How to Create an App with Drag and Drop App Builder?

  1. Choose a design of your choice

    Customize the look and feel of your drag and drop app.

  2. Drag and drop the features that you want in your app

    Create an app with Appy Pie’s drag and drop app builder.

  3. Publish your app on Google Play & Apple App Store

    Get publishing support and release your new app to the stores of your choice.


Drag and drop app builder platform – Appy Pie

Use Appy Pie’s excellent and easy drag and drop app maker platform and create your own mobile apps. Use Appy Pie’s home-grown and intuitive interface to design, make, and publish native mobile apps by simply dragging and dropping the features that you need.


Design apps for Android and iOS with Appy Pie’s drag and drop app builder

Create Android and iOS apps without coding using Appy Pie’s drag and drop app maker. SImply pick an app template and design your app accordingly. Appy Pie lets you build cross-platform apps by simplifying the app creation process.

Create PWAs with Appy Pie’s drag and drop web app builder

Publish active web apps on your website with our drag and drop app making solution. Create PWAs within minutes with Appy Pie’s no-code app development tools. Appy Pie web apps are compliant with all HTML & HTML5 webpages.

Benefits of building drag and drop mobile apps with Appy Pie

  • No coding skills needed: Appy Pie’s drag and drop app maker is completely codeless. This means that you do not need any coding skills to create mobile apps on Appy Pie. Simply log in, choose a design and drag and drop features that you need and you’re done. No coding at all!
  • Fast, native apps: Apps built on Appy Pie drag and drop app builder are lightweight and fast. They deliver the rapid experience of a native app. Apps can be used without hassle on even older Android and iOS devices without hassle.
  • Offline use: Unlike other online-only apps, apps made with Appy Pie can have offline features if needed. Users can use these features and view your app’s content even when they are offline.
  • Easy-to-Use: Appy Pie is the best drag and drop app builder you can find. With its unique drag and drop app maker interface, one can easily create mobile apps within a few days if needed.
  • Publishing support: App Pie has dedicated publishing teams that will provide you with app submission support once your app is ready to go live. With Appy Pie, you can get complete support till your app is live.
  • Real-time updates: The best thing about this DIY no-code app development platform is that all the changes that you make in your Android and iOS mobile apps are reflected instantly on your mobile device.
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