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How to create a barber app in 3 easy steps?

  1. Choose an app template

    Select a template that works best for you.

  2. Customize app content

    No coding easy drag and drop features help you customize the app as per your needs.

  3. Launch your app on app stores

    Make your app live in few simple steps on any platform you want.

Now that you know how to create a Barber App the best feature of a Barber App are listed to help you understand the need of having one.

Top Must-Have Features of Barber App

  1. Barber Portfolio
  2. Online Booking and appointments
  3. Push Notifications and deals
  4. Loyalty program
  5. Photos and Videos catalogue
  6. Payment Gateway
  7. Social media Integration
  8. Geolocation

Let us discuss the top features to be included in the Barber App in details

  1. Barber Portfolio

    Barber portfolio feature lets customers select the barber of their choice by checking their portfolios. Customers can choose the barber for any service they want. Barbers can promote their portfolio, showcase their specialties, rates, and experience through this app and also find clients with similar tastes and choices. This feature also helps to monetize the app.

  2. Online Booking and Appointments

    This feature makes it easier for your customers to make appointments and save time. Customers can also check the availability of each barber to schedule a booking for a service. They can schedule, confirm, cancel, and reschedule appointments.

  3. Push Notifications and deals

    You can send your customers reminders via push notifications about their appointment or cancellations to make sure they don’t forget. Other reminders like change, re-schedules can also be sent as push notifications to the customer. Any information on discounts or specialist visits can also be informed to the customers using push notifications.

  4. Loyalty program

    You can reward your esteemed clients with loyalty programs and schemes. Encourage repeat business and promote brand loyalty by providing a top level customer experience and customer satisfaction. The Loyalty Program even helps to bring in more customers. Your loyal customers will effectively drive more customers for you. You can create a customer loyalty program, where the customers get loyalty points per visit and they can later redeem these points for a particular service.

  5. Photos and Videos Catalogue

    This feature will help you to upload photos of haircuts and hair color, and videos to explain to the client how these treatments are performed. This makes your app extremely user friendly as the customer can understand what you offer by just viewing the photos or videos. This works as a catalogue and helps your client choose a service.

  6. Payment Gateway

    To maintain a sustainable business to you need to accept payments through various gateways. You should partner with a safe payment gateway for easy and quick payments. This feature allows you to make payments via safe mode without any worry of passwords being hacked. You can also offer multiple payment options to your customer including COD and net banking.

  7. Social media Integration

    Social media integration will help clients make registrations easily. The user will quickly connect with the on-demand barber app if they are allowed to register through any of their social media accounts. Social media and your website should work seamlessly together to promote your services.

  8. Geolocation

    Barber apps can be equipped with GPS systems that can guide clients to the exact location of your store. This will help your client locate your store without calling you up hundreds of times. This works in terms of marketing as a result ends into higher sales and better user experience.

    Now that you are clear on the features of an ideal barber app, let’s move on to check the benefits of this app.

Pick An App Template You Love

Appy Pie’s AI-driven App Builder offers numerous app templates designed to suit diverse business needs and inspire unique app ideas. Choose an app template you like and customize it to suit your app needs!

Benefits of Creating a barber App

Listed here are a few benefits of creating a barber app.

  1. Simple and Easy

    You can monitor the app closely, through a simple dashboard. You can make changes to your software whenever needed. Things get easier to comprehend. A barber app helps you increase revenue and decrease costs, leading to a profitable income.

  2. Makes Bookings simple

    You don’t need to attend thousands of query calls to just make bookings. The app helps your clients optimize their bookings and schedule appointments for them without any hassle. You will not need to hire a manager to manage your appointments. The app does this for you effectively. Use an inbuilt calendar feature to help your users see your schedule and book an appointment from their smartphones.

  3. Stay connected with your client

    Using a mobile app will help you remain connected with customers when they are not even in your shop. You can retain them forever with the help push notifications. You can upload pictures of new haircuts, styles to entice your customers and keep them engaged. You can even teach your customers simple curling or straighten tricks. You can further sell your products to your clients like shampoos, gel, serums, hair creams, etc.

  4. Builds your repo with the client

    You can remain connected with your client on Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. This is an easy way to drive traffic to your website and store. Uploaded photos and videos will help your clients understand your psyche and work culture. Your barber shop app will build a personalized relationship and repo with them. This will drive more customers to your shop.

  5. Makes payments easier

    Mobile app allows customers to make payments by many options increasing their willingness to come back more often for your services. This also makes it easy for you to track the history of their purchases and further helps you use the loyalty program effectively.

You must be doing well in your business but you definitely want to do better. Using a mobile app for your business and after understanding the features and benefits of a barber app you will surely want to create one for yourself.

Appy Pie’s Barber App Builder is one of the best no-code app building platforms that you can use to create a Barber App. You can create an app with Appy Pie without any prior technical knowledge. Appy Pie offers the best customer service whenever you are in need. Why wait, start creating your now and get going in minutes.

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