7 Best Discord Integrations You Should Use

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on January 21st, 2023 10:16 am | 5-min read
7 Best Discord Integrations You Should Use-- Appy Pie

Discord is one of the most popular collaboration/communication software that you can find. Mainly meant for community communication and instant messaging, Discord is the most popular platform for communication within the gaming community.

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Discord’s popularity has risen in the past few years so much that there are businesses considering switching to Discord for their business needs. However, unlike the gaming community, businesses use multiple software and tools for their day-to-day tasks.

With powerful alternatives such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, Discord alone cannot be enough for a business. Businesses using Discord for collaboration and team-communication often find it difficult to streamline their work processes leading to delays and miscommunication.

Apart from businesses, Discord is also extensively used by gaming influencers who have dedicated teams for their activities and individual Discord communities. Such influencers also run into difficulties because of a lack of software integrations on Discord.

However, there is a way to increase the versatility of Discord. There are competent alternatives to Discord, however, Discord has several advantages over its alternatives. This is proved by the fact that Discord is one of the most used messenger services in the world!

Integrations help make Discord better. Since discord doesn’t offer many direct integrations, the only ways left to make such integrations is to use a workflow automation software.

A workflow automation software is an online software tool that can integrate two or more software with the help of automated workflows. To understand what workflow automation is and how it works, this guide to workflow automation should do the trick.

Finding a Perfect Workflow Automation Software for Discord Integrations

With the help of the right workflow automation software, you could potentially create hundreds of integration workflows as suited for your business. To be able to create such integration workflows, you need a tool that is simple to use and provides you the freedom to integrate as many software as you need.

Appy Pie provides such a tool. Appy Pie Connect is an industry-leading workflow automation software dedicated to provide the best integration experience. Creating workflows with Appy Pie Connect is extremely easy. The software’s simple and intuitive interface allows you to create effective workflows and integrate multiple software.

7 Best Discord Integrations You Should Use

With the right workflow automation tool, you can start integrating your business software with Discord. However, it is important to know which integrations are the most useful for you. Not to worry! Here is a list of 7 popular Discord integrations that can benefit your business processes and make Discord the tool of choice for your business -

  1. Discord + Gmail: Both Gmail and Discord are common tools for a business. Most businesses across the world use Gmail for its versatility and natural integration with Google’s Cloud. By integrating Gmail and Discord, you could automated workflows where each email you receive on Gmail is automatically transferred to your Discord channel. Other workflows can help you assign particular emails to particular teams within your Discord community. If you use Gmail for customer support, you can use this integration to automatically transfer tickets to the right teams.
  2. Discord + Twitter: Twitter is an important platform for both businesses and influencers. With this integration, you could combine the platforms for creating an uninterrupted workflow. Here are some of the things you can do with this integration:
    • Your Tweets are directly posted to your channel in Discord
    • Tweet replies appear as discord messages
    • Send new tweets as Discord updates for your community
  3. Discord + Youtube: Youtube is another popular platform for influencers around the world. Youtube influencers are the most likely to have their own personal Discord channels or atleast a work Discord channel where they interact with their freelancers. Here are some integrations that can help them:
    • Notify your fans in Discord whenever a new Youtube Video is uploaded
    • Send notifications when a new Youtube playlist is created
  4. Discord + Twitch: The gaming community is incomplete without Discord. Another thing that it requires is Twitch.tv. Twitch streamers cannot be successful without a proper Discord. They interact with their fans through the Discord platforms and integration with Twitch can help them do this better.
    • Send notifications channel wide when you go live
    • Announce new Twitch followers on Discord
    • Automate social announcements for your Twitch
  5. Discord + Slack: Discord is a capable collaboration software. As discussed in our slack integrations blog, sometimes businesses working together may face communication problems when they use two different collaboration software. Integrating slack and Discord can help make collaboration easier and smoother.
    • Send slack messages as notifications in Discord
    • Add a new channel in discord whenever a new slack channel is created
    • Send discord notifications in a respective slack channel
    • Automatically exchange files across platforms when certain criteria is met
  6. Discord + Microsoft Teams: Just like the integration above, Discord and Microsoft teams can be integrated with to provide for better collaboration capabilities. Here are some of the popular workflows that you can create:
    • Send Teams messages as notifications in Discord
    • Add a new channel in discord whenever a new Teams channel is created
    • Send discord notifications in a respective Teams channel
    • Automatically exchange files across platforms when certain criteria is met
  7. Discord + Reddit: Last but not least, Discord and Reddit can also be integrated with each other. As an influencer, it is possible that you have a dedicated subreddit for your online presence. This integration can be used to create special workflows and automations such as:
    • Each post on your subreddit is automatically posted in a Discord channel
    • Highest upvoted posts get shared on the Discord
    • Discord events are sent as posts on Reddit


That were some of the ways you can use Discord integrations for making your business experience on the platform better. Some of these integrations can be made possible within minutes using Appy Pie’s workflow automation platform Connect! Try it out today!

Leave us a comment and let us know what integrations you would like to see in Appy Pie Connect.

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