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The Best AI Website Builders in 2024

Aasif Khan
By Aasif Khan | Last Updated on March 18th, 2024 11:14 am | 3-min read
Best AI Website Builders

Looking to create an online presence quickly and easily? No, we’re not talking about social media, but something far better. You can create a website for your business or personal use, faster with the help of AI website builder platforms. You can have a website up and running in a matter of minutes, complete with all the features you might ever need. This is because, with AI website builders, the entire process from design to launch can be completed with minimal effort.

AI technology has taken the world by storm, and there are estimates that the industry will contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030. But what are AI website builders, and what’s so great about them?

What is an AI Website Builder?

“The playing field is poised to become a lot more competitive, and businesses that don’t deploy AI and data to help them innovate in everything they do will be at a disadvantage.”
Paul Daugherty, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Accenture

AI website builders use artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically generate a website for you. These platforms use AI-driven algorithms to create a website that is optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) and aesthetics. They’re designed to be user-friendly and intuitive so that even those with limited technical knowledge can build a professional-looking website with ease.

AI Website builders have become hugely popular in the past few years owing to the fact that anyone, irrespective of their coding or technical expertise can build fully-functional and capable websites. These are a lifesaver for businesses, desiring to cater to their customers online, but lacking the funds to hire developers or support an IT department.

The Best AI Website Builders

  1. Appy Pie AI Website Builder
  2. Wix ADI
  3. Squarespace
  4. Bookmark
  5. Jimdo
  6. Zyro
  7. Webflow
  8. Elementor
  9. Site123
  10. GoDaddy Website Builder
  11. Doirk

While there’s no dearth of AI website generators, the best ones are those that offer you a wide range of features and customization options needed to create the perfect website. Most of them employ some sort of drag-or-drop interface, which makes it easier for users to add or customize content and design elements. Others are fully automated, where users need only enter text or voice inputs describing the website they need. Some AI website builders also offer e-commerce capabilities, allowing you to create an online store with ease.

A good AI website builder should also offer powerful features such as analytics, performance monitoring, and integrations with third-party services and platforms. This will allow you to track the performance of your website and make necessary changes to improve it.

Let’s take a look at some of the best AI website builders on the market today.

  1. Appy Pie AI Website Builder

    Appy Pie AI Website Builder is an artificial intelligence-driven website builder that enables users to quickly and easily create websites, without coding. The AI technology behind Appy Pie AI Website Builder helps users create a website that suits their needs, and supports page layout customization, content management, and other features. It also helps with SEO optimization, ensuring that the website has better visibility and ranking on search engines.

    Top Features

    • Facilitates secure third-party payment platforms
    • Free custom business domains and email addresses
    • Lightweight websites for faster loading
    • Free custom domains and professional email addresses
    • A wide range of pre-built website templates
    • 24×7 customer support
  2. Wix ADI

    Wix ADI AI website builder is a great platform for anyone looking to quickly create and launch their own customized website. With its powerful AI technology, automated design tools, mobile-friendly interface, SEO optimization tools, easy editing tools, security measures, and 24/7 support team, it is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to create their own professional-looking website without having to learn any coding skills.

    Top Features:

    • Has a wide selection of templates for various industries
    • Mobile-friendly sites built here are fully optimized for viewing on any device
    • Has a range of security features, including SSL encryption and malware scanning
    • Offers 24/7 support via phone, email, and chat so you can get help anytime you need it
  3. Squarespace

    Mobile Friendly Website Builder

    Squarespace is another popular AI website builder that offers a range of features, including drag-and-drop tools, analytics, performance monitoring, and e-commerce capabilities. Squarespace also offers customizable templates that make it easy to create a professional-looking website in minutes.

    Top Features:

    • Automatically adjust color schemes, fonts, and more based on the user’s preferences
    • Websites are automatically optimized for both desktop and mobile devices
    • Offers users a variety of customization tools users
    • Provides users with detailed analytics and insights into their website’s performance
  4. Bookmark

    Bookmark AI website builder

    Bookmark is primarily geared toward the development of e-commerce platforms, landing pages, and other business websites. It has a modern and interactive interface, complete with a design assistant named AIDA or artificial intelligence design assistant. It combines the convenience of a visual editor with the innovativeness of AI-based web design enabling first-time users to build feature-rich sites.

