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How RJs and DJs can grow their audience by going mobile?

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on February 22nd, 2024 1:47 pm | 3-min read

There are so many RJs and DJs out there, and how do these people get famous on the internet? Today the market is so competitive, so how exactly do they promote themselves online through the web or mobile? Mobile apps can be used to get an RJ or DJ famous. It requires some work though. However, it is possible with research and networking.

There are many hardworking musicians out there fighting for recognition, and they want to make themselves known locally and internationally. There are so many facts that they need to know to become famous. So how exactly do you promote yourself on the market?

It takes more than talent to be recognized in the music business these days. To know how to be successful in this industry, it is essential to understand that no matter how great you are, you need to come up with a robust steadfast strategy to becoming famous.

Start with Brand Name…

A brand must be conjured up by the artist. The artist must have a name and logo on it that will speak up for you as an RJ or DJ. Every business has a brand that represents it. Therefore, it is a necessary to create a brand to get famous. It has to be memorable or recognizable, and it is linked to you. Once the logo has been designed and published, it must be made accessible for the fans to recognize and acknowledged. They will remember the logo every time they hear your name and music. Changing the brand later might affect you, but it will not destroy it. It will just affect the business slightly.

The brand must be printed on posters, cards and shirts etc. A well-designed logo won't hurt, but there must be more exposure and a lot of marketing done on your business. It will help you get success while a lousy logo might be ignored or turned off by your client base.

Use The Internet Wisely…

These days a lot can be promoted on the internet. It is quite essential to use the internet as a step to update your followers and fans. Creating an app will be a necessity to grow your audience through mobile. Through mobile apps, you can link and connect your music to the internet and fans.

Going social or building a website for your band or channel can also work wonders in gaining more audience. However, always remember that your fans are who you are today, so treat them well and make sure to resolve their queries instantly.


Many artists make social media blunders and cost them their careers. Think before you post, in order not to screw up your Facebook profile, and make sure that you don’t post something that causes controversy with your fans.

Going Mobile is Damn Easy…

All you musicians and radio jockeys out there, no need to go head over heels for creating apps. The days are passé when you need to work closely with app developers for getting your app built the way you want. App builders are the hottest trend now!

And, when we talk about app builder, Appy Pie is your only partner. The next generation app development platform, Appy Pie makes it easy for everyone to create mobile apps without any coding knowledge.

Yes, you read it write… Absolutely no coding, nothing at all, just add your desired features and bring your music or radio app to live! All of the apps built on this DIY app builder works flawlessly across multiple platforms like Android, iOS, etc. The icing on the cake is Appy Pie also provides a website along with the app, doubling up the benefits of the users and helping them get maximum exposure on the internet. If that’s not enough, here are some of the reasons that to why you should go Appy Pie way for app development.

1. Build mobile apps in minutes

It won’t take long hours to create a music or radio app of your own with this amazing radio app builder. It’s quick, easy and sophisticated. You don’t need to scratch of your head to get started with Appy Pie.

2. Publish your app to app stores

The USP of the company lies in making its users apps live on app stores like Google Play, iTunes, etc. So whatever the problems be, their experts can surely help you in hunting them out and publishing your app.


3. Real-Time Updates

Edit and update the app the way you want, and check the changes in real-time. You can easily alter what you need and what you don't in the updates. Tweak your app to make it the best app in the market.

4. Push Notifications

Connect to your audience using push notifications so that your fans will keep coming back for more. A great way to update your fans on how your latest music is updated or new music album coming along. Make sure that your audience is hyped so that they grow and respond to your music.

5. Promoting the app

Try to increase your app’s ranking on the Play Store to get more customers. Make sure that it is cranky and full of spunk so that people are attracted to install it. Add in promotion plans so that fans will be more hooked to use the app.

In short, a lot of things to know and a lot of things to be aware of. Make sure that you exploit ways to grow fans via mobile and research in depth for other methods too. Also, make sure that this will take a lot of hard work, so be persistent in creating that audience and fan base that you have dreamed of.

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