Top AI Blur Background Tools Unveiled

Top 11 AI Blur Background Tools For 2024

By Tanya | Last Updated on March 30th, 2024 7:25 am

Ever snapped a perfect photo, but the background just won't cooperate? We've all been there. That's where the magic of background blurring comes in. Whether you're a casual photographer or a social media enthusiast, a little blur can turn a good picture into a great one. In 2024, we've got some seriously cool photo editor tools that use Artificial Intelligence to make blurring background the most simplest task. Say goodbye to distracting backgrounds and hello to photos that pop! Let's dive into the world of top-notch AI blur background tools and discover how they can transform your pictures into works of art. Ready to take your photography game up a notch? Let's do this!

Why Blur Backgrounds?

  1. Focus on the Main Subject: Have you ever taken a fantastic photo, only to find the background steals the spotlight? Blur background tools let you highlight your main subject, drawing attention to what truly matters.
  2. Create Professional-Looking Shots: Whether you're a budding photographer or an editing enthusiast, adding a touch of blur can instantly elevate your images, giving them a polished and professional appearance.
  3. Eliminate Distractions: Messy backgrounds distracting from your subject? Blur it out! By softening the background, you ensure that your audience's focus remains on the key elements of your photo.
  4. Enhance Depth and Dimension: Blur Background isn't just about hiding; it's about enhancing. Adding a bokeh effect creates depth, making your photos visually dynamic and more aesthetically pleasing.
  5. Tell a Story with Visuals: Sometimes, a blurred background can speak louder than words. It adds a cinematic quality to your images, helping you convey emotions and tell compelling visual stories.

In the realm of visuals, the ability to blur backgrounds isn't just a trendy feature – it's a powerful tool that can transform your photos from ordinary to extraordinary. Let us examine the best AI blur background programs that simplify the process of creating these effects!

  1. Appy Pie’s Blur Background tool
  2. Appy Pie's Blur Background Tool stands out as a user-friendly solution for individuals looking to enhance their photos with a professional touch. With a simple and intuitive interface, users can easily apply varying degrees of blur to specific areas of their images, adding depth and focus to the main subjects. The tool offers versatility, allowing users to choose from different blur styles and adjust intensity levels based on their creative preferences. Appy Pie's commitment to accessibility ensures that both beginners and experienced users can benefit from this feature, creating visually appealing photos without the need for advanced editing skills. Whether you’re working with a vibrant purple background or experimenting with other hues, Appy Pie's Blur Image Tool provides a quick and effective way to elevate the aesthetic quality of images, making it a valuable asset for content creators, photographers, and enthusiasts alike. Whether your background is a bright purple or you're playing around with different colors, the Lens Blur tool easily makes your design look better, creating a genuine and eye-catching result.

    • User-Friendly Interface
    • Customizable Blur Settings
    • Ease of Use
    • Flexible Customization
    • Limited Free Version
    • Internet Dependency
    • Free Basic Version
    • Premium subscription plans are available for advanced features

  3. Photoshop's Blur Background Tool
  4. Photoshop's Blur Background tool is a game-changer in the realm of photo editing. Offering unparalleled control and precision, this feature allows users to selectively blur the background while keeping the main subject in sharp focus. With a user-friendly interface, photographers and designers can easily achieve professional-looking results. The tool provides various image editing options, including Gaussian blur, background remover, and lens blur, enabling users to customize the intensity and style of the background effect. Whether creating captivating portraits, product shots, or artistic compositions, Photoshop's Blur Background tool stands out for its versatility and ability to elevate the visual impact of any image with a few simple clicks.

    • Intelligent Background Detection
    • Real-Time Preview
    • Professional-Grade Results
    • Integration with Creative Suite
    • Learning Curve:Due to its extensive features, Photoshop may have a steeper learning curve.
    • Resource Intensive: Blur background processing may be resource-intensive.
    • Blur Background tool included in Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.
    • Offers a comprehensive suite of creative tools beyond blur background.

