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How to Create a Kids Website in 3 Easy Steps?


Follow these steps to create your own Kids website:

  1. Choose your website name

    Select a unique website name that suits your brand

  2. Add your desired features

    Create an amazing website for Kids by adding your preferred features without any coding

  3. Test and publish your website

    Test your Kids website and launch it to bring your business online in just a few minutes

What pages are important for a Website for kids?

Last Updated on October 29th, 2021

Kid-friendly websites should be entertaining, age-appropriate and educational. They must be useful and engaging for kids and provide some educational value so parents should also love them. Some essential pages for the kid-friendly website are as follows:

  • Home

    This page of the website has the brief introduction of what the website is all about, it provides the information about the fun-activities, games and educational resources and many more, it offers. This page should have the creative images that encourage kids to explore the website.

  • School online

    A website for kids should not only have games and entertaining stuff but also the educational material that helps kids work on their vocabulary in an interesting ways. This section of the website should contain simple math problems, scientific puzzles etc.

  • Games and Magic

    On the website, this is usually the favourite part of kids. It has various games, magic tricks, colouring pages and some offline fun-activities for parents and kids, that keep the kids engaged.

  • Crafts

    Kids-friendly websites play an important role in making the kids creative, this part of the website teaches kids various craft activities. This page may contain the craft ideas of making pretty craft-items with the daily household things as it will also make kids learn how to utilise waste material and turn it into something useful.

  • Strange facts

    This page increases kids’ knowledge and makes them curious about the facts. This page should include some strange scientific facts related to animals, universe etc. It may also have some simple physics, chemistry experiments.

Why you should use Appy Pie’s Website Builder for a Kids-Friendly Website?

With Appy Pie’s website builder, you can easily build a website for kids without having to write a single line of code. Appy Pie Website has an intuitive, user-friendly, and responsive interface to help you make a kids website in a few minutes. Backed with hundreds of features, our no-code website building platform is the best when it comes to developing websites easily and efficiently with zero coding.

Appy Pie also provides a rich library of frequently asked questions, video tutorials etc., to ensure users don’t have to face any issue while creating the website. All the websites built using Appy Pie’s website maker are lightweight, fast and highly secure.

It’s as easy as pie to create a kids website using Appy Pie’s app creator software. All you need to do is go to our website builder, enter your business name, pick a category and color scheme, add your desired features, and customize the look and feel of your website.

  • No-code feature

    Appy Pie website builder helps users create a website without a code and provides feature of adding pages by simple dragging and dropping.

  • Advanced and light Websites

    Website builder creates fast opening and light websites with advanced features in order to deliver an outstanding user experience.

  • Creates SEO Friendly Websites

    Website builder creates SEO friendly websites that helps users get ranking in Google easily.

  • Instant Help & Support

    Appy Pie offers immediate customer support that helps users if anything stops working. The company provides FAQs, tutorials and guides.

  • Creates Time-Friendly Websites

    Appy pie provides a qualified team of developers that help users develop websites in the minimum time.

  • Provides own domain

    Smart Assistant feature in Appy Pie website builder provides users their own domain.

Why you need to make a Kids-Friendly Website?

Kids-friendly websites should be creative, entertaining and safe. In this modern age, kids like to play games online rather than going out in the field. There is an online platform always required to keep them up-to-date and curious about the facts.

Website should be beautiful and attractive with colourful designs. The website should have plenty of games and opportunities for the kids to explore. Parents appreciate such websites as kids learn while playing with the fact of no downloading and personal information required.

Website could also contain a section of poems as kids love them with a little section of computer programming languages. It will improve children’s typing games and computer skills.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the list of a few websites that are safe for kids.

  1. BBC Kids
  2. A Mighty Girl
  3. BrainPOP
  4. Disney Junior
  5. Funbrain
  6. Funology
  7. KidsReads

Here is how kids can make a website without any coding –

  1. Go to, select Website and click on Get Started or go to Appy Pie Website and click on Get Started
  2. Enter the business name and click on Next
  3. Select the category that best meets your business needs
  4. Pick a color scheme of your liking
  5. Click on Save & Continue
  6. If you own an Appy Pie account, login, else create an account
  7. Please wait while your website is getting ready. It is the mobile version of your website.
  8. Click on Preview Website
  9. On this page, you will get 2 options – ‘Back to My Website’ and ‘Configuration’
  10. Click on ‘Back to My Website’ and it will take you to My Websites page
  11. Click on the ‘View More’ tab next to your Kids website name
  12. You will be taken to the Website Overview Page. Click on ‘Edit’
  13. You will be redirected to the design customization section. Here you can modify the visual appearance of your Kids website and add your preferred features
  14. Click on Save & Continue
  15. Click on ‘Configuration’ to connect the website with the domain
  16. Buy a new domain or connect with your existing domain and launch your Kids website in no time

Here are a few tips to create a good website for kids.

  1. Use Animations
  2. Make it Colorful
  3. Keep Things Happy
  4. Make it Interactive
  5. Keep Room for Media

Here are a few ways kids websites can make money online:

  1. Take Online Surveys
  2. Start a Blog
  3. Create a YouTube Channel
  4. Become a Photographer
  5. Start a Design business

You can create an educational website for kids under free trial plan using Appy Pie’s Kids Website Builder.

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