    Top features:

    • Powered by the digital assistant AIDA which makes the entire process easier
    • Offers guidelines and hints to support effective website design
    • Supports HTML code embedding
    • Offers multilingual support in over 100 languages
  5. Jimdo

    Mobile Friendly Website Builder

    Jimdo is a popular option among users searching for easy website development for single-page websites. On Jimdo, all that users have to do is answer some system-generated questions that will be used by the platform to automatically generate a website.

    Top Features:

    • An intuitive design process that analyzes your business and offers a selection of best-suited templates
    • Websites built are highly customizable and optimized for mobile devices
    • Access website performance statistics, detailed tips on website promotion, and other essential details and information
  6. Zyro

    Zyro is an AI-powered website builder that focuses on simplifying the website creation process. Its AI-driven content creation and design suggestions make it a go-to choice for those who want a hassle-free experience. The platform is particularly useful for small businesses and individual creators looking for a quick and efficient way to establish an online presence.

    Top Features:

    • AI-driven content creation and design suggestions
    • E-commerce capabilities with various payment options
    • SEO optimization tools for better search engine rankings
    • 24/7 customer support to assist with any issues
  7. Webflow

    Webflow offers a unique visual development environment, allowing users to create custom animations and interactions without writing a single line of code. This makes it ideal for designers who want to bring their visions to life without relying on a developer.

    Top Features:

    • Visual development environment for custom animations
    • CMS capabilities for dynamic content
    • E-commerce integration for online stores
    • Performance analytics to monitor website traffic and user behavior
  8. Elementor

    Elementor is renowned for its powerful drag-and-drop builder, offering a wide array of customizable templates. It’s a favorite among those who want to create custom websites without coding. The platform is also known for its flexibility, allowing for a wide range of third-party integrations.

    Top Features:

    • Drag-and-drop builder for easy customization
    • Wide array of customizable templates
    • Mobile-responsive designs
    • Third-party integrations for added functionality
  9. Site123

    Site123 focuses on simplicity and ease of use, offering a straightforward design process with pre-made templates. It’s ideal for those who want to get a website up and running quickly without the complexities of coding. The platform also offers robust SEO tools to help your site rank better in search engines.

    Top Features:

    • Simple and straightforward design process
    • Pre-made templates for various industries
    • SEO tools for better search engine visibility
    • 24/7 customer support for immediate assistance
  10. GoDaddy Website Builder

    GoDaddy Website Builder is a versatile platform that offers mobile optimization, SEO tools, and a variety of customizable themes. It’s a solid choice for businesses of all sizes looking to create a professional online presence. The platform also offers e-commerce capabilities, making it easy to set up an online store.

    Top Features:

    • Mobile optimization for better user experience
    • SEO tools for improved search engine rankings
    • Variety of customizable themes
    • E-commerce capabilities for online stores
  11. Dorik


    Dorik is a user-friendly AI website builder focusing on text-to-website creation technology and an easy customization process. It also offers a wide range of customizable templates, built-in SEO optimization and website analytics tools, white-label CMS, third-party tools integration for marketing and sales, and other features. It’s a great option for businesses and individuals looking for an easy and affordable way to create a website.

    Top Features:

    • Allows regenerating specific sections of any AI-generated website without changing the whole layout
    • Has an AI text generator and an AI image generator to fill your web page with relevant AI content
    • Generated websites are fully customizable with AI-drive design suggestions and offer a free SSL certificate to ensure site security
    • The designs are auto-responsive so work seamlessly for both desktop and mobile devices

How to create a website with an AI website builder?

Now that you’ve explored all the key features of Appy Pie’s AI website builder, here’s how you too can generate your own AI website, should you opt for Appy Pie.

  1. Describe your website

    The first step here would be to describe all your requirements for the website, and the features you would like, as a text or voice command. The proprietary AI technology of Appy Pie’s AI website builder will convert your input into a full-fledged website.

  2. Login into Appy Pie

    Next up you’ll either have to log in or signup and create an account on Appy Pie’s creator platform.

  3. Customize your website

    Once you’ve logged in, you can edit and customize your website and test its functionality on multiple platforms and devices.


The landscape of website building has been revolutionized by the advent of AI technology. Whether you’re a small business owner, an individual creator, or a large enterprise, there’s an AI website builder out there to meet your specific needs. With capabilities like AI-driven content creation, drag-and-drop interfaces, and robust SEO tools, these platforms are making it easier than ever to establish a compelling online presence. So, if you’re looking to create a website that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing, consider opting for an AI website builder. The future of website creation is here, and it’s smarter than ever.

Aasif Khan

Head of SEO at Appy Pie

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