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How to add the Google Feedburner feature to your app

To add the Feedburner feature for free in your app, follow a three-step process:

  1. Create a unique app

    Enter name and choose a theme for your app design

  2. Add features without coding

    Drag-n-drop relevant features including Feedburner to app

  3. Submit your app to leading stores

    Easily publish your app to leading app stores

Add Feedburner feature to your app with Appy Pie AppMakr

To manage web feed management, you can either create an app similar to the Feedburner app or add the Feedburner feature to your exclusive app. Appy Pie’s AppMakr offers you a gallery full of professionally designed templates and a menu bar with a variety of features so that you can easily create apps similar to Feedburner WordPress, Feedburner Blogspot, and many more. Irrespective of your coding language knowledge, you can build an app with the FeedBurner feature for organizing the Feedburner blog, Feedburner URL, etc.

Why choose AppMakr to add the Feedburner feature to your app?

AppMakr offers a no-code platform to create an app with the Feedburner feature. Any individual and business can instantly create both native and hybrid apps with AppMakr. You just need to log in to AppMakr and within a few hours, you can build and submit an app having features to manage feeds.

AppMakr is recommended for making feed management app due to the following reasons:

  • Simple interface: AppMakr offers templates to design your app as clean and clear as you want for easy organization of feeds, blogs, URLs, and much more.
  • In-app analytics: To keep the track of the number of subscribers on your feeds, you can add an in-app analytics feature and manage your feeds more efficiently.
  • Offline capabilities: AppMakr lets you add some features to your feed management app that can work even without an internet connection.
  • Easy integration: You can easily post your popular feeds to social media accounts as AppMakr lets you easily integrate apps with social media like Facebook, etc.
  • Push notifications: AppMakr lets you create an app that can notify you of new feeds, and remind you to post your feeds via push notifications.
  • Compatibility: Whether you want to create a Google Drive desktop app or Google Drive for windows, AppMakr offers features to create a highly compatible app.

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