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Apple HealthKit is a set of tools and services that manufacturers and developers need to make their applications and devices compatible with Apple’s Health app. The developer framework can safely communicate your health information between compatible services and apps.

For example, if you have your own app in your smartphone that you use to monitor your weight every day and another app to check the number of calories you consume daily, HealthKit would help the calorie-monitoring app share your calorie data with your scale app to give you more insight.

Various manufacturers, developers, and health service providers have facilitated their products or services with HealthKit support, letting them work with the Health app.

Features of Appy Pie’s Healthkit iPhone App Builder

You can create your own Healthkit iPhone app using Appy Pie’s Healthkit app builder. The app builder offers various attractive features that help you create an excellent app for yourself. Let us discuss the features in detail.

  • Import Health Data

    Appy Pie’s Healthkit App Builder helps you create a healthkit iPhone app that allows you to import your health data from one app to another within your phone. With the help of this development platform, you can pull up relevant health information such as allergies and medications, immunizations, hospital visits, blood pressure, and other details, that could help you better follow your overall health objectives.

  • Set a Medical ID on the Lock Screen

    Appy Pie’s healthkit iPhone App allows users to set up their medical ID on the locked screen. Even if you are unable to unlock the phone in a medical emergency, you can still access your medical app and check for the instructions. Appy Pie’s healthkit app lets the medical professionals, first responders access the life-saving information to right from your lock screen. You just need to set the settings that way. Your “Medical ID” can display valuable health data such as age, weight, blood type, medical conditions, medicines, and more.

  • App to collect your health data

    Although a health app in your phone lets you manually enter as much health data as you possibly can. However, why input that data yourself when you have apps available to do it for you?

    Appy Pie offers Healthkit iPhone app that gathers and enters your health data such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, and calorie burn statistics.

  • Permissions for the apps to access Health Data

    Appy Pie’s healthkit iPhone app helps you find out what every app has permission to read or write. The tool offers various sources entering data into the Health app.

    For example, the sleep cycle feature of the app has permission to perform sleep analysis, read your step count, and write data about your heart rate. The app builder also helps you see the explanation for why an app wants access for specific types of data. Appy Pie’s healthkit iPhone app allows you to enable or disable permissions for every data point individually.

Appy Pie’s Healthkit app helps you keep an eye on many other things such as track your nutrition & eating habits, weight progress, customize your health favorites, and many more. Create a healthkit iPhone app to keep track of your health activities and stay healthy!

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