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How to Automatically Share New YouTube Videos on Discord

Neeraj Shukla
By Neeraj Shukla | Last Updated on May 16th, 2024 6:41 am

Content creation and community engagement are dramatically amplified through the synergy between YouTube and Discord, serving as a pivotal tool for creators and their audiences. By automating the sharing of new YouTube videos on Discord, a significant stride in workflow automation is achieved, ensuring communities are promptly updated with fresh content. This process not only conserves time but also leverages the nuances of how the YouTube algorithm works, optimizing content visibility. This guide will provide detailed steps on setting up this automation, utilizing workflow automation platforms like Appy Pie Automate to forge a seamless YouTube and Discord Integration, thereby enhancing your digital presence.

How to Automatically Share New YouTube Videos on Discord with Appy Pie

Automatically sharing new YouTube videos on Discord with Appy Pie Automate simplifies the process of keeping your community engaged with your latest content. This method leverages the power of workflow automation, creating a bridge between your YouTube channel and Discord server without the need for manual intervention. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up this automation:

Step 1: Initiate the Connection

Initiate the Connection

If you're using a platform that offers a Quick Connect template for YouTube to Discord integrations, start with that. It simplifies the process by pre-filling necessary information.

Step 2: Choose the Event Trigger

Choose the Event Trigger

If you didn't start with a Quick Connect template, select the event trigger manually. This is usually "New Video Posted" or a similar option, indicating when your YouTube channel publishes a new video.

Step 3: Link Your YouTube Account

Link Your YouTube Account

Authorize the integration platform to access your YouTube account. This step involves signing in to your Google account and granting permissions.

Step 4: Connect Your YouTube Channel

Connect Your YouTube Channel

Enter your Channel ID to link your specific YouTube channel. You can find your Channel ID in your YouTube account settings.

Step 5: Test the Trigger

Test the Trigger

Run a trigger test to ensure the platform can detect new videos from your YouTube channel. This usually involves the platform fetching a recent video as a test case.

Step 6: Confirm the Trigger Test

Confirm the Trigger Test

Review the results of the trigger test by clicking on “Run View Record”. You should see a success record indicating that the connection to your YouTube channel is active and functional.

Step 7: Select the Action App

Select the Action App

If you're setting up the integration manually, choose Discord as the action app. This means when the trigger (a new YouTube video) occurs, the action (posting to Discord) will be executed.

Step 8: Link Your Discord Account

Link Your Discord Account

Authorize the integration platform to access your Discord account. This will involve logging in to Discord and granting necessary permissions.

Step 9: Configure the Discord Action

Configure the Discord Action

Set up the specifics of how the video information will be posted on Discord. This might include choosing a specific server and channel where the video links will be shared.

Step 10: Name Your Bot

Name Your Bot

Customize the integration by naming the bot that will post your videos on Discord. Choose a name that reflects your channel or brand for easy recognition.

Step 11: Automation in Action

Automation in Action

Once everything is set up, new videos posted on your YouTube channel will automatically be shared in the designated Discord channel. Enjoy the seamless integration!

Why Automate the Sharing of YouTube Videos on Discord?

Automating the sharing of YouTube videos on Discord offers a multitude of benefits that streamline the interaction between content creators and their communities. This strategy not only enhances the efficiency of content distribution but also significantly boosts engagement and audience loyalty. Let's explore why automating the sharing of YouTube videos on discord is beneficial:

  1. Instant Updates for Timely Engagement
  2. Automating the sharing of videos ensures that your Discord community receives notifications of your newest uploads without delay. This promptness is pivotal in leveraging the initial surge of views and engagement, a factor that significantly influences your video's performance on YouTube's algorithm. Timely sharing helps maintain the momentum of your content's visibility, fostering a greater chance of it being recommended to a wider audience. The immediacy of automated updates is not just about keeping the community informed but also about maximizing the potential reach and impact of each video, ensuring that your content capitalizes on every opportunity for visibility and interaction right from the moment it goes live.

  3. Fosters Active Community Interaction
  4. The quick sharing of new YouTube videos on Discord catalyzes immediate reactions and sparks discussions among community members, nurturing a lively and engaging atmosphere within the server. This environment of active interaction encourages members not only to stay informed about the latest uploads but also to share their thoughts, feedback, and discussions, thereby fostering a stronger sense of community. It creates a platform for members to connect over shared interests, enhancing the overall community spirit. Additionally, this constant engagement helps in understanding the audience better, allowing for tailored content that resonates more deeply with viewers. Active community interaction thus becomes a cornerstone for building a vibrant, engaged, and cohesive community that supports and amplifies your content.

  5. Saves Valuable Time
  6. Automation stands as a beacon for content creators overwhelmed by the manual tasks associated with content distribution, especially the repetitive nature of posting updates. By automating the process of sharing new YouTube videos on Discord, creators reclaim hours that would otherwise be spent on these mundane tasks. This reclaimed time opens up opportunities to dive deeper into the creative process, focus on producing high-quality content, or strategize on expanding their channel's reach. The efficiency gained through automation not only enhances productivity but also alleviates the stress of keeping up with regular updates, allowing creators to invest their efforts in areas that fuel their passion and drive their channel's growth.

