15 Best AI Chatbot Builders in 2023

Neeraj Shukla
By Neeraj Shukla | Last Updated on April 11th, 2024 10:25 am

In recent years, chatbots have emerged as transformative tools, revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their customers. These AI-powered virtual agents are no longer mere novelties; they are essential components of modern customer service and engagement strategies. However, the success of a chatbot hinges on the platform it is built upon. Choosing the right ai chatbot platform is an important factor as it influences the bot's capabilities, scalability, integration possibilities, and overall performance. A well-selected chatbot platform ensures 24/7 availability, cost-efficiency, consistency, and the ability to gather valuable data. Keeping these criteria in mind, we have listed 15 best chatbot builders available on the market today.

Here is the list of 15 Best AI Chatbot Builders:

  1. Appy Pie Chatbot
  2. Boost.a
  3. ManyChat
  4. HubSpot Chatbot Builder
  5. WotNot
  6. Landbot.io
  7. Flow XO
  8. Pandorabots
  9. Botsify
  10. BotsCrew
  11. Kommunicate
  12. Infobip
  13. Snatch Bot
  14. BotCore
  15. Tidio
  16. Giosg

Appy Pie Chatbot

Appy Pie, a leading no-code AI-powered development platform, helps you design a wide range of chatbots with ease. Appy Pie's Chatbot Builder streamlines the creation and deployment of chatbots, enabling businesses to engage customers, automate processes, and offer support without coding expertise. Its user-friendly interface, customizable templates, NLP capabilities, and integration options make it accessible and suitable for businesses of various sizes.

Its bot builder is powered by GPT-4, enabling your chatbots to intelligently respond to customer queries and streamline the customer support process effectively. Gone are the days of complex coding and technical barriers – Appy Pie Chatbot empowers you to bring your chatbot vision to life effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • No code drag-and-drop bot builder.
  • GPT-4 powered intuitive chatbot with contextual understanding.
  • Deploy a chatbot on your website or mobile app with a simple widget.
  • Easily deploy chatbots on multiple communication channels for broader accessibility.


Boost.ai is a prominent chatbot builder known for its advanced conversational AI capabilities. It empowers businesses to craft sophisticated AI chatbots, tailored for diverse applications such as customer support and virtual assistants. With its advanced capabilities, Boost.ai facilitates natural and intuitive interactions, enhancing customer engagement and operational efficiency. This platform is a go-to choice for businesses aiming to leverage AI-driven chatbots for superior user experiences and streamlined operations.

Key Features:

  • Leverage advanced AI for natural interactions.
  • Deploy chatbots across various communication channels.
  • Tailor chatbots to meet specific business needs and branding.
  • Seamlessly integrate chatbots with existing systems and applications.
  • Chatbots support multiple languages.
  • Access insights into chatbot performance and user interactions.


ManyChat is one of the most powerful chatbot-building platforms renowned for its expertise in bot development and deployment on message platforms like Facebook Messenger. It serves as a versatile tool with applications spanning sales, marketing, and customer service, making it a valuable asset for businesses seeking to automate and streamline various aspects of their operations.

A key feature of ManyChat is that it allows you to broadcast content to your entire list of Facebook subscribers simultaneously via Messenger. This capability significantly amplifies your outreach and engagement potential, enabling you to deliver important messages, promotions, and updates directly to your audience's preferred communication channel.

Key Features:

  • Facebook Messenger marketing tools to engage with your audience.
  • No code drag-and-drop bot builder.
  • Messenger broadcasting for better engagement.
  • Integrations with Stripe, Zapier, Shopify, and others.
  • Multiple tutorials for easier onboarding.
  • Ready-to-use templates for quick bot creation.

HubSpot Chatbot Builder

HubSpot Chatbot Builder is an integral part of the HubSpot ecosystem, designed to empower businesses in chatbot development without the need for coding expertise. Its user-friendly interface and diverse template library streamline the creation of chatbots for various use cases. With multi-channel deployment options, it ensures widespread reach and efficient customer interactions. Businesses can leverage this tool to automate tasks, improve customer engagement, and optimize their operations, making it a valuable asset within the HubSpot platform for holistic customer relationship management and marketing automation.

Key Features:

  • Create chatbots without coding skills using a user-friendly interface.
  • Access a library of pre-designed chatbot templates for various use cases.
  • Deploy chatbots across websites, email, and messaging apps for wider audience reach.
  • Customize chatbots to align with your brand and provide personalized user experiences.
  • Seamlessly integrate with HubSpot CRM and third-party applications for enhanced functionality.


WotNot is one of the best platforms for chatbot development, revolutionizing customer engagement across a wide spectrum of industries. With its extensive suite of conversational marketing solutions catering to a broad range of sectors, this chatbot-building platform provides you with the capability to design intelligent chatbots tailored to your specific needs.

