Mojo Jojo NFT

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NFTs are currently one of the most popular topics in the blockchain and gaming industry. One among them is Mojo Jojo which are virtual characters that can be owned, traded, and collected by players. The Mojo Heads have certain traits and characteristics that make them unique. These traits include its DNA structure, the pattern on its skin, coloration, and other features. In Mojohead, players must collect Mojo Heads to unlock new characters in their collection series.

Appy Pie’s Mojo Jojo is a line of 1000 Mojo Head-based NFTs that have randomly generated unique features including Brow, Sunglasses, Hat, spikes, Mouth, Outfits, etc. It can be used for gaming purposes, gift NFTs to your family or friends, and can be used in NFT Marketplace.

For example: While many bars in the US are dealing with the issue of plastic straws and turning to paper, metal, or plant-based straws, there is another option. Mojo Head NFT is a digital account that enables customers to order and pay for a drink via a credit card, phone app, or internet. Customers then proceed to their tables and receive a QR code to their phones which shows them the price of their drink. The customer then ‘taps’ their glass with the code on the table and is told how long before their drink is ready. It’s then served upon request by a bartender when it's ready. The system also enables the bartender to make changes to the number of ingredients in a drink, making it great for customizing drinks.

Features of Appy Pie’s Mojo Jojo NFTs Collection

Mojo Jojo NFT is a non-fungible token (NFT) that can be used to collect, trade, and own these characters. Each of the 100 collectible Mojo Jojos is uniquely identified by a token contract address. The token contract address will be converted to a QR code for the purpose of exchanging it with other users. Here are some of the features of the Mojo Head NFTs:

  • Unique Character Code and Pricing:
  • Every Mojo Jojo NFT has a unique character code that can be used to identify it. The unique character code may be used in other games or media in the future. The character codes are priced at $1 USD each.
  • Easy Exchange with QR Codes:
  • Users can exchange their Mojo Jojos with others using a QR code. By scanning the QR code, users can receive the token that corresponds to the address associated with the token contract. This means that users can send tokens to others without having to get their address or wait for an exchange.
  • Tradable on OpenSea Marketplace:
  • Each Mojo Jojo NFT is tradeable on the OpenSea marketplace for Ethereum (ETH). Users can sell their Mojo Jojos and receive ETH as payment or buy new characters if they want to expand their collection. They can also use ETH to buy other Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens (crypto kitties, CryptoPunks, etc.) and sell them in return for ETH to an exchange. Selling their Mojo Jojos for ETH allows users to liquidate their investment in Ethereum-based non-fungible tokens before the market crashes, thereby mitigating risk exposure.
  • Participation in Multiple events:
  • Mojo Head holders can participate in multiple events such as NFT claims, community giveaways, raffles, and more. You must agree that all our Mojo Heads are cool and funky than others. Remember, all cats are cool, but some are cooler than others.
  • Single-click Trading:
  • Mojohead NFT Avatar has integrated its trading system with Augmentors Game. It doesn’t require any kind of complicated process to trade these Avatars. The user can easily trade their avatar with just a single click. The benefit of this feature is that the users can directly buy and sell these avatars in the market.
  • Easy accessible on all devices:
  • The Mojohead Avatar has adopted a very simple design. This avatar contains all the necessary information regarding the game and trading it. The avatar will help the users to stay up to date with any kind of new feature introduced in Augmentors Game. The user will be able to edit Mojo Jojo templates easily on both Android and IOS devices.
  • Very easy to buy and sell:
  • The main feature of the Mojohead avatar is its simplicity and ease of use for the users. It enables the users to buy and sell their avatars in no time.

What are the different Traits of our Mojohead NFT Collection?

NFTs are a new technology and like any newer technology, they're tried out in many different ways. So you will see different types of NFTs on the blockchain. Things like CryptoKitties, with their unique genome and traits, Mojohead NFTs are almost like a different kind of crypto-collectible.

Mojohead NFTs are all made of the same basic building blocks. There’s no breeding or mutation or anything like that. They’re all pretty much the same, but with different attributes. Some of these things are more valuable than others. The market dictates what certain traits and features are worth, so as soon as you have a way of creating scarcity, you have value.

How to create a Mojo Jojo NFT in 3 easy steps?

  1. Choose a Design template
  2. Choose from the collection of Mojo Head NFT templates
  3. Customize your NFT
  4. You can customize your selected Mojo Jojo template using our simple and intuitive interface.
  5. Export and sell your NFT
  6. After customizing your NFT, export and sell it online.