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7 Steps to Creative Chatbot Name (Some Interesting Bot Name Ideas)

Lakhvinder Singh
By Lakhvinder Singh | Last Updated on February 6th, 2024 7:22 am

If you have just finished building a chatbot, it’s time to think about its name. A good name will help users identify and remember your bot, as well as make it easier for them to find it in the first place. So, how can you come up with a good name for your chatbot? Here are 7 tips on how to name a chatbot that will help:

1. Decide on Your Chatbot’s Role The first step in giving a good bot name is deciding on its role. Do you want it to be a salesperson? A customer service representative? A personal assistant? All of the above? A chatbot that’s built for selling products will need different information than one that’s built for handling customer service queries. The more you know about how you’ll use the chatbot, the easier it will be to name it. 2. Use Keywords The first step in picking a good bot name is to identify the keywords that describe your chatbot. As every marketer knows, keywords are the keys to SEO optimization, and there is no reason why this principle should not apply to chatbots as well. The more accurately you can pinpoint the keywords that best describe your bot, the easier it will be for users to find you and understand what your bot can do for them. 3. Get Creative Once you have identified the keywords that describe your chatbot, the next step is to use these words in other ways. If you have an eCommerce bot, you could use the keyword “shopping” in the name. If your bot was built for accounting purposes, you could use the word “accountant” or a variation of it. Unlike regular SEO optimization, however, you want to avoid using keywords that are too close to their original form (e.g., “accounting”). That’s because people won’t be able to recognize them from their abbreviated form (e.g., “acc”). 4. Make It Easy to Remember Once you have found some creative ways to use your keyword in your chatbot’s name, it is time to think about how easily users can remember this name. After all, if people cannot remember who you are or what your chatbot does, there is little point in having one. You want something simple and catchy that will stick in people’s minds after seeing it just once or twice, so try mixing and matching words and letters until you get something memorable and easy to say out loud. 5. Make Sure It Sticks With Your Brand Identity Another thing to think about when choosing a name for your chatbot is whether or not it fits with your brand identity. For example, if your brand identity is professional and serious, a quirky or funny chatbot name may not be appropriate for you. Similarly, if your brand identity is quirky and funny, a boring or serious chatbot name may not work for you either. Either way, just make sure that the name you pick aligns with what people already associate with your brand. Otherwise, they may not trust or engage with your bot properly. 6. Be Relevant to Your Target Audience Think about who your target audience is when deciding on a name for your chatbot as well. Does it make sense for them? Does it sound like a name they would use? For example, if your target audience is people over 50 who are interested in art history and enjoy talking about political issues like gun control and tax reform, then something like “Art History 101: Let’s Have a Chat About Gun Control” may be appropriate for them and work well as a name for this chatbot as well. Just make sure that whatever you pick works with who your target audience is! 7. Give Your Bot Personality and Introduce it Your bot won’t be effective if it only spits out information without any personality. Successful bots have a personality. Give your bot a human name. When your bot shows personality, users will enjoy interacting with it. They’ll spend more time on your site and are more likely to return to chat with your bot again. Add an avatar that represents your bot’s personality. This is helpful in getting users to remember your bot when they return to chat with it. Make your bot say things such as “Thank you!” or “Your welcome!” when responding to a user’s question. Interesting Chatbot Name Ideas A chatbot name is always a fun process, but it can be challenging to come up with one that’s unique and memorable. Here are some examples of good bot names from companies to help you get inspired: Apple’s Siri Bank of America’s Erica Meena by Google Micorsoft’s Tay Amazon’s Alexa Pepper by Softbank Nightbot for Twitch Domino’s Messenger Bot WordleBot by The New York Times Marriott International’s chatbot, ChatBotlr Lokia’s Yeshi Conclusion A good bot name can make all the difference in how quickly you get a response from people online. Whether it’s on Twitter or Slack, the name you choose will help determine the success of your bot. Make sure you choose a name that’s short, memorable, and easily identifiable by others. You can also include your company’s name in your bot’s username so people know it belongs to you.

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