Its user-friendly interface streamlines the bot creation process, ensuring that you can create bots effortlessly. Whether you're starting from scratch or utilizing pre-designed templates, WotNot puts the power to build customized chatbots at your fingertips, driving enhanced customer interactions and satisfaction.

Key Features:

  • Create bots effortlessly with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.
  • Engage with your audience using Facebook Messenger's marketing tools.
  • Messenger broadcasting to improve customer engagement.
  • Gain insights into bot performance with analytics and metrics tool.
  • Smooth integration with various third-party platforms, enhancing its functionality and compatibility.


Landbot.io, an intuitive platform, provides you with the capability to construct both rule-based bots and AI-powered bots effortlessly. These bots enable seamless interactions with your potential customers, fostering the creation of high-quality dialogues. Moreover, Landbot.io offers the unique feature of enabling human agents to join ongoing conversations at any point and assume control from the chatbot in real time, ensuring a fluid and responsive customer experience.

Key Features:

  • Allow you to easily create chatbots with a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Initiate, test, and analyze chatbots without any coding.
  • Integrate with various online apps and tools effortlessly.
  • Personalize chatbots with your brand elements for a unique user experience.
  • Engage with users across websites, messaging apps, and more through a single platform.
  • Access detailed analytics to track performance and optimize your chatbots for better results.

Flow XO

Flow XO is a versatile platform for creating chatbots and automating workflows. It simplifies the process of designing chatbots that can interact with users and execute tasks. Flow XO is known for its user-friendly interface and a range of features that make it suitable for various applications such as customer support, lead generation, and data collection. It offers features like multi-channel support, integration with third-party apps, analytics, and customizable templates for efficient bot development. With Flow XO, businesses can streamline their processes and enhance customer interactions through automated chatbots.

Key Features:

  • Seamlessly integrate with a wide range of third-party applications and services.
  • Pre-designed templates that can be easily customized to suit your specific use cases.
  • Create chatbots without any coding skills using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, simplifying the bot development process.
  • Cross-platform customer engagement enables interaction with users across multiple communication channels.
  • Easy to create and deploy on your website or mobile app.


Pandorabots is an exceptional AI-based chatbot platform, known for its full turnkey chatbot development solutions. With its robust features and user-friendly interface, Pandorabots empowers businesses to create, deploy, and manage AI-driven chatbots efficiently, enhancing customer engagement and automating various tasks across diverse industries. This bot-making platform proves instrumental in enhancing customer engagement and streamlining processes across various industries, making it a trusted choice for those seeking comprehensive chatbot solutions.

Key Features:

  • Leverage advanced AI capabilities for chatbot interactions.
  • Voice-enabled capabilities, allowing users to interact with chatbots using natural language and speech.
  • Provides multilingual support, ensuring chatbots can communicate with users in multiple languages.
  • Supports engagement across various communication channels, including websites, messaging apps, and more.


Botsify is a comprehensive, fully automated chatbot platform that empowers businesses to effortlessly build and deploy AI-driven chatbots. Its user-friendly interface simplifies the chatbot development process, enabling even those without extensive coding knowledge to harness the power of AI in customer interactions. Botsify's versatile features and automation capabilities make it a valuable asset for enhancing customer engagement and efficiency in a variety of industries.

Key Features:

  • Easily create intelligent chatbots that can understand and respond to user queries effectively.
  • Seamlessly integrate with third-party applications and services to automate processes.
  • Access valuable insights into chatbot performance, user interactions, and conversion rates.
  • Generate leads and capture customer information through automated conversations.
  • Robust security features to protect user data and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.


BotsCrew's chatbot platform is a popular choice among SMBs and SMEs, offering managed services and a DIY option. It supports multilingual bots with native integrations for FB Messenger and website widgets. It also allows integration with other platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, and Telegram on demand, ensuring your bot can reach a wide audience seamlessly. Moreover, BotsCrew's flexibility accommodates integration with various other platforms such as WhatsApp, Twitter, and Telegram, making it a comprehensive choice for expanding your bot's reach.

Key Features:

  • Create chatbots without coding expertise, simplifying the development process.
  • Easy-to-use interface for seamless chatbot development.
  • Bots created with BotsCrew's platform can operate across multiple channels.
  • Tailor chatbots to specific business needs and branding.
  • Seamlessly integrate with various platforms and services to extend functionality.


Kommunicate is a potent no-code chatbot builder that empowers businesses to create their AI chatbots with ease, streamlining and automating customer support processes effectively. It excels in streamlining and automating customer support processes, enhancing operational efficiency, and delivering superior customer interactions. This platform empowers businesses to harness the potential of AI-driven chatbots without the need for coding expertise, making it a valuable asset for optimizing customer service and engagement.

