Best Podcast Hosting Platforms and Sites You Need To Know

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Podcasting is quickly emerging as a popular marketing strategy, not only because of its popularity among consumers but also because it is easy to create podcasts to broadcast content for your target audience. Basically, with a podcast host, you can upload the actual audio files and add titles, some description, and tags. The host will provide you with an RSS feed that you can give to the podcast libraries like iTunes, Google. This will help you tell them about your podcast and have them index it so they can show it on their directories. When you stream or download a podcast episode to listen to, Apple and Google do not have the audio file; they tell the app or browser where to get the file from. You can reach millions of potential listeners by listing your podcast on the best platform. There are many different podcast hosting platforms and it can be difficult to decide which one to choose for your business. In this blog, after a detailed research we have listed the top podcast hosting platforms that suit your needs the best.I do recommend you learn how to start a podcast before you move ahead and choose the right podcast hosting platform. Top Podcast Hosting Platforms to Expand your Audience

What is podcast hosting?

Before we start discussing which free podcast hosting site you should choose, or the pros and cons of each, let’s begin by making sure you understand what podcast hosting is and why you need it. Podcast hosting provides file hosting and RSS feed for your podcast. The podcast hosting companies upload your audio files, tell the hosting platform your details, and then generate a feed for you. Whenever any user subscribes to your podcast, the podcast host sends audio files to the platforms directly.What is podcast hostingTo make content available to any listener/viewer at any time, the podcast data including media files must be stored and then made available on the internet. Podcast hosting sites include features like streaming compliance, file storage, and unlimited bandwidth. Launching a podcast is relatively a simple task, and you will not need much to get started. You can start with just a microphone, headphones, recording and editing software and finally a publishing platform. Listed hereunder are the equipment needed to host a podcast:


Audio is one area that you will not want to cut corners with. Remember to invest in a good microphone.


Your headphones don't necessarily have to be top of the line, but use something that is up to the job.

Pop filter

When talking directly into the microphone, plosives like b’s and p’s sound amplified. You can avoid this by speaking to the side of your mic, rather than directly into it, or just get yourself a pop filter.


Though they are not absolutely necessary when you first start out, you will need a suspension boom to hold the mic for you if you want to become a podcasting pro.

Skype account

If you are planning to do interviews on your show at some point, you will need an account on Skype.

Recording and editing software

You will need to record your episodes before you start podcasting them officially and no matter how good you are at it; you would still want to make some edits. There are many tools with multiple options to record and edit content and some of them have free trials for you to get started with.

ID3 Editor

Most of the podcast and recording software will allow you to tag your podcasts using ID3 tags but you can also do it easily with an ID3 editor.

A podcast hosting account

There are affordable media hosts that you can use to host your podcast rather than hosting it on your website. Later in the blog we have compiled a list of popular hosting and publishing options which you can use for your podcast.

The Best Podcast Hosting Services

After you get your hosting in place, you will want to make sure to get your podcast listed on the top directories so that people can find and listen to your show. If you are an Apple user, you will probably go to iTunes to listen to a podcast and if you are an Android user Google Podcasts will be your choice.

Top most popular platforms for podcast hosting have been listed below:

  1. Spotify
  2. Buzzsprout
  3. Blubrry
  4. Spreaker
  5. Podbean
  6. Patreon
  7. Anchor
  8. Libsyn
  9. Pippa
  10. Transistor
  11. Castos
  12. Simplecast
  13. Captivate
  14. Audioboom
  15. Podiant
  16. SoundCloud
  17. Podomatic
  18. iTunes
  19. Stitcher
  20. TuneIn

#1 Spotify

SpotifyThe Spotify app was launched on 7 October 2008. Spotify opened public registration for the free service tier in UK in February 2009. Spotify is the best music app available on mobile or tablet. There are free as well as paid options with this platform. The free accounts remained available to listeners by invitation to manage the growth. The launch also opened paid subscriptions to everyone. Spotify AB announced licensed deals with major music labels. Spotify for your Apple Watch gives you ability to seamlessly access and control your favorite music and podcasts.  This app offers thousands of podcasts to the listener. You can search for a track, artist or album of your choice and listen to it for free. You can even make and share playlists. So get going and build the biggest, best ever music collection for yourself. This app is becoming an increasingly important player in the world of podcasting.

#2 Buzzsprout

buzzsproutBuzzsprout is one of the easiest ways to host, promote, track your podcast. It has helped a large number people to start their own podcast. You can upload 2 hours of audio per month, but the episodes are only hosted for 90 days. Buzzsprout is a fantastic platform for a beginner and it offers a simple dashboard that shows your listener data, number of impressions, location demographics – and many others. With the help of this platform you can easily pre-schedule your podcast! All you need to do is upload the audio, amend titles and captions and consequently schedule it to air over various podcast directories.

