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How to create an eBay clone App for Free in 3 Easy Steps?

Follow these steps to create an eBay clone app for Android and iOS:

  1. Enter app name and select a category

    Choose a unique design for your eBay clone app.

  2. Add eBay feature from the third-party store

    Convert your eBay store into an app without any coding.

  3. Go live on Google Play Store and Apple App Store

    Stay connected with your users from anywhere at any time.

Build an eBay Clone App without any coding!

Try our eBay store clone app builder and convert your eBay store into an app. 100% customizable, no development skills required. Browse through hundreds of templates, icons and add the functionality that best suits your needs. Creating your eBay clone app with Appy Pie, enables you to create unlimited listings, manage feedback and communicate with buyers, all of which will help you increase sales and maintain customer satisfaction levels. Appy Pie’s eBay Clone App builder not only offers features identical to eBay but also enhances all those features to make your store more powerful and flexible.

Why you should choose Appy Pie’s app builder to create your own eBay clone App?

Appy Pie’s eBay Clone App creator is one of the best app builders that lets anyone create an e-commerce app without any coding in just a few clicks. Our platform offers every tool and feature that can make it a successful app builder that meets your business needs.

Here are the top features that make Appy Pie’s eBay clone app builder unique from others:

  • Third-Party Store

    Add products to your store on the go—no computer required. Access your collection from virtually anywhere, even when you’re offline, and create products at the right moment – all in a streamlined, mobile-optimized experience.

  • Push Notifications

    Send a message when delivery has started, when to be expected and it’s arriving via push notifications. You can use push notifications for a wide variety of communication objectives, from improving retention to maximizing conversion rate.

  • Review

    Get honest feedback from your customers after their delivery is completed. By asking your customers for reviews you will know what you are doing right and where you can improve.

  • Coupon

    Offer discounts on redemption of reward points which is collected by the customer whenever he purchases something on your site.

  • E-wallet

    Add Let your users’ store funds and pay the doctors by adding a secure payment feature. Users can also instantly check his/her balance in their wallets.

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