Quran App Builder

Create a Quran App

How To Create a Quran App in 3 Easy Steps?

  1. Select a layout for your Quran app

    Customize it to enhance its look and feel.

  2. Add features of your choice

    Make a Quran app without any coding skills.

  3. Publish the app to different app stores

    Spread the holy message with your own Quran app.

Quran App Maker

Now you can create your own customized Quran app within a matter of minutes through Appy Pie’s Quran App Builder. For creating Quran apps using Appy Pie’s Quran App Builder, you first need to enter the Quran version, and then select a name for your application that will be visible to your users and finally click on ‘create now’ button. Once you have created your app, you can customize it in very own way with a number of features available on App Builder.

Appy Pie’s Quran app builder enables you to create an app for the Holy Quran for iPhone (iOS) and Android. You can also integrate social media features, and share holy messages with the world, even on the go. Upload Quran in different languages, and make it easier for others to access it.

Publish the app on different app stores, such as Google Play, iTunes, etc., promote it globally and get connected with your community from across the globe. Add videos and images of holy messages and let users take learning from anywhere, and at any point in time.

Appy Pie’s Quran App Builder helps you create a Quran app as easy as pie with following features:

  • Easy and fast Surah Index List
  • Page Bookmarks
  • Ayah Bookmarks
  • Quran in over 27 languages
  • Add videos and images of holy messages
  • Stay connected with your community members on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Push notifications, text messages, and emails

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