#3 Blubrry

blubrryBlubrry is a podcast hosting provider with WordPress integration using PowerPress plugin. The platform provides advanced statistics for your podcast and other audio files. You can streamline podcast publishing workflow while utilizing the app’s top-tier content delivery network. Podcast Hosting by Blubrry is highly optimized for those using WordPress with PowerPress and is very simple to use. It takes a little effort to link PowerPress with Blubrry. You can access your account from your online dashboard from a mobile device. Customer support is provided via documentation and forum. This platform helps creators make money, get detailed audience measurements and host their audio and video. It can also manage advertising deals for organizations.

#4 Spreaker

SpreakerSpreaker Studio was the first podcasting app to fully support Chrome OS.  Spreaker Podcast Radio presents a unique listening experience. Podcasters can create, analyze, distribute and monetize professional sounding audio. Listeners can enjoy discovering the best live or on-demand podcasts. The platform enables anyone to participate in and interact with the community of audio creators and listeners. You can share with listeners’ behind-the-scenes info, snapshots and connect with them via your show's own app with the help of this platform.  You have complete control over your podcast voice volume with Spreaker Studio. Listeners can with hosts as they listen, leave comments on episode pages, follow networks, and like their favorite episodes.

#5 Podbean

PodbeanPodbean is an ultra-simple, powerful podcast publishing solution. With the help Podbean podcast publishing solution you can create professional podcasts in very little time without any programming knowledge. This platform helps you know how your podcasts are performing and understand your audience better. You can record, publish and manage podcasts right from the app. You can also engage with podcast followers, get feedback, start podcast discussions and connect with peers in this podcast app. You can get advertising sponsorship opportunities via Podbean Podcast. The crowdfunding platform provides you with a seamless way to convert your fans into patrons. Podbean helps you earn money with paid subscriptions or fees.

#6 Patreon

PatreonPatreon is a simple Podcast platform that helps you build community around your content. Like any other crowdfunding platforms, it helps the podcast audience pre-order merchandise. This platform helps you create an RSS feed, exclusively for your users. The app also updates its blog and learning modules to reflect changing trends in crowdfunding. With Patreon delivering content to podcast users is simple. Patreon allows a user to set several subscriber levels and, with other crowdfunding platforms, the more you give, the more you receive from them.

#7 Anchor

AnchorAnchor is a well-known free podcast platform. Anchor helps you create, distribute, and monetize your podcast from any device, for free. It offers matching you with great brands interested in sponsoring your show. Anchor podcast is accessible to everyone Anchor has no storage limits and no trial period. The platform has a built-in ad platform, which also offers easy editing. You can constantly keep updating new features. The platform makes it easy for the user to invite anyone to record with them, people from anywhere in the world can join at a time.

#8 Libsyn

Libsyn-PodcastingLibsyn is one of the oldest and biggest podcast media hosts of the world. Libsyn is a Blubrry alternative and it provides podcast hosting to connect with your audience wherever they are. Libsyn podcast hosting plans are flexible, easy to change, transfer, and are packed with the trusted features a podcast needs. On this platform you will need a separate account for each individual show, but you can manage these all from inside your account. Libsyn also provides the capability to offer dynamic ad insertion and you can hook up with advertisers if your show is hitting around 5000 US downloads per episode within a month of its release. Libsyn provides you with cost effective plans to meet your needs.

#9 Pippa

Pippa provides a simple, all-inclusive platform for podcasts. With an unlimited file hosting and sophisticated analytics it offers simple, all-inclusive platform for podcasts.  and helps you  understand your audience on the platform. Pippa has an option of monetization and it helps you easily share your show with Twitter and Facebook follower. This platform offers a comprehensive solution for podcasters, whatever their size. You will be able to earn and get value from your content as Pippa allows you to buy and sell dynamic ads on its marketplace.

#10 Transistor

Transistor is one of the most new podcast hosting and analytics platforms. Transistor helps you store your MP3 files, generate your RSS feed, host your podcast's website, and help you distribute your show to the world. With help of the platform you can manage your team, invite your editor, content writer, podcast host and other marketing team members to edit and promote shows. For one common price you can host as many shows as you want. This app as a hosting platform is user-friendly. Migration, uploads, directory listing are simple to use.

#11 Castos

Castos podcast hosting platform and analytics gives you freedom to publish your podcast content wherever you like to. With very simple settings you can have your podcast up and running. As an integrated podcast hosting platform, Castos, allows you to easily host your podcast media files on a the dedicated platform.  You have an option to run multiple podcasts from the same website with their RSS feed. Simple Podcasting comes with complete user and developer documentation, growing library of add-ons. This hosting platform is user-friendly. Migration, uploads, directory listing are simple to use.

