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How to Create Animated Videos For Business?

Shashank Tyagi
By Shashank Tyagi | Last Updated on June 2nd, 2024 11:51 am | 4-min read

The modern consumer is happier with visual content. Videos, in particular, have emerged as a highly effective marketing tool in the digital realm. Whether you are a marketing professional or an influencer, you will benefit greatly from creating animated videos.

There are many animated video makers available online, but the easiest way to create animation videos is through Appy Pie’s online AI animation Generator. This tool typically uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to convert text or written prompts into animated videos.


Animated videos for marketing did start off as a novelty, but it did not take them long to generate a big buzz before marketers all over the world realized how effective a marketing tool they can be. Including animated videos in your marketing strategy gives you great ROI. When done right, video marketing can bear great results for your business. In fact, in a recent study, 70 percent of the marketers confessed that videos produce better conversions as compared to any other type of content. In fact, even the businesses that do not have an online store can increase their conversions by 80 percent by adding a video on their website. Before we move further ahead and talk in-depth about creating animation videos for business, take a look at the infographic below for some stats that will convince you of the effect animated videos have on your business.

Things to consider while creating animated videos

While there are multiple things you have to keep in mind when you are planning to create animated videos, there are some critical things that you must consider while creating animated videos. Let’s take a look!
  • Target audience
  • Before you start creating your animated videos, make sure that you know your target audience well. No matter how amazing your video may be, the entire exercise is futile if it doesn’t resonate with your target audience!
  • Budget
  • Every project must start with a tentative budget or an estimate. Having a clear budget keeps you on the right track while ensuring that you do not have to stall the entire project just because you ran out of money midway.
  • Marketing channels
  • Every marketing channel has its own best practices. It is advisable to have a clear idea about the marketing channels you plan to exploit before you get started on your video-making process.
  • Brand personality
  • The visual style, the font, the tone of content, and the voice-over should be in sync with the personality of your brand. It is to ensure that you can maintain consistency across all your marketing channels, including social media and advertising.
  • Length
  • The length or duration of the video is important. If you plan to run it on the television, you have to keep in mind the cost, and when you are sharing it on social media, keep in mind the monetization and the attention span of your audience.

How to create animation videos?

Now that you have a clear idea of the things you must consider before creating your animation video, it is time to learn how to make animated videos.
  • Define a clear goal
  • Like any other major business-related project, it is important that you have a clear objective in mind for your animated video. If you are creating the video for a client, you must have a sit-down session with them and figure out what is it that they want to achieve with the video. For example, it could be an explainer video about a product where the client is trying to address and resolve a common client query. It could also be an instructable video or even just a curiosity-inducing video just to get some eyeballs and buzz going about a new launch. No matter what the goal may be - the idea is to have clarity.
  • Draft a strong script
  • A video can only be as good as the script it is based on. This stands true even for your animated video. You may be using the best animated video maker, but if you do not have a solid script, to begin with, you do not have much of a chance to succeed with it. Now, I am talking about an online animation maker here, but even if you choose to hire a professional animated video maker to create the video from scratch, you will have to give them a solid script right at the start. A script will tell the animator the correct sequence of events as they are supposed to take place in the video. Additionally, the script can also include the voice-over content. A clear and crisp script helps turn the words into artwork without losing direction.
  • Create a clear storyboard
  • A storyboard lets the client, or even you, gain clarity in terms of the visual tone and style that your animated video will have. It essentially lays out how things will eventually look in your animated video for business. The storyboard helps shape the concept and define the visual style of the animated video. Is it going to be a whiteboard video, a cartoon video, a text-heavy information-based animation video, or is there any particular style of video that you have in mind? The storyboard will act as a guide to help you stick to your chosen visual style of animation.
  • Get a professional voice over
  • The voice-over is particularly of great significance when it comes to explainer videos, but most animated videos depend on good strong voice-over content to help convey the message clearly to the audience. The voice-over should ideally be in sync with the animation sequence in the video and vice versa. It is quite the chicken and the egg situation where some people add the voice-over after the animation is completed, while others start working on the animation after receiving the voice-over.
  • Create illustrations and design
  • You have the elementary components of the video at hand now. You have the script, the storyboards, and hopefully the voice-over with you. It is time to create the designs and the illustrations that you would be animating eventually for the final video. This may include the scene set up, the characters, and any other visual elements that have a role to play in the animation video. At this point, you must ensure that you are sticking to the script while following the visual styles that you finalized earlier at the storyboard stage of the process.
  • Animate your work
  • This is the fun part of the process. This is where you bring all those illustrations and elements to life. Of course, there are multiple tools and software available online to create animated videos, but if you are planning to create an animated video from scratch, this part of the process is quite crucial. Some important factors to consider here are - the timing of the illustration and elements, placement of the elements on the screen, and the relationship between various elements on the screen as per their importance in a scene.
  • Add the music and sound effects
  • The background score brings the entire video together. Not only does it tie the different scenes together, but it also indicates the mood. When used right, sound effects keep the viewers glued to their screens. However, make sure that the music is not overpowering as that can be offputting and distract the viewers. Basically, make sure that you strike the perfect balance.
If you have ever Googled how to make animated videos, the search results may have overwhelmed you. And frankly, the process above is no picnic either. Here’s a simple way out for you - Appy Pie’s free online animation maker. This simple online animation maker lets you create animated videos in minutes! Have you tried it yet!

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