  5. Picsart
  6. Picsart's Blur Background tool is a standout feature in the world of mobile photo editing. Designed for simplicity and creativity, this tool allows users to effortlessly blur backgrounds, adding a professional touch to their images directly from their smartphones. With an intuitive interface, PicsArt also provides other tools such as AI Photo Enhancer that enables users to control the blur intensity, creating a customizable and visually appealing effect. Whether enhancing portraits or transforming everyday scenes into artistic compositions, PicsArt's Blur Background tool empowers users to achieve stunning results on the go. It's a handy solution for anyone looking to elevate their mobile photography and add that perfect touch of depth to their visuals.

    • Multifaceted Editing Tools
    • Creative Community and Sharing
    • User-Friendly Interface
    • Extensive Content Library
    • In-App Advertisements:The free version may display in-app advertisements.
    • Subscription Cost:Premium features may require a subscription.
    • Free Basic Version:Access to essential editing features at no cost.
    • In-app purchases and ads may be present.
    PicsArt Gold Subscription:
    • Premium subscription for advanced features and an ad-free experience.
    • Subscription pricing varies based on the duration (monthly or annually).

  7. PortraitAI
  8. The Portrait AI blur background tool is a powerful and user-friendly feature that allows you to effortlessly blur the background of your portraits, adding a professional and polished touch to your photos. Whether you're a seasoned photographer or just starting out, this innovative tool can help you elevate your portrait game to the next level.

    Portrait AI utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to seamlessly identify and separate the subject of your portrait from the background. This allows for precise and natural-looking blur background, even with complex details like hair or edges. The tool offers a variety of blur styles and intensities to choose from, letting you customize the effect to your liking.

    • AI-driven Automatic Facial Enhancements
    • Diverse Artistic Styles for Customization
    • Quick and Hassle-Free Portrait Enhancement
    • Creative Expression through Artistic Styles
    • Subscription-based model
    • Limited Manual Control for Professionals
    • PortraitAI likely offers subscription plans for ongoing access to features.
    • Pricing tiers may vary based on the duration and features included in each plan.

  9. PhotoRoom’s Blur Background Tool
  10. PhotoRoom's Blur Background tool is a standout feature for users looking to effortlessly enhance their images with a professional touch. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, PhotoRoom simplifies the process of applying blur background, allowing users to create a visually striking depth-of-field effect. The tool provides precise control over the blur intensity, ensuring a customized look that suits individual preferences. Whether used for portraits, product shots, or social media content, PhotoRoom's Blur Background tool caters to a diverse range of photography needs. Its seamless integration with other editing features such as remove object from photo, and the ability to instantly apply changes make it an efficient choice for both beginners and experienced photographers. As part of PhotoRoom's comprehensive suite, this tool adds a layer of sophistication to photos, enhancing their overall visual appeal with ease.

    • Smart Blur Background Tool
    • Real-Time Preview Functionality
    • Seamless and Quick Background Blurring
    • User-Friendly Interface
    • Limited Advanced Customization
    • Internet Connection Dependency
    • Free Basic Version with Essential Features
    • Premium Subscription for Advanced Tools

  11. Snapseed
  12. Snapseed is a free mobile photo editing app from Google that packs a powerful punch despite its simple interface. Its intuitive layout and wide range of features make it a popular choice for both beginners and seasoned photographers alike. Here are some of the highlights of Snapseed. Snapseed's blur background feature is a powerful tool for mobile photographers, allowing them to add a professional touch to their images. With an intuitive interface, users can selectively blur specific areas, emphasizing the main subject and creating a depth-of-field effect. Snapseed offers various blur styles, including lens blur and portrait blur, providing flexibility in achieving different visual outcomes. The precision control over the blur intensity and shape ensures a tailored and natural look to the images. This feature is not only user-friendly for beginners but also offers advanced options for seasoned photographers seeking nuanced adjustments. Overall, Snapseed's blur background feature enhances the creative potential of mobile photography, enabling users to produce captivating and visually compelling images effortlessly.

