Mr. Pig NFT

Design your own collection of Mr. Pig NFTs with Appy Pie Design

Mr. Pig is a unique breed of pig with its original color pattern. Mr. Pig is the first pig breed that allows you to create your own Mr. Pig using Appy Pie Design.

Appy Pie allows the user to design their own Mr. Pig NFT with Appy Pie Design. You can create your own Mr. Pig design by choosing from a range of colors for each part of Mr. Pig such as eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and body. You can also change the background color of Mr. Pig and add your name to it as well. Appy Pie will make sure that this NFT is protected from duplicating by making sure that only one copy is created for each person that uses Appy Pie Design to design these NFTs. This process will be completed when Appy Pie receives confirmation from the SmartNFT contract that it has verified your unique design. This unique Mr. Pig NFT can be used in games, traded, or sold on the marketplace as you wish to do so.

Why choose Appy Pie's Crypto Devil NFTs collection?

Appy Pie Design's Mr. Pig NFTs collection uses the non-fungible token (NFT) standard, which is a new way to represent unique digital objects that cannot be easily copied or modified. The NFT standard is implemented using Ethereum smart contracts and is well-designed to support a wide variety of use cases, including crypto-collectibles, virtual goods, and unique in-game items. Look at the reasons why should you grow your Mr. Pig NFTs collection with Appy Pie's NFT Creator:

  • Free NFT Templates:
  • The design is completely free! You don't need to pay anything to use it. We're just glad to share our work with you.
  • Fully customizable:
  • All of our Mr. Pig NFT templates are fully customizable. You can customize the colors, text, shadows, and more! All of our designs are vector-based which allows you to scale the icons without losing quality.
  • Positioning of NFT Art:
  • Why Mr. Pig NFT? The design of our Mr. Pig NFTs is different from the others. What does it mean? The designer has given more importance to the sitting position of the Mr. Pig NFTs. It is easily visible when you see the back view of our Mr. Pig NFTs. If you like it, do not miss it.
  • Saves your time and money:
  • You'll find the NFT design to be clean and simple. The NFT Templates are designed to be simple, easy to use, and beautiful. ​​
  • Lifetime Updates:
  • Once you create any NFT Art collection with us, you will receive free updates for life! So be sure to check back regularly for new icons and new templates!

How to create a Mr. Pig NFT collection in 3 easy steps?

Basically, there are 3 simple steps for getting started with your Mr. Pig NFT collection:

  1. Create a new NFT collection

    Choose a Mr. Pig NFT template from the collection of NFT Templates.

  2. Customize your chosen template

    Upload your artwork (logos, pictures, images, etc). Customize it by adding multiple layers such as dress, glasses, and other accessories.

  3. Download and Publish your Mr. Pig NFT Art

    Preview your created NFT collection and publish it on the Ethereum Blockchain with a single click.