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How to create a To-Do List app for free

The steps given below will help you create the best to-do list app for your business

  1. Enter the name for your app

    Select a design template and choose your app category

  2. Add the To-Do list feature

    Customize and add the features to your app.

  3. Publish your app

    Launch your To-Do list app to the stores of your choice.

Create your To-Do List app with Appy Pie’s App Maker

Appy Pie provides you with the exact tools you need to create your to-do lists with ease. With Appy Pie AppMakr, you can create the perfect to-do list app for your needs. A to-do list app made with Appy Pie can have over 200+ features.

Appy Pie provides a complete no-code development platform for creating your to-do list app. This means that you can create your own to-do list app without needing to code a single line of code.

Why you should choose Appy Pie’s To-Do List App Maker

If you want to help maintain your user’s schedules and help them keep track of their daily work, a to-do list app is the perfect solution. Appy Pie provides one of the best To-Do list app makers available online. Here’s why you should choose Appy Pie’s To-Do List App maker

  • To-do List:

    This feature helps your users to easily schedule their tasks with the help of simple customizable reminders.

  • Calendar:

    The calendar feature helps maintain to-do lists properly. It is one of the key features you must include in a To-Do List app.

  • Push notifications:

    You need a way to be able to send your users notifications. Push notifications will send necessary to-do list related reminders and more conveniently and automatically.

  • App Analytics:

    Appy Pie provides inbuilt app analytics for all apps created through AppMakr. With app analytics, you can study and research your users to find ways to improve on your app.

  • Social Sharing:

    Sometimes, users may need to share their to-do lists with friends, family, work colleagues, or acquaintances. With AppMakr, they can share their to-do lists easily.

  • In-app purchases:

    In-app purchases can help generate direct revenue from a mobile app. Appy Pie allows you to add in-app purchases to your app such as features, subscriptions, and more.

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