How Healthcare Chatbots Can Improve Access To Clinical Care?

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Healthcare industry is all set to take a way forward with the intervention of new technologies. Every sector from clinical care to treatment of highly contagious disease, healthcare industry is adopting the tech-based solutions.

Clinical care is one of the sectors of the healthcare industry where a group of physicians, nurses, assistants, and other professionals together serves the patients’ needs in the clinic. This sector faces several challenges. But the latest technologies, like AI-based healthcare chatbots, blockchain technology, IoT, etc. are changing the way this sector works.

As per the Juniper Research, annual cost savings derived from the adoption of virtual assistants in healthcare will reach $3.6 billion globally by 2022. Virtual assistants or chatbots for healthcare have the potential to reform the clinical care sector. Let us talk more about healthcare chatbots in this article.

Before moving forward, let us try to understand the statistics related to chatbots in the clinical care sector:

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What Are The Challenges In Clinical Care Sector?

There is a contrasting picture of the healthcare industry across the world. On one hand, there are advanced medical devices, well-qualified health professionals while on the other hand there are rising expenses of medical care, lack of emergency treatments, and much more. There are some challenges faced by the clinical sector. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Patients’ experience
  • Clinical care team sometimes lacks in addressing the patient’s queries immediately due to limited staff on duty. This results in unsatisfied patients.

  • Data and analytics
  • Unstructured data collection related to health records of patients is one of the biggest challenges to the clinical sector. It results in delayed diagnosis of disease, administrative burdens, and many other problems.

  • Feedback system
  • There is an absence of a feedback system in the clinical care sector which limits the scope of improvement for this sector.

  • Drug information
  • All of us after having the prescription from doctors, search for medical stores (both online and offline). Lot of time get consumed in getting the medicine, which ultimately affects a patient’s health. There is a lack of database drug supplier information in the clinical care sector.

These challenges can be easily resolved by deploying chatbots in the healthcare sector.

What Is Healthcare Chatbots?

Chatbots are AI-based software applications which can either be added or integrated to your system. In the healthcare sector, they provide an interactive platform to users for various purposes like scheduling appointments, resolving small medical issues, suggesting first aid measures in case of emergency, streamline the process of health insurance for seekers, and many more.

Some of the hospitals have already added chatbots for healthcare in their system to:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Engage patients in a user-friendly manner
  • Delivering drug information to patients
  • Improve the data structuring system
  • Enriching patients’ and their family’s experience
  • Advancing healthcare sector

To know more about adding chatbots in your system, you can watch the video:

How Chatbots Can Transform the Clinical Care Sector?

Chatbots are a highly affordable tool to revamp the clinical care sector of the healthcare industry. With less investment, you can provide good care to your patients. Clinical chatbots can help the sector in the following ways:

  1. Smart Scheduling of Appointments
  2. If a hospital or doctor misses out even a single appointment, it may cost them huge. Chatbots can help in scheduling and reminding of appointments to both doctors and patients. This would also aid in timely follow-ups and informing instantly to patients regarding the medication.

    To know more about how to increase leads with the smart scheduling process, you can watch the video:

  3. Instant Response System
  4. Sometimes due to limited staff or busy telephone lines, patients will not be able to contact the clinics. Chatbots can not only respond to them instantly but can suggest some medication too. Chatbots in healthcare allow patients to connect with Medicare facilities as and when they need it.

  5. Drug and Medical Equipment Support
  6. We generally spend a lot of time searching for the prescribed medicines. Chatbots could provide a list of suppliers delivering the medicines required by patients. They can help in improving the clinical care sector by reducing the time consumed in searching information like the composition, dosage, side effects, etc. on prescribed medicines along with supplier details. Also, healthcare bots can be used to provide information from various suppliers dealing in medical equipment like oxygen cylinder, wheelchairs, etc.

  7. Registration and Billing Process
  8. Patients hesitate in getting clinical care due to the number of forms they must fill before admitting in. Even at the time of discharge, the bill clearance process and claiming of health insurance are huge challenges. To ease the process of registration and billing, chatbots can be integrated either with the website or mobile app of hospitals. The integration of chatbots for healthcare can quicken the process of filling and generating invoices. Likewise, claims of health insurance can be automated by health insurance chatbots.

    To know more about how to integrate chatbots in your system, you can watch the video:

  9. Feedback Mechanism
  10. The healthcare sector generally does not have a feedback system. Chatbots can be used to conduct the patients’ satisfaction surveys and collect their valuable feedbacks. Without hiring a separate team for taking feedback, you can take the opinions from your patients and can improve the service accordingly with the help of chatbot.

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Summing Up

You might be convinced to make chatbots and add to your system. If you are thinking about how to make chatbots, you can go with Appy Chatbot Builder.

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Thus, there are many issues in the clinical sector which can be easily resolved with the help of healthcare chatbots. Chatbots can perform the routine tasks of scheduling the appointments, reminding the patients, collecting, and maintaining medical records of patients, easing the registration and billing process, and many more. Technology intervention in the healthcare sector is necessary not only for patients but for doctors also. The Healthcare industry can leap ahead by improving their patients’ experience and enriching the medical facilities by taking the help of new technologies, especially healthcare bots.

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