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10 Effective Apps to expand Your Professional Network

By Ruchi | Last Updated on May 4th, 2024 8:10 am

In today's interconnected world, building and nurturing professional connections are essential for success. Whether you're looking to grow your business or advance your career, effective networking can open doors to new opportunities. With the help of workflow automation tools, individuals and businesses can streamline their networking efforts and forge meaningful connections.

Business Networking

Networking, both in personal and professional spheres, plays a pivotal role in expanding one's horizons and fostering growth. When it comes to the professional realm, what is business networking? Business networking is the practice of forming mutually beneficial relationships with other professionals to exchange information, advice, and referrals.

To illustrate, it involves connecting with like-minded individuals in your industry or related fields to expand your knowledge, opportunities, and support network. Engaging in business networking allows individuals to leverage their connections for career advancement, business growth, and personal development.

10 Apps to Broaden Your Circle and Help You Network

  1. LinkedIn
  2. LinkedIn stands as the quintessential platform for professional networking, offering users the opportunity to connect with industry peers, showcase their skills and expertise, and explore job opportunities. Users can build their professional network by connecting with colleagues, clients, and potential employers, and engage in discussions within industry-specific groups.

    Additionally, LinkedIn provides features like job postings, professional articles, and messaging, facilitating meaningful interactions and knowledge sharing among professionals.



    LinkedIn offers a Free plan with basic features, as well as Premium plans such as Premium Career and Sales Navigator for additional functionalities.

  3. Slack
  4. Slack is a powerful communication tool that enables teams to collaborate seamlessly in real-time. Users can create channels for specific projects or topics, share files, and communicate via direct messaging or group chats. Slack enhances professional networking by providing a centralized platform for team communication, allowing users to connect with colleagues, clients, and external partners effortlessly. Through integrations with other business tools and platforms, Slack further streamlines workflow processes and enhances productivity.



    Slack offers a Free plan with limited features, along with paid plans like Standard, Plus, and Enterprise Grid with advanced features and customization options.

  5. LetsLunch
  6. LetsLunch redefines professional networking by facilitating face-to-face meetings over lunch. Users can join or create lunch groups based on shared interests or industries, allowing for organic connections and meaningful conversations. By scheduling in-person meetings, LetsLunch encourages professionals to step away from digital interactions and engage in authentic networking opportunities.

    Whether it's discussing industry trends, sharing insights, or exploring potential collaborations, LetsLunch provides a unique platform for building genuine professional relationships.



    LetsLunch does not charge for its services; however, users typically cover their meal expenses during meetups.

  7. Fishbowl
  8. Fishbowl offers a virtual space for professionals to connect within industry-specific communities and engage in candid discussions. Users can post questions, share experiences, and seek advice from peers anonymously or through group chats. Fishbowl fosters a sense of camaraderie among professionals by providing a platform for open dialogue and knowledge sharing.

    By participating in relevant discussions and contributing valuable insights, users can expand their professional network and gain valuable industry insights.



    Fishbowl offers a Free plan with basic features, along with premium features available for purchase.

  9. Blind
  10. Blind is one of the best professional community apps, tailored to tech professionals who crave honest and open conversations. Feeling stuck in your tech career? Want to bounce ideas off colleagues or get interview tips without worrying who's listening? Blind lets you do just that, anonymously. Ask any question, share your experiences, and get real insights from others in your field.

    Plus, Blind connects you with people working at the top tech companies. So, whether you're looking for salary comparisons, the inside scoop on company culture, or just general advice, Blind is your anonymous resource to navigate the tech world with confidence.



    Blind offers a Free plan with additional features accessible. You can download the app and access all its features, including anonymous discussions, industry-specific channels, and connections with other tech professionals, without any cost.

  11. Guild
  12. Guild provides a secure messaging platform designed for professionals, enabling teams and communities to communicate and network effectively. With features like message encryption and user verification, Guild prioritizes privacy and professionalism in professional interactions. Users can join industry-specific groups, participate in discussions, and exchange valuable insights and resources with peers.

    Guild fosters a collaborative environment where professionals can engage in meaningful conversations, share expertise, and expand their professional network in a safe and trusted space.



    Guild offers a Free plan with basic features, as well as options to upgrade to Pro or Enterprise plans for advanced features and customization options.

