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7 Digital Marketing Strategy Examples

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on September 27th, 2023 11:39 am | 6-min read

Our hands automatically reach for our phones as soon as we open our eyes in the morning. Some check their emails, while others browse social media, or scroll through the latest news.

Welcome to the digital world.

According to Statista, there is a slight rise in the investments in digital media in February 2020 as compared to February 2019.

Digital marketers all around the world are trying to come up with a killer digital marketing strategy that appeals to the audience and increases brand engagement.

A-Complete-Guide-toDigital-MarketingStrategy - Appy Pie

However, a successful digital marketing strategy is not a one-step process. Strategic planning and profound research are active ingredients to ensure a seamless customer journey.

Let’s take a look at some excellent digital marketing strategy examples.

Sender’s SMS Messaging Strategy

If you are a business that’s looking to cut through the noise and deliver a personalized message to your prospects directly, realize that few other channels can do it as well as a simple text message (SMS).

Considering that 95% of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes and have an average click through rate (CTR) of close to 19%, it starts becoming increasingly clearer as to how much a well-planned SMS marketing campaign can be beneficial to your business.

Use Sender’s simple dashboard to set up SMS campaigns to fire based on schedule (date and time) or when triggered.

send appypie

You also have the ability to personalize fields at scale inside your SMS to add a personal touch to every subscriber reading your message.

Looking to get more out of your flash sales campaign? Send the customary sales announcement email to your list and follow it up with a perfectly timed SMS message reminding them about and linking them to the sales page.

For instance, below is how you could use Sender’s super simple, drag-and-drop automation builder to set up an automation sequence.

sender appypie

According to Statista, 7 out of 10 customers abandon their online shopping carts without completing the purchase. With a well-defined email and SMS sequence and a surprise discount coupon, you can recover a sizeable portion of this revenue bleed.

Check out the automation builder again, this time taking care of abandoned carts on full auto-pilot.

senders appypie

Send simple SMS broadcasts to get more opens for your most important emails or more traffic to your latest B2B blog posts.

Easily build your SMS opt-in list of consenting subscribers by choosing from our gallery of ready-to-send, attractive-looking, high-converting signup forms. Communicate with this growing list with confidence as Sender conforms to the highest privacy standards set by TCPA.

Whether looking to collect high-quality leads, boost engagement or enhance sales, Sender’s all-in-one email & SMS marketing automation platform can help you do it with far better results and less friction.

Amazon’s Social Media Strategy

Generating content from existing resources is an excellent marketing strategy. Today, consumers have developed a flair for interacting with brands on social media.

Social media has empowered both consumers and brands to alter the brand image and brand reputation. And one of the best digital marketing strategies is utilizing the existing resources to its full capacity.

One such resource is user-generated content. Customers generate ample content on social media platforms that is innovative and creative. Amazon has been doing wonders in developing marketing strategies by using user-generated content.

But what did they do?

It’s simple yet innovative. Numerous customers tag Amazon in their posts or tweets. Amazon started replying to each one of them even if it was an angry complaint. Let’s see some examples.

amazon tweet 1 - Appy Pie

In this example, Amazon replied to one of its followers’ jokes humorously.

You may think, why would a brand reply to these tweets? It is because people feel special and are delighted when a brand replies to them on social channels.

The brand also expresses their gratitude when a user appreciates Amazon. Here’s one instance.

amazon tweet 2 - Appy Pie

Now, each tweet cannot be an appreciation. Here’s an angry customer that tagged Amazon in a tweet. Keep a note on how Amazon replied to the tweet.

amazon tweet 3 - Appy Pie
Using this strategy any brand can effectively maintain a strong social media presence. Keep a tab on your mentions. You don’t have to reply to each one of them. Find the ones that can prove to be engaging, witty, and conversational.

What are the benefits? You don’t have to create dozens of social media posts from scratch. Furthermore, users will start engaging with your brand so that they can get featured on your social media handles.

Hubspot’s Content Marketing Strategy

When someone talks about content marketing, HubSpot aces it with flying colors. Besides providing versatile growth hacking tools, HubSpot delivers excellent B2B content in the form of detailed blogs according to their target audience, in-depth eBooks, and educational videos.

HubSpot Academy is one such example of brilliant educational video content. They also provide users with free certification courses in the field of marketing. Look at the statistics below. HubSpot Academy has recorded engagement of 455.01K visitors in the last 6 months.

hubspot similarweb - Appy Pie

HubSpot is an amazing example of content marketing. They were one of the few who started using content marketing earlier than other marketing giants. In the end, they successfully built a seamless buyer’s journey that ensures the conversion of potential prospects into paying customers.

Many B2B marketers focus on driving maximum traffic to their web pages but do not have quality content to carry out the process. In fact, only 41% of B2B marketers create content based on specific points of the buyer’s journey.

So how does HubSpot carry out their strategy? Let’s start with the fact that HubSpot has blog articles for almost every topic on B2B marketing.

For instance, I performed a Google search for ‘Customer Experience Strategy’. In the very beginning, I got the suggestion as follows.

