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How to build WatchOS apps without coding?

Here is the simple three-step process to make a WatchOS app in minutes with Appy Pie:

  1. Enter the name of your WatchOS app

    Choose the right app category and color theme, and personalize your app.

  2. Drag and drop the relevant features

    Add the relevant features to your WatchOs app without learning to code.

  3. Test and go live!

    Test your watchOS app on an Apple Watch and launch it on the iOS and Watch App Store.

How do WatchOS apps work?

WatchOS apps are typically built as iOS apps. This means whenever a WatchOS app is installed on an iOS device, the app will be transferred automatically to the Apple Watch that is connected to the device.

The Apple Watch operates on WatchOS, which as an operating system is quite eerily similar to iOS. The two have quite a few similar features as well.

If you want to create your own watchOS app, you can leverage the WatchKitAPI. WatchKit API is a framework that lends you the infrastructure to build your own watchOS apps.

In traditional iOS app development, a typical watchOS app is made up of two distinct parts – WatchKit App and WatchKit Extension. The WatchKit app is loaded into the phone and includes all the screens and static resources. The app’s purpose is to identify the in-app actions performed by the users before passing on the request to the WatchKit Extension.

The extension part of the watchOS app runs on the associated iPhone, implements the app’s logic, and finally, makes the requested changes or updates to the data on the WatchKit App. So we can say that the WatchKit App is responsible for the UI part, and the WatchKit Extension is responsible for the operation part.

When a user performs certain actions on the app, the WatchKit app is launched. Post-launch, the screen displays the various UI elements that the users can interact with to perform the desired actions within the app.

Extensions or WatchKit Extensions, on the other hand, are separate binary files but are a part of the parent iOS app. After you install the iOS app on the iPhone with the WatchKit Extension, it instantly becomes available on your Apple Watch. As you launch the app on the Apple Watch, WatchKit will run the related extension on the connected device to spark off the app’s launch.

In this way of functioning, both devices are interdependent, thus putting in some usage restrictions. These restrictions or limitations led to the introduction of independent Watch OS apps.

Pick An App Template You Love

Whatever kind of app you want to create, you will find a template that matches your imagination. Just select your favorite template and easily customize it to fit your requirements, making a unique mobile app that blows out the competition. Such pre-designed app templates act as a firm base for your application, thus saving you precious time and effort. With the feature of easy drag and drop provided by Appy Pie no-code platform, you can modify the chosen template by shifting elements, changing color schemes including your brand elements to give it a unique look and feel as you desire.

Independent WatchOS apps

It was in 2019 that Apple launched independent WatchOS app development, which meant that the watch apps did not require a companion iPhone app. Now you can create a watchOS app on your own and publish it on the Watch App Store.

If you are using Xcode to develop a watchOS app, you now have two options – Watch App and Watch App for iOS App. These two options are basically for you to decide between making a dependent or independent app for the Apple Watch.

The independent applications are great for developers and platform users as the resultant app is a compact and functional watch that doesn’t need a phone. Whether you use a watch app to use as a key or use it as a fitness app that can monitor your vitals while playing some music, you can do it all with just your Apple Watch.

You can make utilitarian WatchOS apps, like alarms, notes, and other apps that can help with your everyday routine and organization. But the fun part is that you can also make games for the WatchOS, which can be great for a user stuck in traffic.

If you want to create a WatchOS app from scratch, it would be ideal to use the Swift language and the SwiftUI framework. The highlight of using Swift for WatchOS programming is that you don’t have to write a detailed algorithm but just explain how you want to see the user interface. Another great benefit of using the SwiftUI code for creating an app is that it will work on all Apple devices, including the Apple Watch, iPhone, and even Apple TV.

However, the easiest way to make your own WatchOS app is to use Appy Pie’s no-code app builder. App development has been considered a tech-heavy field for the longest time, where one needs to invest thousands of dollars and several weeks or months of development time. With Appy Pie, the time and money barriers have disappeared entirely.

Why use Appy Pie’s WatchOS app maker to create your own WatchOS app?

Have a vision for an iOS application? Turn it into a tangible product effortlessly with iPhone App Builder, a platform designed for both efficiency and security. The watchOS app builder lets you make the most engaging iWatch apps that are practical and fun. The platform lets you make watchOS apps that are ready to go live! Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should use Appy Pie’s app builder to create a WatchOS app.

  • Drag-and-drop no-code platform

    You can make your WatchOS app in minutes using the no-code platform. All you need to do is drag and drop the features you want to add to your WatchOS app. No coding needed!

  • Hundreds of website design templates

    You have over 200 design templates to choose from. Each website design template is entirely customizable, meaning you have complete control over how your app looks.

  • Fast and lightweight

    Appy Pie’s WatchOS app maker lets you create a high-speed WatchOS app that launches instantly and takes very little space on your users’ iOS devices.

  • Offline capabilities

    Appy Pie lets you make watchOS apps that can function without an internet connection. So your app will function smoothly on your Apple Watch even when you are on the go!

  • Real-time update

    You can update your WatchOS app in real-time without resubmitting your app on the iOS store or Watch App Store, and offer your users a smooth experience.

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