Why Businesses Need to Integrate Salesforce DX Now?

Abhinav Girdhar
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Not meeting your release management goals as you had been planning? Well, the problem is that you have not updated yet with Salesforce DX, which is globally the most potent tool to increase your work efficacy. Actually it’s not your work potency that got lowered with time, but actually, your rivals got more efficient with the timely introduction and implementation of the Salesforce DX patch. It is one of the most reliable tools for increasing work efficiency by increasing the power of your current Salesforce software. Wondering how? Well, then you will have to go through the main advantages of using Salesforce DX.

The main advantages of Salesforce DX are here

  • Salesforce DX is developed on an open source platform. This means it’s basically free, and it would get more updated with time while increasing your work efficiency on every stage.

  • You get tools and features which are robust and agile and adds much work-ability to your current Salesforce platform.

  • You really don’t have to invest on and arrange for any extra space or any new infrastructure to implement the power of Salesforce DX. It is completely cloud-based. This means the installation of DX is actually a breeze.


  • DX is meant for the easiest possible data migration. Just one click and data gets migrated to your test and developer Sandboxes.

  • If you want, you can integrate DX with other tools like AppExchange and other testing tools.

  • It’s seen that with the use of DX the deployment time of the release manager gets reduced by 32%. The collaboration between the QA and developer also gets better with it.

  • Both management and prevention of disasters is possible with rolling back of deployments. And this is possible with just one click. This truly is a powerful DX feature!

  • You can merge user stories at the last moment before deployment and drop them onto deployment with DX.

  • Faster and advanced deploy management is possible with the DX tools.

  • Arranging sign-offs is easy with DX, and you can also get unauthorized access and permissions before the deployments from business teams, and deployments can be prevented and stopped.

These advantages shared are just the tip of the iceberg, there is so much more you can actually do and enjoy with this native release management software. You surely have to fall in love with this software. The domain of app management can get really thrilling for the developers, and you would love your job doubly, just because of the backing you are getting from this enhancement patch.

The best features of Salesforce DX

Now that you know the advantages of Salesforce DX, you would be intrigued to know the best features of the software too. Here is what Salesforce DX brings to you in a nutshell:

  • Merging in-built tools
  • Deployment without any restrictions
  • You can analyze static codes
  • Version control is so easy
  • You can do regression testing of stories
  • Manage user stories

You can use Salesforce DX for extra enhancement as a third party solution

Third party solutions like Flossum.com helps in enhancing the efficiency of your Salesforce software. This can help you reap benefits of the software and yield better. When you use such a solution, then DX integration can be implemented with the use of some extra tools of your preference. Also after the implementation of DX, you can start using all of its built-in features and all the existing Salesforce tools too. Altogether the speed of lifecycle management of your team can be increased a lot with the use of the third-party solution and parallel integration of DX. Definitely, it’s going to add to more powers and features in the process of development.

The momentum gain in release management

You are going to experience a huge gain in momentum in release management right after the implementation of Salesforce DX. You would enjoy a seamless and highly featured process of release management with changes that are enjoyable. Just imagine the boost in activity the app development team would enjoy when they find they can look deeply at speed 29% faster than before.


This extremely easy and rapid increase in speed of life-cycle management and the development of org is worth noticing and experiencing. The team would be equipped with more powerful tools too. And this would help them work better, more flexible, and with better sandbox testing options, better version control, more authority on deployment, better custom powers, etc.

The power of DX and great minds who know how to use this can make this happen. And if you add to it the power of third-party solutions, who are experts of handling native release management, then things can get more fluid for you.

Increase in pace, better and quicker results, higher efficiency, more tools and control, faster deployments, all combined together can give you such power that you can feel satisfied with all the deployments and releases.

How fast can a process become?

A study says that with the integration of Salesforce DX through a third party solution like Flossum, a process which is of 12 steps can be minimized to a 5 or 6 step process. This decrease in steps come with an increment of 40% efficiency too. And in the meanwhile generation of reports and backups also gets really easy and fast. Altogether Salesforce DX brings in fresh air to work with better speed.


It’s the feature-rich DX, which actually helps your team use the Salesforce app with more efficiency. You should use a team who have experience of handling Salesforce DX for better performance. This will give you more support and help deploy faster. To enjoy an amazing increment of work speed and great release management, its time you start using DX.

Not just this, you can even make use of Appy Pie’s Connect to automate Salesforce with other business applications and eventually boost your team’s productivity and efficiency.

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