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Workflow Automation Explained: How It Simplifies Your Daily Tasks

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on April 12th, 2024 5:44 am | 5-min read

The success of an organization is directly dependent on how much work its employees do. However, every employee in every organization must prioritize tasks in such a way that ensures that tasks are effectively finished on time.


Unfortunately, despite everyone’s best efforts, completing every task often means that the more important tasks may be rushed to some degree. Depending on the type of tasks an employee has, some of them are monotonous and repetitive. Unfortunately, these monotonous tasks can be very important. But they often take away an employee’s time, productivity, and creativity from the higher priority tasks.

Take the example of data entry. Data entry is extremely important. However, a survey done recently revealed that for certain sales teams data entry can take up almost 10 hours per week. Thankfully, workflow automation provides a way for employees to automate said tasks and spend their time on the more creative and complex tasks they may have to face.

The purpose of this blog is to find out how workflow automation can automate the more monotonous work by letting you create informed workflows for various kinds of tasks. We’re going to divide them by the department of an organization. Before we go on, we must prove that workflow automation actually works. So here’s an infographic with a few recorded statistics for you!

Manage Your Daily Tasks withWorkFlow Automation - Appy Pie

Workflow automation is still a very new concept in the business world. Many businesses are still not aware of the potential of workflow automation.

What is Workflow Automation?

Let’s begin with the simpler things. Workflow automation is a simple technology that uses rule-based algorithms to automate simple, monotonous, and repetitive tasks like social media posting, data entry, etc.

Workflow automation software follow a concept known as IPaaS or Integration Platform as a Service. Essentially, workflow automation platforms allow various apps, and websites to communicate with each other. For example, you can add Facebook as an integration to your workflow platform and schedule multiple posts in a few minutes. These posts will then be posted automatically at scheduled times.

Workflow automation software can be used for most popular software. In fact, Appy Pie’s workflow automation software Appy Pie Connect provides over 150 such integrations.

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How Workflow Automation Simplifies Your Work

Appy Pie Connect provides businesses more than 150 different integrations. From CRMs to Project Management Systems, the possibilities are endless. Infact, you can check out Connect’s App Directory for yourself.

Workflow automation’s potential has been proven amid the pandemic. Small businesses have been using it to work from home. Here’s a list of various integrations that can allow your business to do the same. Each department of an organization can utilize the same automation platform for various tasks. Keeping that in mind, we’ve divided some of the tasks workflow automation can automate for your organization.

Here are the various departments:

Human Resources

A workflow automation platform can help your HR in many ways. In the recruiting process, an HR automation software can enter the details of new employees on its own instead of requiring you to manually enter all details. This automation involves entering data like personal information, address, payroll, and insurance systems.

All of this can be achieved automatically without needing your direct input. This can save a lot of time. An automation software can also discard resumes that do not meet your minimum qualifications. These are especially helpful for open positions with a high number of applicants.


Marketing automation software as explained by the example above can be used to automate social media posting, cross-posting, scheduling marketing campaigns, and more. Everything from email marketing to SEO marketing can be automated with the help of various integrations provided by marketing automation platforms. Appy Pie Connect is one of them

Development & Design

Coming from Appy Pie Connect’s popularity charts, development integrations are among the most used on our platform. An automated development integration between Trello and Slack is widely used to communicate information and data between the two with the help of a simple workflow. Another popular automation is the automated exchange of data between Google Sheets and Trello. All you need to do is connect them and create a simple rule that will automatically enter the data.


Finance can use finance automation software to create forms, detailed workflows, and automate tasks like budget approvals, reimbursements, and simple accounting.


Managers can use workflow automation to assign tasks, delegate work types, etc accordingly. They can create detailed work paths and always know what work lies with what employees. This is especially helpful for work that requires different employees for different parts of the process. You can set rules in such a way that work coming from upper management automatically gets assigned to the right employee. It can essentially double as a project management system.

How To Use a Workflow Automation Software

Using a Workflow Automation software is very easy. The reason we call our automation software Appy Pie Connect is because that’s all you need to do - you simply connect. Here is a 3-step process on how to use a workflow automation software -

  1. Choose the software you want to integrate
  2. Connect them with a ‘trigger line’
  3. Define the Trigger and save

Once you define a trigger data will automatically be shared where it needs to go. You can then check if it’s working. If it’s not, there is something wrong with your trigger condition. Depending on what software you are trying to integrate, the trigger might vary.


Workflow Automation is still a new type of software. However, with everything being automated with time, workflow automation will soon take over. You can be ahead of the curve by joining it as soon as possible. You can start your workflow automation journey with Appy Pie Connect! Try it out today!

What do you think about workflow automation? Let us know in the comments below.

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