  13. Shapr
  14. Shapr revolutionizes professional networking by leveraging algorithms to match professionals based on their interests, goals, and location. The app provides users with a curated selection of daily introductions, allowing them to swipe right to connect with individuals who align with their professional aspirations. Through personalized profiles and messaging capabilities, Shapr facilitates meaningful interactions and fosters genuine connections in just a few swipes.

    Whether seeking mentorship, collaboration opportunities, or industry insights, Shapr empowers professionals to expand their network and unlock new opportunities effortlessly.



    Shapr offers a Free plan with premium features available through a subscription.

  15. Eventbrite
  16. Eventbrite serves as a comprehensive event management platform, offering professionals the opportunity to discover and attend networking events, conferences, and workshops worldwide. With features like event recommendations, ticket purchasing, and attendee networking tools, Eventbrite simplifies the process of event networking.

    Professionals can explore events tailored to their interests, connect with like-minded individuals, and expand their network while attending industry-specific gatherings. By providing a platform for in-person interactions and knowledge sharing, Eventbrite enhances professional networking experiences and fosters valuable connections within the community.



    Eventbrite's pricing varies depending on the event organizer, with ticket fees typically incurred by event attendees. Some events may offer Free registration, while others may require payment for tickets or access to premium features.

  17. GroupMe
  18. GroupMe is a versatile group messaging app designed to facilitate communication and collaboration among professionals. With features like group chats, file sharing, and emoji reactions, GroupMe provides a convenient platform for teams to stay connected and engaged. Professionals can create dedicated chat groups for projects, departments, or specific topics, allowing for seamless communication and collaboration.

    By fostering open communication and teamwork, GroupMe enhances professional networking by enabling professionals to build relationships, share ideas, and coordinate tasks effectively.



    GroupMe offers a Free plan with optional in-app purchases for additional features.

  19. Bizzabo
  20. Bizzabo offers a comprehensive event management platform tailored to professionals seeking networking opportunities. The app allows users to discover and attend a wide range of conferences, seminars, and industry events worldwide. With features like event recommendations, agenda planning, and attendee networking tools, Bizzabo simplifies the process of event networking.

    Professionals can explore events relevant to their interests, connect with peers, and expand their network while participating in industry-specific gatherings. By providing a platform for in-person interactions and knowledge sharing, Bizzabo enhances professional networking experiences and fosters valuable connections within the professional community.



    Bizzabo's pricing varies depending on the event organizer, with ticket fees typically incurred by event attendees. Some events may offer Free registration, while others may require payment for tickets or access to premium features.

How to Maximize Your Professional Relationships?

To maximize your relationships, prioritize building genuine connections, offering value, and maintaining consistent communication. Attend networking events, follow up promptly, and provide assistance whenever possible. By nurturing your professional relationships using these strategies you can unlock opportunities and achieve long-term success.

In order to understand how to maximize your relationships, follow and understand these key point:

  1. Attend Networking Events
  2. Engage with professionals at conferences, seminars, and meetups to expand your network. Introduce yourself confidently, participate in discussions, and exchange contact details with new connections.

  3. Follow Up
  4. Keep connections alive by sending personalized emails or messages after meeting someone new. Express your pleasure in meeting them and suggest topics for further discussion. This shows your genuine interest in maintaining the relationship.

  5. Offer Assistance
  6. Provide value to your contacts by offering help, sharing resources, or making introductions. Being supportive builds trust and strengthens your relationships within the professional community.

  7. Maintain Regular Communication
  8. Stay in touch with your contacts through email, calls, or social media to keep them updated on your activities and show interest in their projects. Consistent communication nurtures relationships and ensures you stay on their radar.

Automate Your Networking

App integrations can streamline your networking efforts by connecting various platforms and tools to enhance your professional network. With Appy Pie's integration capabilities, you can automate tasks, synchronize data, and improve communication across different apps, ultimately strengthening your networking efforts and expanding your opportunities with the best networking apps.

Here are some popular App Integrations:

  1. Create Zoho People integrations
  2. Set up a Google Meet integration
  3. Create Google Meet with Teams integration
  4. Set up a FullContact Integrations
  5. Create Clearbit Integrations
  6. Set up a Bizzabo Integrations
  7. Create Meetup Integrations
  8. Set up a Meetup integration and Texting Base


Effective networking is a powerful tool for professional growth and success. By leveraging workflow automation tools and utilizing the right networking apps, individuals and businesses can broaden their circle, forge meaningful connections, and unlock new opportunities in today's competitive landscape. Remember to nurture your relationships, stay proactive, and embrace technology to automate and enhance your networking efforts.

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