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Creative Collage Ideas That You Must Try

Aasif Khan
By Aasif Khan | Last Updated on April 25th, 2023 7:53 am | 3-min read

Collages are a unique way of immortalizing memories. Photos of memorable events can be arranged in a variety of styles to make them look pleasing and attractive. This in turn can be used either as a heart-warming gift to someone you love, or as a wall hanging to decorate your home.

Selecting the right images is in many ways the key factor for making a collage. However, the design or style that you adopt also matters. You can choose them based on the event you want to frame. The good news is you can design amazing collages using Appy Pie design, for free!


Ever since their invention, photographs have become an integral part of human culture. Over a period, albums became a popular means to store and preserve photographs. In modern times, social media has accelerated the growth of these trends as people look to capture selfies at every major event of their lives.

Although albums have been used for a long time, people have now shifted to other methods to store photos. Albums can be bulky and taking them out regularly to go through their contents is quite a task.

To avoid this, people nowadays, make collages using different images and arrange them in artistic ways. They can be hung from walls, which add to their beauty, and serve as a reminder of the best moments of one’s life. The infographic below will tell you all that you need to know about collages.

Best Ideas To Design A Collage

Here is a list of the best collage design ideas that you can explore.

  1. Family Photo Grid
  2. A minimalist collage is the perfect design for a creative family. It gives a modernist appeal and with online editing, you can add filters to make them complement the existing décor. To make a photo grid, you can add your favorite images, within a geometric grid.

    Select images from a recent family trip or any other event where you captured bright and colorful photos. You can also alternate between art and text just to make things more interesting.

  3. Heart-Shaped Collage
  4. You can select 30 to 40 family photos and arrange them in the shape of a heart to create this personalized collage. Add a warm background or a plain blue one to give it a modern look and feel. You can have it placed on a shelf or wall to liven up the room. Celebrate memories of a lifetime with style!

  5. Collage For Parents
  6. There might be many photos of you sharing light moments with your parents. Make your parents feel loved and appreciated with this wall picture collage that contains your memories with them. These can be put up in their rooms so make sure you size these accordingly.

    You can give it as a special gift on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or even on birthdays.

  7. Wedding Collage
  8. Select the most flattering images from your wedding, photographed from different angles, and expressing a wide range of emotions. You can use contrasting photos or edit them in that manner.

    Adding black and white photos always adds to the charm. You can also select images that highlight the most important events during the wedding.

  9. Collage For First Birthday
  10. The birth of a child is always a special moment for parents. Capture your baby’s unique personality by selecting the most memorable events from their first twelve months. You can use this as a keepsake or as a wall picture collage for your child’s room. Select appropriate filters and colors while editing to achieve the right balance of tones.

  11. Circular Collage
  12. It is a simple yet popular collage design where you place one image at the center to act as the focal point. On the outer edge, you can use candid photos or close-ups. This is a stylish layout that you can use to display the best moments shared with family, friends or colleagues.

    The simplicity of this design is what makes it a popular choice. With slight variations in color composition and tones you can achieve great results.

  13. Photo And Art Combination
  14. This is another excellent option for a child’s playroom or bedroom. You can alternate photos with colorful art forms to create a unique blend. You can try out different color schemes to match the tone and palette of the room.

    You can hang it from a wall or simply place it on a shelf. Try out new things, for instance, if using for a child’s room, you can add photos of their favorite toys and animals.

  15. Graduation Collage
  16. Although it is called graduation collage, this design isn’t limited to it. It can be used to commemorate any major milestone in life. For graduation, you can add multiple snapshots of your academic journey with the name of your college and graduation year at the center.

    Use your creative skills to the fullest and alter images, patterns and designs to suit your requirements. You can utilize this as a gift or as a memento to remind people of their capabilities and how far they have come.

Tools To Help You Design A Collage

It’s not enough to randomly add photos to make a collage. You need to set the right color composition and tone. If you are a beginner and are looking for easy-to-use designing tools, then Appy Pie Design is the perfect choice for you.

Appy Pie Design is a free designing software that helps you in graphic designing instantly. You can choose from hundreds of templates and tweak them to your liking. Try it out now!


Designing a collage is easier said than done. It not only needs good photographs but also a simple and effective graphic designing platform that offers the best tools in a user-friendly manner.

Thankfully, we have Appy Pie design that is equipped in every way to help you design amazing collages for friends and family.

So here was our list of some awesome collage ideas. If you have any ideas up your sleeves feel free to leave a comment below so that we can check them out.

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