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How to Use TikTok: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide

Anupam Tiwari
By Anupam Tiwari | Last Updated on May 12th, 2024 1:54 pm

TikTok has become a cultural phenomenon with over 1 billion monthly active users across the globe. The content on TikTok ranges from viral dance challenges to educational content, and makes it popular for the blend of entertainment and information it provides. But beyond the endless scrolling, there's a space for creative possibilities waiting to be explored. Whether you are a budding influencer, a seasoned marketer, or simply looking to have some fun, TikTok has opportunities in store for everyone who wants to connect with a vast audience. In this comprehensive guide, we'll break down everything you need to know about how to use TikTok. 

We'll also discuss creating engaging content, how to use TikTok filters, templates, and TikTok ads, and even the possibilities with the TikTok AI voice feature. Moreover, the introduction of AI Design Tools has streamlined the entire content creation process with AI generating short videos, avatars, design templates, profile pictures, logos, stickers, and much more. So without further ado, let’s get started.

What is TikTok?


Launched in 2016, TikTok is a short-form video-sharing platform where users can create and share videos ranging from 15 seconds to 10 minutes. The TikTok logo represents the app's focus on short-form video content creation and sharing within its vibrant and diverse community. The app's intuitive interface lets users easily record, edit, and add special effects to their videos. Apart from individual creators, brands have also flocked to TikTok for business to reach new audiences and promote their products and services. 

TikTok’s diverse and vast user base and engaging format make it a dynamic platform for anyone to express themselves and connect with a global community amazingly. Moreover, tools like AI Shorts Video Generator can help you considerably in creating short videos that resonate with your target audiences and add efficiency to your video content creation.

Why You Need to Be on TikTok: Don't Just Scroll, Be Seen


"TikTok isn't just another social media platform; it's a cultural launchpad," says social media strategist Lisa Turner. With over a billion monthly users actively engaging, TikTok has become a vibrant hub for entertainment, education, and lifestyle. You may be a budding musician yearning to share your latest track, a passionate chef eager to showcase your culinary skills, or simply someone with a knack for storytelling, TikTok is the best stage to opt for. 

Its interface enables you to create engaging short-form videos, like funny skits, informative tutorials, and more, all with the help of a vast library of filters, sound effects, and editing tools. TikTok has been successful in evoking a sense of community by encouraging collaboration with creators worldwide and building a loyal following who share your interests.

How to Use TikTok?

Till now we have covered everything about TikTok and the possibilities it has for creators and businesses. We will now learn how to use the TikTok app from the basics to its advanced features.

How to create your TikTok profile?

  • Download the App: Firstly, go to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and download the TikTok app from there.
  • Sign Up: Open the app and choose your preferred method of signing up. You can use your phone number, email, or existing social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter.

  • How to Use TikTok
  • Create a Username: Now create a catchy username that is in line with your personality or content style. This will be how others find you on the platform.
  • Complete Your Profile: Add a profile picture and a short bio to give viewers a glimpse into who you are and what kind of content you create. To add a more intriguing character to your profile, you can try the AI Avatar Generator.
  • How to Use TikTok
  • Explore and Follow: Start browsing the "For You" page to discover trending content and creators you find interesting. Also, don't hesitate to follow accounts that pique your curiosity!

How to use TikTok for business?

How to use TikTok for business
  • Open your profile: Tap on the silhouette icon in the bottom right corner of the app to access your profile page.
  • Access Settings: On your profile page, tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner. It will open the Settings and Privacy menu.
  • Manage Account: Within the Settings menu, scroll down and locate the "Manage Account" section.
  • Switch to Business Account: Tap the option that says "Switch to Business Account."
  • Confirmation and Selection: A confirmation screen will pop up asking if you're sure you want to switch. Tap "Switch" to proceed.

You'll further receive a confirmation message indicating your account has successfully switched to a business profile.

Here are some of the benefits of switching to a TikTok business account:

  • You can gain valuable data about your audience demographics, video performance, and follower growth with its Business Creative Hub.
  • Business accounts enable you to run targeted ad campaigns to reach a wider audience and drive engagement including TikTok Creator’s Marketplace. 
  • You can include a clickable contact button on your profile for viewers to easily connect with your business through email, phone calls, or a website link. 
  • You can manage multiple TikTok accounts from a single dashboard if you oversee several brands or campaigns.
  • Lastly, business accounts can include a clickable link in their bio to direct viewers to their website, landing page, or online store. Moreover, you can also learn how to use TikTok ads for a more lucrative venture.

How to use TikTok Ads?

How to use TikTok Ads

After switching to a business account, select the TikTok Ads Manager. Here, you can define your campaign goals, target your audience based on demographics and interests, and set your budget. Then, create high-quality, engaging video ads following TikTok trends, and track their performance to optimize your reach.

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How to use TikTok templates?

TikTok templates are essentially video structures with pre-determined transitions, effects, and text placements. A TikTok template comes in a variety of themes, from dance challenges and comedic skits to product demonstrations and educational tutorials. Given below are a few steps on how you can leverage TikTok templates to create content in a flash:

  • Finding the Perfect Template: Open the TikTok app and tap the "+" button to access the creation screen. On the left side of the screen, you'll see a row of icons; tap the one labeled "Templates."
  • Browsing the Library: Explore the extensive template library. You can search by category (e.g., funny, education) or scroll through trending templates.
  • Selecting Your Template: Once you find a template that fits well with your content idea, tap on it.
  • Customizing Your Creation: The template will load onto the recording screen. You can further replace the placeholder clips with your recordings or photos.
  • Fine-Tuning Your Content: Don't forget to personalize the text overlays and adjust the timing of transitions to your liking. You can even add additional effects and filters for an extra creative touch.
How to use TikTok templates

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Moreover, you can use an AI Photo Enhancer to improve the pictures you want to insert into your TikTok video. It saves you time as you can enhance your photos online without any hassle.

