What is an NFT Drop [Everything to Know About NFT Drops]

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NFTs, the new digital assets of the blockchain era, are the hottest topic at the moment. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are basically tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, which allow users to interact with smart contracts. Each token is unique and cannot be replaced. They are created using an algorithm that places a unique fingerprint on each token. Today, everyone is going crazy about NFTs and don’t want to miss out on this opportunity. Some are already making a big fortune with their NFT collection, some are creating and dropping NFTs on a daily basis, while others are also trying their luck to make money out of NFTs. If you want to know how to create an NFT collection without any coding and how to make money with NFTs, we have got you covered. However, in this article, we’ll explain what an NFT drop is, benefits of NFT drop, how does an NFT drop work, how to participate in an NFT drop, and things to avoid when buying NFT drops.

What is an NFT Drop?

NFT drop is the term used to describe the method of token distribution by which a blockchain project distributes its tokens to the public. NFT drop is often used in the gaming industry, wherein a game developer distributes its gaming tokens to the public. In a nutshell, NFT drop is a way for non-fungible tokens to be distributed from an ERC-20 token’s smart contract. Unlike in a token sale, where the goal is to raise funds for the project, an NFT drop is a tool for onboarding new users and distributing value to existing users. NFT drop events are somewhat similar to airdrops in that they give free tokens. The main difference is that you cannot send NFTs to other addresses or store them in contracts because they have unique ownership attributes that are not transferable. You can think of them as limited edition digital art pieces or limited edition sneakers, which are much more fun than just getting free coins. Most of the NFT drops that have been designed so far ask participants to do something first, such as sign up for a new account on a website, play games on a platform, or purchase something from an online store. For example, CryptoKitties, one of the most popular NFT dApps, distributed a free CryptoKitty to every user that bought at least 0.015 ETH worth of ETH from the game’s online platform.

What are the Benefits of NFT Drop?

Listed here are some benefits of NFT drop.

  • The main benefit is that it’s fun and incentivizes users to try new dApps while creating a viral loop to retain users in the long run. NFT drops also bring more attention to dApps and can help them gain traction in an increasingly competitive market.
  • Another great advantage of an NFT drop is that the NFT will be used to pay for all of the fees for the token sale. This means that users who purchase tokens will not have to pay any additional fees, and will receive the full amount of their purchase.
  • It’s also beneficial for developers who can use NFT drops as a way to build an initial user base and validate their idea before launching a full-scale product or service.
  • An NFT drop also creates an opportunity for new NFT projects to present themselves to existing communities and build relationships with them. This is how a lot of new projects get listed on exchanges. The community that worked with the project via the NFT drop can help vote for the token to be listed on exchanges.

How does an NFT Drop work?

An NFT drop works using the ERC721 standard on the Ethereum blockchain. This standard allows developers to create unique and non-interchangeable tokens known as ERC721 tokens. These tokens can then be used in various ways, including creating collectibles, games or even digital trading cards like those used on Rare Pepe Cards or CryptoPunks. These ERC721 tokens can be dropped into a group of people who will receive them as gifts from one another, whether it is friends or crypto enthusiasts who follow one another. This method works because each token has a unique ID that can be tracked using blockchain technology, which allows each user to verify they did indeed receive their gift from the person they wanted it from, rather than someone else who happened to have the same token ID.

How to Participate in an NFT Drop?

Here is how you can participate in an NFT drop.

  • First, you need to register for the drop on the relevant NFT hub
  • Then check when the drop will be happening. It might be on a set date or at a specific time so make sure you check the details of each drop before you sign up
  • If there’s an ETH address provided, send your funds to the NFT hub address to register your interest in participating in the NFT drop. There’s no guarantee that you’ll receive any tokens during the NFT drop, so make sure you read any disclaimers/questions/answers (Q&As) thoroughly before sending any money to an address. The best practice is to only send what you can afford to lose
  • Once you’ve registered your interest, you’ll usually get instructions on how to participate in the NFT drop (e.g., which address to send tokens from). Usually, this process happens automatically, but sometimes it involves sending tokens to an exchange or other third-party services. Again, always read through instructions carefully and don’t forget to double-check your wallet address before sending any money!

Things to Avoid When Buying NFT Drops

Here is the list of things that you need to keep in mind while buying NFT drops.

  • Never buy NFTs from any non-verified source. They might be fake and scam you. If you have no idea about the legitimacy of an NFT, your safest bet is to avoid it.
  • Before buying an NFT drop, check if the NFT is an ERC721 token. If it’s not, then you might lose all of your money.
  • Don’t buy NFTs that are made by shady developers. Look for the developer’s background and reputation before deciding whether or not to purchase their digital assets.
  • Don’t trust overhyped and overpriced NFTs to increase in value with time just because they’re expensive right now. There are many different examples of expensive NFTs that have stayed expensive for years without ever increasing in value at all. Use some common sense before spending your money on anything on the blockchain world, no matter how cool it might seem at first glance.
  • Don’t buy NFTs just for the sake of getting them. If you don’t have a specific use for an NFT, then it’s not worth buying.


NFTs are still in their infancy and there is a ton of potential for future improvements. However, as NFTs begin to become more ubiquitous, it’s likely that creators and consumers alike will increasingly consider the NFT model to monetize their work. So, what are you waiting for? Use Appy Pie NFT generator to create your own NFT collection and make an NFT drop event to increase their popularity and increase your chances of earning big.

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