Key Features:

  • Easily create AI chatbots without coding skills.
  • Suitable for users without coding expertise.
  • Leverage the power of AI for efficient interactions.
  • Easy-to-use interface for chatbot development.
  • Deploy chatbots across various communication channels.


Infobip empowers businesses to create intelligent chatbots that serve multiple purposes, including customer engagement, support, and lead generation. Chatbots created with Infobip offer versatile solutions for enhancing customer interactions, streamlining support processes, and driving lead generation efforts effectively. With its robust capabilities, Infobip is a valuable resource for businesses seeking comprehensive chatbot solutions to optimize their customer engagement strategies across various channels.

Key Features:

  • Build chatbots that cater to customer engagement, support, and lead generation needs.
  • Utilize chatbots to drive lead-generation efforts effectively.
  • Provides powerful tools and features for comprehensive chatbot development.
  • Tailor chatbots to fit specific business requirements and branding.
  • Analytics to tools to access data-driven insights.
  • Seamlessly integrate with existing systems and third-party applications.

Snatch Bot

Snatch Bot stands as a recognized chatbot-building platform renowned for its capability to assist businesses in creating and deploying AI-powered chatbots. The chatbots created with this platform are versatile, facilitating interactions with customers across multiple communication channels. This platform excels in enhancing customer engagement and operational efficiency through automation. Snatch Bot's user-friendly interface simplifies chatbot development and customization, making it accessible to a wide range of businesses. With its robust features and AI capabilities, Snatch Bot proves invaluable for streamlining customer support, lead generation, and various other applications, ensuring businesses stay at the forefront of conversational AI technology.

Key Features:

  • Create AI-driven chatbots with ease without any coding
  • Deploy chatbots across various communication channels.
  • Simplify chatbot development and customization.
  • Tailor chatbots to meet specific business needs.
  • Benefit from a wide range of features and AI capabilities.


BotCore is a comprehensive solution designed specifically for large-scale businesses. It empowers organizations to create and deploy advanced AI chatbots with ease. This platform is ideal for enhancing customer support, automating processes, and streamlining operations effectively. With features like enterprise-grade security, multi-channel deployment, scalability, customization, integration capabilities, analytics and reporting, automation, multi-lingual support, and seamless human handover, BotCore caters to the diverse needs of large enterprises seeking to optimize customer engagement and operational efficiency through advanced AI chatbot technology.

Key Features:

  • Create and deploy AI-powered chatbots effortlessly.
  • Ensure data security and compliance.
  • Deploy chatbots across various communication channels.
  • Tailor chatbots to specific business needs.
  • Seamlessly connect with existing systems and applications.
  • Serve a global audience with multilingual chatbots.


Tidio's chatbot platform is versatile and designed to improve customer communication and support for businesses. It operates seamlessly on websites, email, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, making it a versatile choice. Tidio integrates smoothly with popular platforms like Shopify, WordPress, and Wix, as well as various CRMs and customer management services such as HubSpot, Zendesk, and Mailchimp. Its user-friendly drag-and-drop editor is easy to learn, and it offers a selection of templates, including options for abandoned cart recovery, customer satisfaction surveys, and more to kickstart your chatbot projects.

Key Features:

  • Tidio chatbots operate on websites, email, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.
  • No-code interface with a drag-and-drop editor for easy chatbot creation and customization.
  • Tailor chatbots to align with specific business requirements and branding.
  • Integration with CRM systems for seamless customer data management.



Giosg is a leading chatbot provider with plenty of advanced features and a user-friendly interface.

Giosg allows businesses to create dynamic chatbots tailored to their needs, all the way from lead generation and customer support to marketing automation. With its user-friendly platform, giosg ensures seamless interactions, boosting both customer engagement and operational efficiency.

Unlike many other chatbot builders, giosg offers a no-code solution, making it accessible to users of all skill levels. With access to over 20 ready-to-use templates, customization has never been easier.

Whether your focus is on improving customer support or leveraging virtual assistants, giosg offers the versatility and capability to meet your needs seamlessly.

Key Features:

  • Drag-and-drop chatbot building platform
  • AI-powered conversation triggers
  • Visualized performance reporting
  • Fast and extensive customer support
  • Fully customizable


Choosing the right chatbot platform is crucial for businesses looking to transform customer interactions. These robust chatbot building solutions provide diverse capabilities, catering to various business needs. From user-friendly interfaces to advanced AI, marketing tools, and CRM integration, each platform offers unique advantages. Whether it's conversational marketing, real-time human-agent handover, workflow automation, or comprehensive turnkey solutions, these platforms empower businesses of all sizes. They enable improved customer engagement, streamlined operations, and the harnessing of AI-driven virtual agents' potential. By selecting the right chatbot platform, businesses can stay at the forefront of conversational AI technology, enhancing customer experiences and operational efficiency.

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