    • Comprehensive Photo Editing Tools
    • Non-destructive Editing Capabilities
    • User-Friendly Interface
    • High-Quality Filters and Effects
    • Learning Curve for Beginners
    • Limited Social Sharing Integration
    • Free to Use with No In-App Purchases
    • No Premium Subscription; All Features Accessible for Free

  13. MagicStudio: Background Blur
  14. MagicStudio's blur background tool is a standout feature, delivering seamless and professional-looking results for users seeking to enhance their photos. With an easy-to-navigate interface, Magicstudio allows precise control over the degree of blur background, enabling users to achieve a desired depth-of-field effect. The tool intelligently recognizes the subject, ensuring a natural separation between foreground and background elements. Magicstudio goes beyond basic blurring, offering additional features such as customizable photo effects, and adding an artistic flair to images. This tool caters to both beginners and advanced users, providing simplicity for quick edits and sophistication for those wanting to fine-tune their blurred backgrounds with creative elements. Overall, Magicstudio's blur background feature elevates the visual appeal of photos, making it a valuable asset for photography enthusiasts and professionals alike.

    • AI-Powered Background Blur
    • Real-Time Background Preview
    • Effortless and Automatic Blurring
    • Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface
    • Limited Customization Options
    • Internet Connection Required for Processing
    • Freemium Model with Basic Features
    • In-App Purchases for Premium Blur Background Tools

  15. Fotor
  16. Fotor's blur background tool stands out as a versatile and user-friendly solution for enhancing photos. With a simple and intuitive interface, users can effortlessly add a professional touch to their images by selectively blurring the background. Fotor offers various blur styles and intensities, allowing for creative customization based on individual preferences. This tool is particularly handy for photographers and enthusiasts seeking to achieve a visually pleasing depth-of-field effect without the need for intricate editing skills. Whether working on portraits or landscapes, Fotor's blur background feature, paired with an AI Image Sharpener, offers an effective means to emphasize the main subject and elevate overall aesthetic appeal. As a part of Fotor's comprehensive suite of editing tools, the blur background feature complements a range of creative enhancements, making it a go-to option for those looking to enhance their photos with ease and precision.

    • Advanced Photo Editing Tools
    • HDR Imaging Technology
    • User-Friendly Interface
    • Wide Range of Filters and Effects
    • Some Advanced Features are Paid
    • Can Be Resource-Intensive on Older Devices
    • Free Version with Basic Features
    • Premium Plans for Enhanced Editing Tools

  18. excels as a user-friendly tool for achieving blur background in photos. The platform simplifies the process of isolating subjects from their backgrounds, providing a seamless cutout that seamlessly integrates with the desired blur effect. With precision and efficiency, ensures a clean separation between foreground and background elements, allowing users to focus on creative aspects such as depth-of-field adjustments. The tool's intuitive interface and advanced algorithms make it accessible for both beginners and experienced users, enabling them to customize the level of blur with ease.'s capability to refine cutouts and its compatibility with various blur styles contribute to a polished and professional result, making it a valuable asset for photographers and content creators looking to enhance their images with a sophisticated blur background.

    • Advanced algorithms for accurate object removal.
    • Intuitive user interface for ease of use.
    • Precise object removal for clean edits.
    • User-friendly interface enhances accessibility.
    • Resource-intensive processing for high-res media.
    • Limited advanced editing features.
    • Affordable entry point for budget-conscious users.
    • Subscription-based model may deter occasional users.