#12 Simplecast

simplecastSimplecast is one of the best platforms for podcasters to publish their audio content with just one click publishing. Simplecast offers new podcasters with an unlimited storage space, unlimited uploads, social media sharing clips, and a customized themed show website. With this app you can invite all your team members to one show or multiple shows, and easily grant them access to edit as per your needs.  You can meet audience via Simplecast’s audio analytic platform. On this platform a podcaster can manage his entire show library from just one account.

#13 Captivate

CaptivateCaptivate is a brand new podcast hosting platform. The analytics are advanced, yet easy to understand. Captivate, from Rebel Base Media, seeks to offer the best of new growth-oriented podcast hosting. You can host an unlimited number of podcasts for 10K downloads. It can also be used to create screencasts and a bunch of other useful things like batch uploading, smart UI features.

#14 Audioboom

AudioboomWhether you're uploading new episodes or importing an existing podcast Audioboom is the best answer. With Audioboom you can add your player to your website, blog or social media. It is extremely responsive and works on all screen sizes. The platform helps you get detailed insights on your podcast's performance and also helps you learn about your listeners. With app you can invite others to collaborate on your show. You can manage permissions to get help running your show or work with a co-host. Extremely simple features make podcasting more interesting with Audioboom.

#15 Podiant

Podiant is a platform dedicated to using podcasts to help spread powerful messages. You can share your knowledge easily with the world. Whether your audience is your influencer circle, your customers or your friends, it has the tools to make distributing your audio a breeze. Podiant provides a simple and vast feature-rich upload experience, with a dashboard that shows your stats at a glance. With features available on Podiant, you can create a template for your show notes. The platform also offers variety of themes to get your podcast website up and running.

#16 SoundCloud

SoundCloudSoundCloud is a music sharing website. It is an audio distribution platform based in Germany that enables its users to upload, promote, and share audio content. SoundCloud is free and also offers a free option for those who want to upload or promote their music. The key features of this app include ability to access uploaded files with unique URLs.  SoundCloud even allows sound files to be embedded in Twitter and Facebook posts. It distributes music with the helps widgets and apps. Users can place these widgets on their own websites or blogs, and the app will automatically tweet every track uploaded. It even helps to depict audio tracks graphically as waveforms and allows users to post timed comments on a specific part of any track. These comments are displayed while the related audio segment is played.

#17 Podomatic

PodomaticPodomatic hosts the world's largest community of independent podcasters and DJ's. Podomatic allows creators to record, upload, and promote your new audio content, all in one dashboard. One of  strengths of the podcast platform is the ability to develop podcast advertising and crowdsourcing with the help of Patreon and Advertisecast. This platform has social sharing options, and your podcast can be played directly on Facebook and Twitter feeds. Podomatic has partnered with Weebly to help you create a website and have a free podcast app for iOS and Android. In addition to their free plan, they have four pro plans per month. With over 5 million podcast episode, Podomatic Podcast Player makes it easy to tap into any episode quickly.

#18 Apple Music

iTunesApple Music iTunes is home to about 50 million songs. You can play music without interruption, online or offline. Podcast hosting on Apple Music is the best and most popular way to ensure that your podcast reaches as many listeners as possible. It is very easy to upload podcasts to iTunes—you can even get it done in less than an hour! You can connect dashboard to add more, review, monitor, and edit your podcast list while your podcast feed goes live for every user. One of the best ways to extend your podcast’s reach is by listing your podcast on iTunes.

#19 Stitcher

StitcherStitcher is a free podcast app. It is a home to all your favorite podcasts and offers easy to navigate features. The app is the easiest way to listen to podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, smart speaker, your car for free. This app is cross-platform and easy to use, so it is a great option for those who want a quick and easy solution, no matter what device they are on iOS, Android smartphone, tablet or OS. Stitcher also offers its own analytics portal within your account which is great for seeing how your episodes are doing on the platform.

#20 TuneIn

TuneInTuneIn brings together sports, news, music, podcasts and radio from around the world in one free app. TuneIn Radio is unique as it offers MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL coverage with their premium subscription service. It works with CarPlay, Apple Watch, and Chromecast. The platform features the world’s largest library of live, on-demand and original audio. With live sports, exclusive music channels, breaking news, and over 100,000 AM and FM radio stations globally, TuneIn offers something to listen any and every time. Amazon Alexa gets podcasts from TuneIn, so once your podcast is on TuneIn, your podcast will be easily accessible via Alexa.


When making your choice, checkout the platform’s features. You should be able to upload as much content as per your needs. The platform should be compliant to your business, have enough storage space. Suitable social media integration should be available to help you advertise. A podcast hosting platform should be user-friendly. Directory listing, migration, uploads should be simple to use. With podcast hosting support, the platforms should also support platforms like WordPress. Also get into details and see if you want just free hosting or you are ready to shell out some extra money to get more features. Check which hosts can help you promote your business with crowdsourcing, ads, marketing, monetization and expert guidance. So pick the best platform tailored just for your needs.

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