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An Introduction to Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

Originally Posted By Jamie Ayers  | June 14, 2016  | 4-min read
Tarulika Jain on August 20, 2020  
Cross Platform mobile apps - Appy Pie

Every consumer market is blend of Android and iOS users. To reach the wider audience, businesses need to create apps for all the users. creating an app for every user might be challenging and time consuming for businesses. But, thanks to different no code app development platforms available online which make this daunting task easy. Now, every size business can make their mobile apps and improve their outreach.

Most of the businesses create mobile apps which are compatible for both iOS and Android users. Designing separate apps for each of the operating system might not be feasible solution. Unwanted time delays, human errors, inconsistency in app features can be the repercussions of making apps separately. To reduce mentioned challenge, technology has offered solution to create single code base for multiple versions of mobile apps. Using various tools and frameworks, the pain of creating different versions of mobile app can be reduced.

Do you think developing multiple versions of mobile app can be a hassle-free task?

What is Cross Platform Mobile App?

Earlier, app developers used to deploy time consuming and expensive tools to develop separate backend or codebase for multiple versions of apps. With evolution of technology and growing need to cater needs of users, more feasible solutions came into software market to ease out problems of businesses especially app developers. As a result, cross platform mobile apps started to launch.

Cross platform mobile apps are universal single code base apps which are compatible with variety of platforms. For different versions of single app, Backend development team has to develop a code once. Cross platform mobile apps reduce hassle of creating multiple apps for multiple operating systems.

Before proceeding ahead to learn more about cross platform development apps, let us have a look on the related statistics.
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What Are the Benefits of Cross Platform Mobile Apps?

You must be aware of cross platform mobile apps benefits before investing your time and efforts in developing them. Some of them are listed below:

  • Code Consistency
  • Single reusable code is used to build cross platform apps. Single codebase improves code consistency of different versions of app. Also, code consistency prevents time delays and human errors at the development stage of mobile apps.

  • Saves Money
  • Any business aims for earning maximum profits with minimal investments. Cross platform mobile apps are such a solution to target maximum audience with minimum cost involved. Cost of testing prototypes, updating changes in the app and many other costs get reduced while developing a single codebase cross platform mobile app.

  • Saves Time
  • Cross platform app is the time efficient solution for businesses. By easily avoiding the uneven delays related to backend development of different versions, a mobile app can by launched for both Android and iOS users at same time.

  • Expand Outreach
  • Cross platform mobile apps can target huge audience across the world. They are meant to reach the people, either they are Android users or iOS users. Improvement in outreach can ultimately result in better conversion and sales rates.

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5 Tips for Cross Platform Mobile App Developers

While developing cross platform apps, you can encounter various challenges. We are not going to mention how to build cross platform mobile apps, but we will provide a checklist to develop cross platform apps efficiently.

  • Maintain Brand Identity
  • Any mobile app is blend of front end and back end. The backend of a mobile app is single and universal in cross platform mobile apps, but front end differs with different platform. Developers must take care of the user interface or front end of the app to maintain brand identity. It should be designed as per the basic purpose and core features of brand.

  • Platform Independent Approach
  • Developers must focus on purpose rather on platform while developing cross platform apps. Utilizing a platform independent approach, developers can focus on targeted results and performance of mobile apps on different platforms.

  • Reliable Cross Platform Apps Module
  • Cross platform app development framework must be well-versed. Inefficient framework does not work for development of cross platform apps. Developers must choose reliable cross platform app development module equipped with efficient tools to reduce unnecessary delays and complications.

  • Focus Targeted Audience
  • Cross platform app developers must understand the behavior and interests of audience prior to app development. Both the front and back end of cross platform mobile app must cater their needs. Developers must aim to enhance the user engagement and functionality of mobile app.

  • Strategize Testing
  • Business must strategize prototype testing for each platform before launching the full version of a cross platform mobile app. Testing a protype on each platform gives the opportunity to users to react and developers to make the necessary adjustments in mobile app.

    Watch this video to learn to test your android app before publishing it.

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How to build Cross Platform Mobile Apps?

You might be wondering if there is any way to save your time and efforts spent in coding your App from scratch! You can use DIY platform like Appy Pie AppMakr to build your cross platform mobile app in the way you want. AppMakr provides a codeless interface with highly affordable pricing and lets you develop your mobile app hassle free.
Create Your App

Summing Up

Cross platform mobile apps have the potential to accelerate and improve efficiency of businesses. They offer opportunities to reach a large pool of targeted audience and improve performance charts. With cross platform, you can deliver your products and services across in hassle free manner across different platforms.

In this high pace world, where time is money and every effort count, you can count on cross platform apps for the growth of your business. Regardless of the aim of your project, you can cross platform apps can do wonders for your businesses.

Are you planning a cross platform mobile app for your business? What tools are you planning to deploy for development? Comment below!

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