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How to Make a Vision Board that actually Works?

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on February 17th, 2024 2:20 pm

“Everything you want is waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you. But you have to take action to get it.”

The visual representation of a person’s dream is known as a vision board that is often termed a dream board. The vision boards are considered very effective as they do justice to their gaining popularity and have been trending for the past few years. We’ve seen that many people have accomplished their goals and dreams in the form of an image or collage on a vision board. The vision board works on the same basis as the law of attraction. Furthermore, it focuses on your changing lifestyle choices and values, which later become essential tools in your life journey.

Some people still need to learn how to create a vision board and manifest the goal mentioned on the board. In this blog, we will learn how to make one by using some steps and ideas to help you take a step further toward your goals.

Key Points to Make a Vision Board to Manifest your Dream Life

On your vision board, you’ll want to include things you hope to achieve in your life. A vision board aims to attract what you want into your life. It’s a visual representation of what you want in your life. You can also use a vision board to manifest what you want in your business and career. To attract success, you need to start with an end picture of where you want to be. These exclusive tips for creating a vision board will help you develop a plan for how you’re going to get there:

  1. Do a Status Check and Review

    Reviewing your goals is as important as writing them down. Take a moment, sit with your journal, and go through your dreams. What have you achieved? What goals did not work for you? What am I grateful for? What needs to be changed?

    Reviewing lays down a way for everything else and makes it easy to plan the rest of the journal.

  2. Set your Goals and Prioritize accordingly

    Now, this step might ask for a little bit of brainstorming. First, take a pen and paper and write down every goal you wish to achieve during the year, from big plans (related to your career or going abroad for studies) to dreams ( like learning how to play ukulele). Then, mention the changes you want to make in your life and your intentions (meet more with your friends, make better connections), as everything matters.

    After writing everything you have visualized for yourself, start prioritizing things from that list and write them on the goal board. Next, ask yourself what you want from 2022 and write down and manifest those goals, whether big or small and work for them.

  3. Find Images and Words for your Vision Board

    Many people find this part interesting. First, find pictures that align with your dreams and put them on the vision board. Then, go through an old bundle of magazines, and cut out pictures, quotes, words, or images that you find aesthetically pleasing.

    The images should be related to your goals and dreams as they help you keep track of them and motivate you. Sometimes using irrelevant pictures can be a distraction. Remember to stick to your destination and hunt for photos accordingly. Print pictures from the internet, go to Pinterest, seek inspiration, and you will find yourself with a remarkable board.

  4. Assemble the Vision Board

    After collecting many relatable pictures and words, it is time to arrange them. Roughly place the images on the board in front of you. Look which picture goes where and trim the image if required. Give an uneven look to the photos to make them look aesthetic.

    Out of the many pictures, a few will make it to the board, which fits well with the concept of your board. Some images will get recycled, and some will be added to the “Just in case I need them” pile. Review your board, and see if it came out how you wanted it. If you are happy with the result, continue with the next step; make the required changes.

  5. Glue everything Together

    After making all the changes:

    1. Glue the roughly arranged pictures onto the vision board.
    2. Use adhesive glue to stick everything together, and use cardboard as the base to avoid using paper.
    3. Make sure you glue them in the same manner as you planned.
  6. Display your Board

    The next foremost step is to display the board at such a place where you spend the most time at. Make sure the board is visible at all times. Think of a place where you work, study or spend most of your time. In such a way, you will be reminded of your goals and feel motivated. Manifestation becomes easier when you see it regularly.

    Remember to click a picture of your vision board to look at it anywhere. You can also put it as your wallpaper on the lock screen.

  7. Make the Vision Board your Road Map

    Creating a goal board is the first step, followed by the essential step, i.e., using it as a guide for your future.

