8 Best ManyChat Alternatives in 2024

Samarpit Nasa
By Samarpit Nasa | July 12, 2024 10:16 am

The best solution for businesses to automate communication with their customers across different channels is none other than making use of live chat. Nowadays, multiple live chat software are available which offer different features and use cases. However, not every software aligns well with every business and it’s important to look for alternatives to choose the one that suits best and complements business goals. If you have gone for ManyChat as a live chat software but for some reason, be [...]

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10 Best ChatBot Alternatives in 2024

Samarpit Nasa
By Samarpit Nasa | July 11, 2024 9:47 am

If you’re looking to deploy a chatbot on your website or app, you might be considering ChatBot. ChatBot is an AI-driven chatbot software that automates and streamlines a variety of tasks on your website with its Help Desk, Live Chat and other powerful tools. However, with these efficient tools, also comes the large amount one needs to pay for using them. Also, ChatBot has the drawback of limited subscription to access its premium features like buttons and multiple chats and the need of getting [...]

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How to Create a WhatsApp Bot

By mgarimaarketingsingh | June 26, 2024 2:31 pm

Are you tired of responding to countless customer inquiries and wish there was an easier way to manage them? Or do you want to stay ahead of the game and explore new avenues to engage with your audience? Well, get ready to revolutionize the way you communicate and support your customers with WhatsApp Bots! Used by over 2 billion people worldwide, WhatsApp is an incredibly popular messaging platform, and businesses are now leveraging its power to enhance their customer experience. In [...]

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How to Create an Android App [A Guide to Creating Android Apps in 2024]

Deepak Joshi
By Deepak Joshi | December 21, 2023 10:43 am

Android app development is at the heart of today’s technological revolution, significantly shaping our interaction with the digital world. With an impressive 70.16% of the global mobile operating system market share as of November 2023, Android's reach is expansive. This dominance in the market translates to over 3 billion active users, underlining the vast and diverse audience that Android apps have the potential to reach. The process of creating Android apps is a blend of creativity, tech [...]

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How To: Pass Data Between View Controllers in Swift

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | October 19, 2023 8:50 am

If your app has multiple User Interfaces (UIs), you’ll want to move data from one UI to the next. How do you pass data between view controllers in Swift? Passing data between view controllers is an important part of iOS development. You can use several ways to do so, and all of them have distinct advantages and drawbacks. The ability to pass data between view controllers with ease is affected by your choice of app architecture. App architecture affects how you work with view controllers, [...]

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How to Download Music From Spotify?

Samarpit Nasa
By Samarpit Nasa | October 18, 2023 9:00 am

Music has become an integral part of our lives, providing the soundtrack to our daily activities and emotions. With the advent of streaming services like Spotify, music enthusiasts can access an extensive library of tracks and playlists with just a few taps on their mobile devices. In this blog, we'll explore how to download music from Spotify on mobile: Create a Music App Table of Contents How to Download Music From Spotify on Mobile for Offline Listening? How to D [...]

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