Crypto Dude NFT

Create your own collection of Crypto Dude NFTs with Appy Pie Design

The Crypto Dude NFT is an ERC-721 token based on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is a dapper dude dressed up in a sharp-looking trench coat and a cap.

Crypto Dude NFT Art created by Appy Pie Design is an NFT (a non-fungible token) crypto-collectibles game developed on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a decentralized game that allows players to buy, sell and trade Crypto Dude NFTs across different marketplaces. The game will enable players to create and collect their favorite Crypto Dude characters.

Anyone who has an interest in collecting and owning unique Crypto Dude characters can use our collection of Crypto Dude NFTs. The game also allows players to make money by selling or trading their Crypto Dude character in the market.

Why choose us to create a custom collection of Crypto Dude NFT?

We offer a unique perspective on what makes a CryptoNFT collectible valuable based on the current state of blockchain assets - our core business is developing games that feature digital assets. This gives us the ability to create a community-driven market value framework for Crypto Dude NFTs.


    You have the ability to customize your art with a range of different assets. You can choose your crypto dude’s hat, shirt, pants, and shoes. You can even add a new beard or hairstyle. You can even choose your own color theme.


    Each Crypto Dude is assigned a unique and unchangeable ID. Every NFT has it’s unique features and properties, which makes them stand out from each other.


    We use our own high-quality digital file format that keeps your design crisp and clean at any size for any material. We use the same format for all of our NFTs collections so that all of your items look consistent with each other.


    As a fan of Crypto Dude NFT you know it’s important that you get your hands on your collection on time. We work with the best graphic designers.


    We are the only platform to offer you a complete solution, from design to production for Crypto Dude NFTs. We work with the latest technology to ensure your collection is secure and delivered on time.


    Appy Pie Design-oriented Crypto Dude NFTs are rare, highly collectible, and valuable digital assets. Each Crypto Dude NFT has the potential to become a valuable digital asset in the future.


    We are a team of designers at Appy Pie Design and we will be able to answer any questions you might have about NFTs or other products or services.

How to create your own Crypto Dude NFTs in 3 easy steps?

Crypto Dude NFT art template by Appy Pie Design is an easy-to-use, simple yet fully customizable template that allows your brand to be featured on a Crypto Dude NFT art in 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose your Crypto Dude NFT Art template
  2. Add color, text, layers, traits and personalization to your NFT design
  3. Download your art and start trading, selling or use for gaming purposes!