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Best Shopify Integrations You Should Use

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on June 7th, 2024 9:25 am

Shopify is a great e-commerce company that provides an online platform to business professionals. In addition, it offers many additional services, including shopping administration, payment processing, product exchanging, and return management. Do you face some difficulties with the inbuilt default tools presented in the Shopify platform? If you’re moving your head down to up, you can connect with a workflow automation tool like Appy Pie Automate to get assistance with high-tech integration for your business. The platform allows you to integrate Shopify with applications like Google Forms, SharePoint, and many more that come in handy. This blog highlights the best Shopify integration that can enhance your online business efficiency while attracting and retaining new customers.

Top 8 applications to integrate with Shopify

  1. Shopify with Google Forms Integration
  2. Integrating Shopify and Google Forms allows the Shopify users to incorporate a customized survey for the customer. Furthermore, it also enables Shopify sellers to email newsletter services. The customer can directly subscribe to or unsubscribe from the survey page from their emails. The amalgamation of these two applications will enable the organizations to use the online service feature of Google Forms. This will reduce the whopping amount of investment in CRM software or customer management experts. For ex. you can create a new customer in Shopify for every new response in Google Forms.

  3. Shopify with Sharepoint Integration
  4. One of the noted benefits of integrating Shopify with SharePoint is exchanging seamless information among employees. Multiple devices will be connected with this integrated application. This helps the employees faster access information and leads to better collaboration. Another benefit is the integrated platform will conceal the customer credential and forbid unwelcome access and prevent data corruption. For ex., you can ensure an order is created in Shopify whenver a list is created in SharePoint.

  5. Shopify with Google Sheets Integration
  6. Sharing the information between these two applications, such as Shopify and Google sheets, sometimes brings complexity. However, a Shopify and Google Sheets integration can help transmute easy, safe, secure information. If any company has concerns about secured and safe data execution, then this platform will be beneficial assuredly. The integration will also allow the users to calculate their web page visitors. With the help of this feature, the user can smoothly gather information on a secured platform. With this integration, you can ensure that every new order in Shopify will be added to a new row in a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.

  7. Shopify with Notion Integration
  8. A Shopify and Notion integration benefits those embarking on their e-commerce Store. One of the primary benefits of integrating Shopify and Notion is that it provides ample resources. Thus, users can avail themselves of this plenty of resources to execute their online store. In addition, the integration can also work well for those organizations that comprise many brands under a mega umbrella. For ex., whenever a new customer is created in Shopify, a database item will be created in Notion

  9. Shopify with Braintree Integration
  10. Braintree platform merely focuses on fraud protection and addresses the risk of information crack. Integrating Shopify with Braintree will build a secure place for conducting online business. The users who do not have the technical knowledge and the cyber security knowledge need not worry about security. The integrated application will also enable the benefits of automatic sales updates and inventory management. Another practical advantage of this integration is that it can grant multiple payment gateways. For ex., a new transaction will be created in Braintree for every new order in Shopify.

  11. Shopify with ShipRocket Integration
  12. Shiprocket is one of the top applications that helps to streamline the shipping process. Integrating Shopify with Shiprocket helps the user get a well-organized platform to complete the shipping process. It also diminishes the errors because the users do not need to enter the tracking number into the Shopify or Shiprocket platform. Moreover, users doesn't need to download the files from the Shiprocket application generating the labels. For ex., a new shipment will be created in ShipRocket, whenever an order is created in Shopify

  13. Shopify with Wave Integration
  14. One of the particular issues faced by Shopify is that they have not accessed their accurate customer feedback. A Shopify and Wave integration provides easy access to customer feedback and communication. In addition, the integration also provides several advantages, including customer satisfaction, revenue generation, efficient scalability, and decreased overhead. Last but not least, it will increase the productivity of all employees and all stakeholders, leading to better and more operative product manufacturing. With this integration, you can ensure whenever a new invoice is created in Wave, a new invoice will also be created in Shopify.

  15. Shopify with Microsoft Outlook Integration
  16. Integrating Shopify and Microsoft Outlook provides several benefits for companies. One of the top benefits is that the companies can exercise a seamless business process. The email feature of the integration is indubitably helpful for companies in smooth and superior customer communication. The integration leads the higher productivity, easy inventory management, and better customer service. In addition, the integrations results in cost reduction as organizations no longer need to spend their time on a single application to execute the same function. For ex., a new customer will be created in Shopify whenever a new contact is created in Microsoft Outlook.

Wrapping Up!

Shopify platforms offer great functionality, and you can add more versatility if you integrate them with other applications. While we assist you in checking the integrated application we offer, you can go through this write-up discussed above. We are optimistic that the above 10 Shopify integration will allure you to influence your decision.

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