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End-to-end Custom mobile app development and mobile application design services. Whether you need a custom, native iOS, Android, Windows app or prefer a cross-platform hybrid app, Appy Pie can help.

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Custom Mobile App Development
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Custom Mobile App Development and Design Services

Today, businesses of all kinds, right from your local retail store, to small and medium sized organizations, to blue chip multinational corporations, are leveraging the potential of custom mobile apps to dramatically streamline their business operations, increase employees’ productivity, and improve customer relationship. The main reason behind custom mobile apps gaining traction is that they not only help business owners transform their unique app ideas into reality, but also help them deliver a personalized user experience, like never before. At Appy Pie, we offer end-to-end custom mobile application development services that help you stay on top of the latest mobile trends and keep your business in the hearts and pockets of your customers. We have an outstanding team of highly skilled and qualified app developers who combine their expertise and deep knowledge to create next-gen mobile apps, keeping in mind your business niche and target audience. Our experts have years of experience working in the app development industry, and possess hands-on-skills working with the cutting-edge mobile app development frameworks, including Angular JS, Ionic, Appcelerator, PhoneGap, etc.

Appy Pie’s Custom Mobile App Development Process

Here’s how Appy Pie helps you bring your app idea to life through custom mobile application development:

  • Design
Our experts work closely with you to thoroughly understand your app ideas, and convert it into collaborative wireframes and visually appealing designs.

  • Development
In development phase, our professionals start shaping the app utilizing the latest app development frameworks, as per your defined requirements.

  • Testing
Once your app is developed, a thorough testing is done to ensure that your app is bug free and it works well on different mobile platforms, without any complexity.

  • Deployment
After successfully testing your app against certain rigorous parameters, we finally publish your app on the app stores of your choice, including Google Play and iTunes.

For years, Appy Pie has been actively operating in the mobile industry, and over time have had the privilege to work with many renowned brands across industries. It is the outcome of our out-of-the-box thinking & approach that today, Appy Pie has positioned itself as the #1 custom mobile application development company worldwide.

Our wide range of Custom Mobile App Development Services includes:

Custom Mobile App Development for Android

Android needs no introduction! Almost every leading mobile company is using this platform, making sure to grasp the major portion of the Smartphone market. Reports have further suggested that almost 82% of the total Smartphone and tablet users have Android on their devices. The open-source characteristic of Android brings extensive room for creativity in the development of applications. Android provides high-end Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionalities that bring endless possibilities with them to develop revolutionary applications. Thus, this platform automatically generates a positive buzz among business opportunists. Its scalability has derived profits for many organizations and is thus ensuring better investment returns. Contact us to know more about outreaching your business goals via our Android Application Development services.

Java Mobile App Development

The Java platform, Micro Edition or Java ME is the most popular platform for the development of applications for mobile or embedded devices. One of the greatest benefits of Java technology and Java ME is the platform independence. It can be run of various devices, thus giving your business an edge to be communicable through different mobiles. Our extensive experience and expertise in object-oriented programming is the cornerstone of our great portfolio of mobile applications on the J2ME platform. Contact us to know more about outreaching your business goals via our J2ME Application Development services.

Custom Windows App Development

Windows Mobile Platform is a system with many features and binds all popular Microsoft applications, we Microsoft Office, Outlook and Internet Explorer – making it instantly popular among businesses and corporates for its easy integration. In addition, Windows Mobile allows its users via instant messaging, email and social networks like Facebook and Twitter to be mobile online. The platform also serves as an entertaining device by being able to run apps such as gaming, media, and others. Contact us to know more about outreaching your business goals via our Windows Application Development services.

Custom Symbian Mobile App Development

Despite being lagging behind Android and iOS 7, Symbian is still used in various corporate circles for being the easiest, unchanging mobile platform. The customizable operating system’s performance is also noted among daily users, especially because of its impeccable mobile telephony and advanced data services. Having a Symbian app as your business or company’s representation increases the potential of your returns. Many leading and positive reviews mobile devices function on its operating system such as UIQ and S60. The platform is also capable to store large amount of data and features a quick and responsive experience to users. Contact us to know more about outreaching your business goals via our Symbian Application Development services.

Custom Apple iPad Mobile App Development

The iPad platform is based on the revolutionary iPhone technology and supports development for the iPhone OS. Our broad portfolio of iPhone development is a testament to our extensive experience in developing for the iPhone OS, so we can implement our and your creativity on the iPad powerfully. We ensure to develop some of the most groundbreaking iPad applications for your businesses and other requirements. Contact us to know more about outreaching your business goals via our iPad Application Development services.

Custom Apple iPhone Mobile App Development

With over 55 million Apple iPhone 5S sold alone in the year 2013, one can guess how Apple has surpassed every major competitor and has become the leading mobile phone company of the world. The more Apple Smartphones is reaching people, the more popular the company’s mobile platform is becoming. Businesses and corporates have thus found a new market in the iPhone application development, reaching million customers at once. It is indeed a great platform for one to expand its business to the next levels. And indeed, the number of Apple users is sure to increase more with times. Contact us to know more about outreaching your business goals via our iPhone Application Development services.

Qualcomm Technology

The Qualcomm technology BREW has built-in support for full implementations and is one of the most attractive platforms to develop feature-rich mobile device software. In addition, BREW provides in contrast to other technology platforms both back-end server solutions as a front-application development tool for the third-party developers. Mobile device manufacturers can implement your new device quickly, for which less internal application development and integration tasks are necessary. Businesses can also gain new revenue and competitive advantage by availing a wide choice of useful applications, content and services based on the BREW platform. Contact us to know more about outreaching your business goals via our BREW Application Development services.

Custom Blackberry Mobile App Development

Over the years, markets have seen an exponential growth of BlackBerry Applications, especially among business and corporate sectors. From both the users’ and business owners’ perspective, the BlackBerry platform efficiently assembles the day-to-day requirements with its highly impeccable internet applications. A BlackBerry represents a multi-functional device that combines the advantages of PDAs and smartphones, whereby a large added value for the business-related application is created. BlackBerry offers the connection of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Relationship Planning (ERP) and access to the Internet and Intranet. It thus comes ideal for businesses and corporates looking forward to ensure a better flow of communication among employees and indeed, with clients. Contact us to know more about outreaching your business goals via our BlackBerry Application Development services.

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