  19. Kapwing
  20. Kapwing's blur background tool offers a seamless and accessible solution for users looking to enhance their visuals with a professional touch. With a user-friendly online interface, Kapwing simplifies the process of adding blur background to images or videos, catering to a diverse range of creators. The tool allows for precise control over the intensity and style of the blur, enabling customization to match specific preferences or creative requirements. Whether working on personal photos, social media content, or professional projects, Kapwing's blur background feature is versatile and easy to use. Its cloud-based functionality ensures convenience, allowing users to edit and download their content directly from their browsers. Kapwing's commitment to simplicity and effectiveness makes it a valuable resource for individuals seeking a hassle-free yet impactful way to incorporate blur background into their visual content.

    • Cloud-based editing for accessibility
    • Diverse tools for multimedia creation
    • Collaborative editing with real-time sharing.
    • User-friendly platform suitable for beginners.
    • Watermark on free plan output.
    • Limited advanced editing functionalities.
    • Free plan available for basic use.
    • Subscription-based model for premium features.

  21. Blur Video Tool
  22. The Blur Video tool serves as a valuable asset for video creators seeking to add a professional and artistic touch to their content. With a straightforward interface, this tool simplifies the process of applying blur background or focal point adjustments to videos, enhancing visual appeal. Users can precisely control the intensity and duration of the blur effect, catering to various creative preferences. Whether used for vlogs, presentations, or social media content, the Blur Video tool ensures a polished and cinematic result. Its intuitive features make it accessible for both beginners and experienced video editors, allowing for seamless integration of the blur effect without the need for complex software. As part of the video editing toolkit, this tool contributes to a visually engaging and dynamic viewing experience, making it an essential resource for content creators across different platforms.

    • High-quality video blurring for privacy protection.
    • Customizable blur intensity and focus areas.
    • User-friendly interface for easy navigation.
    • Supports various video formats and resolutions.>/li>
    • Limited advanced editing options.
    • The free trial is limited to 5 videos
    • Affordable pricing plans for different user needs.
    • Free version with basic features available.

Comparison Table:

Tool Features Pros Cons Supported Devices Pricing
Appy Pie’s Blur Image Tool Both Beginner-friendly and advanced level image blurring User-friendly interface Limited advanced editing features Web-based Freemium model with paid plans available
Photoshop's blur background Tool Extensive photo editing features Professional-grade tools Steeper learning curve Windows, Mac, Web Subscription-based pricing
Picsart Wide range of editing tools and effects Social sharing and community features Can be overwhelming for beginners iOS, Android Freemium model with in-app purchases
PortraitAI AI-powered portrait enhancements Automatic background blur Limited customization options Web-based Freemium model with paid plans available
Photoroom’s blur background Tool AI-based background removal and blur Quick and easy background manipulation Limited fine-tuning options iOS, Android Freemium model with in-app purchases
Snapseed Advanced photo editing tools Non-destructive editing May be overwhelming for casual users iOS, Android Free
MagicStudio: Background Blur Quick background blurring with presets User-friendly interface Limited customization options iOS, Android Freemium model with in-app purchases
Fotor Comprehensive photo editing tools Batch processing and collage features Ads in the free version Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web Freemium model with in-app purchases Advanced background removal and editing tools Professional-grade features Steeper learning curve Web-based Subscription-based pricing
Kapwing Online video and image editing Collaboration features for team projects Watermark on free exports Web-based Freemium model with paid plans available
Blur Video Tool Video background blurring Easy-to-use interface Limited features compared to dedicated video editing software iOS, Android Freemium model with in-app purchases


In the ever-evolving world of photography, AI-powered blur image tool have become essential for turning ordinary photos into extraordinary works of art. Whether you're a photography enthusiast, a budding editor, or a casual snapper, these tools offer a simple yet powerful way to enhance your images. They allow you to focus on the main subject, create a professional look, eliminate distractions, and add depth to your photos. From user-friendly options like Appy Pie Design to powerful tools like Photoshop's Blur Background feature, there's a solution for every skill level. In 2024, these AI blur background tools have democratized the art of photography, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their editing skills. Say goodbye to distracting backgrounds and hello to visually appealing photos that tell a story with just a touch of blur. Elevate your editing game with these top-notch tools and let your creativity shine!

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