Customer Experience Strategy - Appy Pie

As you may see, there’s an option to download a ‘Free set of Customer Experience Mapping Templates’ below the author’s headshot.

Hubspot - Appy Pie

As I scrolled down, a slide-in form appeared, thereby, nudging me to download the template.

Hubspot Customer Experience Strategy - Appy Pie

In the middle of the blog post, they included a screenshot of an example of the template.

Customer Experience mapping - Appy Pie

One thing they always ensure is including an actionable CTA. Once again, they offered a final CTA of the above-mentioned resource.

Customer journey map - Appy Pie

HubSpot understands the intention of the visitor. The visitors are looking for some specific information and actionable content. Therefore, they suggest related and detailed content as per your search. Here’s what I experienced.

11 best practices - Appy Pie

I clicked on the CTA to avail of the free resource. I was directed to the following page:

Customer journey map - Appy Pie

As I scrolled down, I was given specific pointers about the contents of the resource.

hubspot Customer journey map - Appy Pie

Furthermore, they highlighted the reasons to download the content in the FAQ format.

hubspot FAQ - Appy pie

Now, they could have simply put a pop-up form on the blog post so that the users can download the resource. What is the need of creating another landing page?

The answer is to provide value to the users. This shows that HubSpot wants its visitors to have a seamless experience.

Uber’s Email Marketing Strategy

According to a report by Litmus 2020, “Email is more likely to be around in 10 years than Facebook, cable TV, Twitter, and other channels, according to consumers.”

Effective email marketing is a sure-shot way to generate maximum ROI. As emails are the most personalized marketing channel, creating compelling copy that provides value to the users becomes essential.

There are many robust email builders to make your marketing process easy. There are ample email marketing software in the market to begin with. Before choosing a specific tool, make sure you perform thorough research and comparison of email marketing tools.

Why do users opt for an email subscription?

Of course, they are interested in your brand and want to hear from you exclusively. Therefore, it becomes your job to direct them to the point of purchase.

Launching risk management digital campaigns have been carried out by many brands all over the world. The key is to gain the trust of your audience. Let’s take the example of Uber Cabs.

The pandemic has left the transit industries to bear huge losses. The fact, however, is that even amidst this crisis, work cannot stop. Most of the working population has shifted to remote working. But many professions still require daily transit.

How did Uber win back the faith of its customers in such a crucial situation?

Through a digital marketing campaign called ‘Safe For Each Other’. Here are a few examples of the email campaign.

uber safety standard - Appy Pie

The brand clearly mentions the measures they are employing to ensure their customers’ safety.

sanitization hub - Appy Pie

Uber highlighted the scenario where millions of people were stuck at different locations and as the flights resumed, everyone wanted to get back home safely. Therefore, they installed sanitization hubs at airports and used the power of personalized communication via email marketing.

Furthermore, here’s a detailed view of Uber’s door-to-door safety measures.

uber door to door - Appy Pie

Oreo’s Social Media Marketing Strategy

A globally renowned brand has a lot of pressure to create a unique digital marketing strategy. A lot of elements are used to fine-tune the strategy so that it appeals to the global audience.

Oreo has been doing wonders in the digital world with its extraordinary marketing strategy. Initially, it dominated the cookie market of America. Gradually, it spread to over 100 countries and became the number one global cookie, thanks to its digital marketing strategy.

Let’s go back to 2013. Remember the Super Bowl final? Those 34 minutes seemed like an eternity. To give a quick background, during the Super Bowl final in 2013, there was a massive power outage for 34 minutes. The TV viewers were utterly disappointed.

Oreo came out with a quirky twitter ad in the wake of the incident. Here’s a snapshot.

oreo tweet 1 - Appy Pie

As you may notice, this tweet was retweeted more than 14.2k times!

But the brand didn’t stop creating such quirky content. Visit their Twitter account, and you may witness that they leverage each event to the fullest. One of the masterstrokes by Oreo was their Game of Thrones Twitter ad.

oreo tweet - Appy Pie

This one got retweeted about 16.6K times.

As the year 2020 has been hit by the pandemic, Oreo is trying to make its audience smile with light-hearted memes. Here’s a snapshot of its Instagram post.

oreo instagram - Appy Pie
The lesson is to use important events, festivals, occasions, or incidents in creating a remarkable social media strategy.

BuzzFeed’s Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Who doesn’t like to earn a good affiliate income? In fact, it is expected that the affiliate industry is to grow to $6.8 billion by 2020. Before expecting good returns, you need an effective affiliate marketing strategy like that of BuzzFeed.

Through an excellent affiliate marketing strategy, BuzzFeed has become one of the most dominant marketing channels for E-commerce giants like Amazon and Walmart.

In the words of BuzzFeed’s Founder and CEO,
“Collectively our new businesses generate over $200m in revenue, are growing at almost 40% year-over-year, and are the key to our bright future.” – Jonah Peretti

With 3 billion monthly content viewers and a global audience of more than 650 million, BuzzFeed’s content revolves around listicle blogs, videos, and quizzes.

