tree, Christmas ornaments, and other items on the poster by dragging and dropping them.
  • High-quality output: You can create your own printed Christmas poster to hang on your wall or give to your friends. Use the preview button to check the output quality before creating your poster.
  • Various themes: You can choose from a variety of themes to design your Christmas poster. There is a variety of Christmas backgrounds, Christmas fonts, and Christmas ornaments.

Christmas- One of the most celebrated holidays!

Christmas means the time for plum cakes, carols, gifts, and unlimited happiness. Christmas is one of the much-awaited holidays worldwide for everyone and is considered a National holiday in many countries. Furthermore, the holiday is celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ to Mother Mary. Therefore, this festival is regarded as one of the most joyous times, from pampering with lavish meals to decorating the house and Christmas tree.

History of Christmas

The term 'Christmas' is derived from the mass of Christ. The festival is celebrated on behalf of the son of God, Jesus Christ was born. He was born in Jerusalem. Magi brought gifts for him, and angels proclaimed that he was the savior of people.

The festival was celebrated for the first time on December 25, AD 336. It was nine months after the vernal equinox, dated March 25, which is believed to be the conception of Jesus. It is also celebrated as the Feast of the Annunciation.

When is Christmas celebrated?

December 25 is considered to be one of the most auspicious days for Christians all over the world. It is celebrated as the birth of Jesus Christ. Though various dates are believed to be the actual date of Jesus Christ's birth, December 25 is known as the winter solstice.

This tradition started in AD 336, and Christmas was celebrated on December 25 for the first time that year. This is also because it is precisely nine months after the vernal equinox, i.e., on March 25. This day is also celebrated as the Feast of Annunciation.

The festival during winter has become an integral part of every region. The kids enjoy this festival as they eat a lot of desserts and receive gifts.

How to make a custom Christmas poster in easy steps?

Appy Pie's free Christmas poster maker helps you create a professional-looking poster in a few simple steps. Select a layout, add a background image, add your text, and then download the poster to your computer.

  1. Select a Christmas Poster Template
  2. Start by choosing a custom Christmas poster template. You can choose from a range of poster templates in a variety of sizes.
  3. Add a Background Image
  4. You can add a background image from your computer or from one of our pre-loaded Christmas images. In this example, we have added a background image of a Christmas tree.
  5. Add Text, Photos, and Logo
  6. You can add text to your poster in a variety of fonts and colors. In this example, we have added the text "Merry Christmas" in a variety of fonts. You can also add your own photos or logo to make it a custom one.
  7. Preview, Download and Share
  8. When you are done adding text to your poster, download the poster to your computer by clicking on the download button and share it with your friends.