    • You can create an action plan which describes the steps you need to take to achieve your goals.
    • Keep daily targets and stick them on your board to check your daily productivity.
    • Also, Mark down the things you have completed.
    • Start manifestation, which involves imagining your goals.
    • Mention such purposes that are achievable with the help of the board.
  8. Work towards your Goal

    The law of attraction is directly proportional to the law of hustle. So, look at your board daily after waking up and before bed. Then, set daily reminders, view them, and learn about your daily task.

    Vision boards are only helpful if you work towards your goal and work for it. Take 10 minutes out of your day to check which plan you have achieved and what is left. Work hard and trust the process. The vision board is your guide and can tell you the direction you need to follow. But you need to make a move in the direction of your goal.

  9. Have a Good Mindset

    Before starting the process, make sure you have a calm mind. Take your time making one. The mindset that I do not believe in such boards can lead you nowhere. Please ensure you are sure about your plans, and only design a board when you feel like it.

Benefits of Using Vision Boards

When conveying complex information in a massive amount to brains, images instantly do that. And that’s why vision boards are so powerful.

Vision boards help activate the subconscious mind by representing the desired future and life goals in an impactful way so that our minds can make decisions that should support our priorities. Also, they help in making it more accessible in order to identify resources in our surroundings that can help make real progress towards achieving your goals.

Here’s a list of a few benefits that are associated with vision boards:

  • Make sure that your goals are the essential things in your life that you think about every day.
  • Help in leveraging the law of attraction in lives.
  • Help create a meditative and powerful process that helps bring some clarity in terms of what you actually want from your life.
  • Help in inspiring and boosting your mood.
  • Help in expanding your minds about what’s possible.
  • Remind you that you don’t have to sweat regarding small things and keep your focus intact on more important things.
  • You can share your vision boards with others as well so that they also help in achieving your goals.
  • It’s fun to make a vision board. It’s a bonding activity that can be done with friends and family.

Different Vision Board Ideas and Formulas

Creativity has no limitations; let us find several versions with the help of which you can make a dream board without many scuffles.

  • Poster: Always stick the images, words, and quotes on a poster board. Various examples can be seen online for the same. Take inspiration from the available online, or use your imagination to create one.

  • Digital Vision Board: You are not required to be an expert in editing software to create a personalized board. Use easy-to-use software like Canva to create one. You can further use Vision Board Maker to design a board.

  • Portable Vision Board: Create a portable vision board you can carry anytime and anywhere. Portable boards are a game changer.

  • Goal-Specific Vision Board: A goal-specific board is often preferred to minimize confusion and keep the maker focused. Goal-driven boards have proved to give better results.

  • Cork Board or Bulletin Board: Perhaps, one must use a bulletin board or cork board as it gets easier to make changes. You can take an oil pin and quickly put an image or document on the board. Rather than using boards where you cannot make changes without tearing the whole thing apart, I prefer using a bulletin or corkboard.

  • Inspiration Wall: The Inspiration Wall is a great way to kickstart your new year and get started on a Vision Board. It’s a place to hang your thoughts and pictures of things that inspire you! Pick any room wall and use it to put images and words and use it as an inspiration wall.

  • Small Vision Boards in parallel: Include small vision planners in your vision board. The small vision board, in parallel, has enough scenarios to cover the range of realistic possibilities where you have to keep one strategy in mind: the dominant reality.

  • Art Journal: Journaling has gained popularity over the years. People also prefer using journals as a vision board as they are easy to carry and have enough space to mention all the goals in one place.

  • Pinterest Board: Pinterest Board is a collection of your favorite images and photos which help you to create your vision board. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can collect the things, products, places, and activities that you love and want to do. Go to Pinterest, choose images, pin them and use them as a vision board.

The conclusion of your Vision Board is a reminder of the purpose of your Vision Board and the future you are working towards. In the end, remember that your Vision Board is not just a pretty picture; you want it to be functional. Is it something you can look at and be inspired by? Can you refer to it daily? Are the pictures something that you can relate to in your life? If not, you may need to revisit your board.

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