BuzzFeed’s blogs usually mention a disclaimer about the affiliate income they would earn from the products mentioned by them. You may notice it below the author’s headshot. Here’s what it looks like.

buzzfeed - Appy Pie

BuzzFeed’s affiliate strategy emphasizes on:

  • Establishing a direct connection between the customer and the company

  • Opening up new advertising opportunities besides Google, Facebook, or Instagram.

  • Creating compelling and engaging content that provides value to the audience.

As the brand leverages effective content for affiliate marketing, users get an interesting read and genuine product reviews. Instead of inserting an affiliate link in a lousy manner, BuzzFeed weaves its content in accordance with the affiliate promotion.

Their reviews and content are well researched, informative, and packed with facts. With quirky headlines they make content less boring, and readers are drawn into topics as mundane as housing loans!

BuzzFeed does not place affiliate links in their quizzes only to drive good income. In fact, they ensure that the user gets familiar with the brand they are going to purchase from. They strategically nudge potential prospects to buy from the brand while building brand awareness.

For affiliate promotions, BuzzFeed draws attention from big brands like American Express, H&M Volkswagen, and more. But Amazon has become a constant in BuzzFeed’s content. Many customers end up buying from the BuzzFeed’s affiliate links.

Snicker’s PPC Strategy

Pay-per-click has been a prominent digital marketing strategy to drive engagement and generate sales. In fact, 2019 generated a revenue of $32.6 billion from Google ads.

Many businesses do not leverage PPC marketing or search engine ads due to increasing costs and low returns. A lot of research goes into creating a successful PPC campaign.

If I talk specifically about search engine advertising, Snickers has made a smooth home-run with its PPC strategy back in 2015.

In 2007, Snickers was lagging behind in terms of its marketing strategy. It had to do something to win back its brand reputation.

As a result, Snickers’ Misspelling Campaign was one of the most remarkable ads of all the time.

Using misspelled keywords as a strategy in the PPC campaign captures traffic that correctly spelled words are unable to. To your interest, leveraging misspelled keywords is a lot cheaper than the correctly spelled words.

It doesn’t mean that you can put any wrong keyword of your choice in your ad. On the contrary, it takes a lot of research and experience to carry out such a strategy.

business google search - Appy Pie


Snickers has been using ‘Hunger’ to build different forms of narratives. It is an uncomfortable feeling with a lot of confusion. Apparently, the AMV BBDO ad agency carried out this amazing campaign for Snickers.

For the ‘You are Not You When You’re Hungry’ campaign, the agency burned the midnight oil to retrieve the top 500 words that are often misspelled. Later, the agency applied an algorithm and finalized a list of 25,381 misspelled words.

Here are some of the misspelled keywords that recorded maximum traffic for Snickers:

  • amazin [Correct Spelling: Amazing]

  • wether [Correct Spelling: Wether]

  • vacum [Correct Spelling: Vacuum]

  • definately [Correct Spelling: Definitely]

  • publically [Correct Spelling: Publicly]

  • moonsoon [Correct Spelling: Monsoon]

  • wierd [Correct Spelling: Weird]

snikkers ad - Appy Pie

Snickers built a narrative that the person actually did not misspell the word. Rather, their hunger is making them imagine it.

The agency had to put diligent efforts for Google to accept this ad because Google AdWords strictly prohibits the usage of incorrect spellings or grammatical errors.

Although this strategy is not risk-free, yet a little imagination can make your PPC ads a success.

Intel’s Search Engine Marketing Strategy

Paid advertising may not be every business’s choice. But this strategy is widely practiced for competing in the digital marketplace. Ensuring positive SEO metrics and getting your web pages to rank high on SERPs is time-consuming. Therefore, businesses employ Search Engine Marketing to get maximum sales.

Search ads are highly competitive. You have to ensure that you are targeting the right audience for the right keywords. Intel has been leveraging search ads to drive positive brand awareness for almost a decade.

Intel does not perform a direct sale to the consumers. Still, it is a globally recognized and reputable brand. Intel follows a comprehensive approach in terms of targeting the right keyword.

As Intel has different global competitors, it uses search ads for a wide range of keywords. But running search ads is not enough. The brand ensures that its customers receive what they have been promised in the search ads. Therefore, Intel creates its content strategy in a way that provides value to its audience. Understanding the intent of the audience is the first step to a successful SEM strategy.

Intel uses both branded (for example: ‘Intel Processors’) and non-branded keywords (for example: ‘Computer Processors’) for its SEM strategy.

intel chips - Appy pie

Keeping a tab on the SEM metrics is one of the essential touchpoints. Therefore, Intel constantly measures the impact of its search ads. They use Google Analytics to analyze the CPL rate, content consumption, and engagement rate. Furthermore, Intel applies the learnings from previous ad campaigns to the next one.

In the end, search engine marketing is a versatile strategy in terms of brand building and driving engagement.

Wrapping up

One size doesn’t fit all. Therefore, your digital marketing strategy will be unique to your business. However, you may take inspiration from the existing digital marketing strategies that have recorded remarkable results.

Which strategy did you like? Put your thoughts in the comments below.

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