  7. Ensures Consistent Content Delivery
  8. The importance of consistency in content creation cannot be overstated, as it plays a crucial role in audience building and retention. By automating the sharing of YouTube videos to Discord, content creators can guarantee that their community is consistently and promptly informed about new uploads, regardless of their own availability or schedule. This level of reliability strengthens the creator-audience bond, as followers come to expect and look forward to regular updates. Consistent content delivery also aids in maintaining a steady engagement level, crucial for nurturing a loyal audience over time.

  9. Promotes Content Discovery Within Diverse Groups
  10. Discord's community-centric nature, hosting servers that cater to a myriad of interests, presents a unique opportunity for content discovery. By automating the sharing of YouTube videos on Discord, creators can tap into this potential, reaching individuals across various interest groups who might not have stumbled upon their channel otherwise. This method significantly broadens the audience pool, introducing your content to a wider, potentially interested audience that extends beyond your current subscriber base. The diversity of Discord communities means your content could resonate with users you hadn't considered targeting, leading to increased viewership and subscriber numbers from untapped demographics.

  11. Supports Community Growth
  12. The automation of video sharing plays a pivotal role in the dynamic growth of your Discord community. Regular, automated updates inject life into your server, keeping the conversation flowing and the engagement high. This constant stream of content acts as a magnet for new members, drawn in by the promise of timely updates and active discussions around your latest videos. As the server grows, so does the sense of community among members, fostering a welcoming environment that encourages loyalty and long-term engagement. This growth not only strengthens your Discord community but also has a positive ripple effect on your YouTube channel's audience base.

  13. Enables Quick Feedback Collection
  14. One of the significant advantages of automating video shares to Discord is the facilitation of immediate feedback collection. This direct line to your audience allows for the quick gathering of impressions, critiques, and suggestions right after a video is shared. Such instant feedback is invaluable, offering insights that can guide content refinement and enhancement. This loop of creation, sharing, feedback, and improvement helps in crafting videos that are more closely aligned with your audience's preferences and interests, thereby increasing viewer satisfaction and engagement.

  15. Facilitates Cross-Platform Promotion
  16. In today's digital ecosystem, maintaining a presence across multiple platforms is key to maximizing visibility and engagement. Automation serves as a bridge between YouTube and Discord, seamlessly promoting content across both platforms. This cross-platform promotion strategy not only amplifies your content's reach but also reinforces your brand presence online. By consistently sharing your YouTube videos on Discord, you leverage the strengths of both platforms: YouTube's vast audience potential and Discord's highly engaged communities. This synergy enhances your overall online presence, making your content more accessible and engaging to a broader audience.

Both Apps Integrate with Third-party Apps on Appy Pie

On Appy Pie Automate, both YouTube and Discord boast impressive capabilities for integration with third-party apps, enhancing functionality and streamlining workflows across platforms. YouTube integrations can transform the way content creators interact with their audience, automate video sharing across social media channels. Discord integrations on Appy Pie Automate extend beyond just YouTube, allowing for a seamless connection with project management tools, e-commerce platforms, and gaming utilities. Here are some popular YouTube and Discord integrations on Appy Pie Automate:

  • YouTube and Discord Integration: Automatically share new YouTube videos on Discord channels to keep your community engaged and informed about the latest uploads, enhancing interaction and viewership.
  • Integrate Google Meet with YouTube: Stream Google Meet sessions directly to YouTube, expanding the audience for meetings, webinars, or live events by broadcasting them on a global platform.
  • Workable and YouTube Integration: Leverage YouTube to showcase company culture and job postings, utilizing Workable to manage recruitment processes and attract potential candidates through engaging video content.
  • Klaviyo and Discord Integration: Enhance community engagement on Discord by utilizing Klaviyo's customer behavior data for targeted messaging, ensuring personalized communication within Discord servers.
  • Integrate YouTube with ClickMeeting: Maximize webinar reach by streaming ClickMeeting sessions directly on YouTube, allowing content creators to engage with audiences across both platforms seamlessly.
  • Integrate Discord with Google Drive: Facilitate easy sharing and collaboration within Discord communities by integrating Google Drive, allowing for efficient access to documents and resources directly from Discord channels.


The integration of YouTube and Discord, facilitated by platforms like Appy Pie Automate, represents a significant advancement in digital content strategy. By automating the sharing of new YouTube videos on Discord, content creators can vastly improve engagement, streamline their workflow, and ensure their communities are always up-to-date with the latest content. This synergy not only saves valuable time but also amplifies the reach and impact of content across platforms. Furthermore, the ability to integrate with third-party apps enhances functionality, making it easier than ever to maintain a dynamic online presence. Ultimately, embracing these integrations and automation strategies empowers creators to build stronger, more engaged communities while maximizing their content's visibility and impact.

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