Learn How to Like, Comment, and Share a TikTok Video

If you want to like a TikTok video, you need to tap the heart icon to the left of the video. To comment further, you have to tap the speech bubble icon, type your message, and tap "send." To share, the arrow icon is available. Select where you want to share (like other social media platforms or messaging apps) and tap "share."

How to use TikTok

How to record a TikTok Video?

Learn how to record a perfect TikTok video with the steps listed below, including that extra flair addition with effects and sounds.

How to record a TikTok Video
  • Hold the Red Record Button: Hold down the red record button at the bottom of the screen to begin recording your video. If you are depending on the chosen template or sound, you might have specific recording segments pre-determined.
  • You will get the following options:
    • Flip: Adjust camera orientation.
    • Speed: Modify video playback speed.
    • Filters: Apply visual effects instantly.
    • Beauty: Enhance appearance subtly.
    • Timer: Set countdown for recording.
    • How to Use TikTok
  • Add effects, filters, and sound: Once you're satisfied with your recording, you can now add some personality to it. On the right side of the screen, you'll find two crucial icons:
    • Effects: Tap the icon that looks like a sparkling star to access a vast library of visual effects. Explore options like slow motion, green screen, and more to enhance your video's visual appeal.
    • How to Use TikTok
    • Sounds: Tap the icon that resembles a musical note to open the sound library. Here, you can choose from a massive collection of trending sounds, music clips, and even voiceovers from other creators to add an extra layer of engagement to your video.
    • How to Use TikTok
  • Preview and Edit: Once you've captured your footage, tap the checkmark on the right side of the screen. This will take you to a preview screen where you can watch your entire video and make any necessary adjustments. You can trim clips, adjust volume levels, and even add text overlays to further enhance your creation.
How to Use TikTok
  • Add a Caption and Hashtags: This step is where the real engagement magic happens. Before posting your video, tap the "Caption" section below the preview. This is where you can write a description of your video content, enticing viewers to watch and interact. Also, don't forget to include relevant hashtags (preceded by #) to categorize your video and increase discoverability. You can research trending hashtags or use specific ones related to your video's theme to reach a wider audience.
  • How to Use TikTok

How to use TikTok Filter?

Tap the ‘Filters’ option on the right side of the recording screen. Scroll through the carousel to preview different filters that adjust color, lighting, or add special effects. You can even adjust the filter's intensity with a slider. Once you find the perfect look, hit record and start creating!

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Learn How to Use Text-to-Speech, Green Screen, and Duets

You can elevate your TikTok videos from good to great with the TikTok app's built-in features! Learn how to utilize three powerful tools: Text-to-Speech, Green Screen, and Duets, to add a unique touch to your content and boost engagement.

  • Text-to-Speech: Let Your Words Speak for Themselves

How to use TikTok
      • You need to select the "Text" icon on the left side (resembles an "Aa").
      • Tap anywhere on the screen to add a text box. Type in your desired message and customize the font style, color, and alignment.
      • Select the "Text-to-Speech" icon at the top right corner of your screen (which resembles a speech bubble). This magical feature converts your typed text into a voiceover and can add a whole new dimension to your video.
      • Choose from a variety of voice options to best suit your video's tone. Want a playful vibe? Opt for a quirky voice! Need a more serious approach? Select a professional-sounding narrator.
  • Green Screen: Transport Yourself to New Worlds

      • On the editing screen, select the "Effects" icon on the left side (which resembles a clock with a sparkle).
      • Scroll through the effects library and locate "Green Screen." Tap to activate this feature.
      • Ensure you're recording your video in front of a solid green background (a green curtain works wonders!). This enables the app to remove the green background and replace it with something entirely new.
How to Use TikTok
  • Duets: Collaborate and Connect

    • Locate the video you'd like to duet with on the "For You" page or a creator's profile. Tap the arrow icon on the right side of the video.
    • Select the "Duet" option from the pop-up menu. This will open the editing screen with the original video playing on the left side and a space for your recording on the right.

    • How to use TikTok
    • Hit the red record button and film your reaction, or commentary, or add your creative twist to the original video.
    • Once you've finished recording, you can adjust the layout and positioning of your video and the original content. This allows for a dynamic side-by-side presentation which is perfect for collaborations and challenges.

    • How to Use TikTok

You can also learn how to use TikTok AI voice feature to add more intrigue to your content and streamline the creative flow

Exciting TikTok Concepts for Your Next Video Content

You need to keep up with the trends and user behaviors to gain popularity on TikTok. Having an eye for detail and experimenting with innovative ideas can help you significantly.

  • Trendy Dance Challenges: You may find popular dance crazes and put your spin on them for a more entertaining video.
  • Lip-Sync Duets: This is a must-try, collaborate with friends or celebrities by lip-syncing to trending audio clips or famous movie lines. Duets are becoming increasingly trending these days.
  • DIY Creations: Showcase your creative side to your audience by sharing step-by-step tutorials or time-lapse videos of DIY projects. They can be on crafts to cooking recipes.
  • Comedy Skits: This idea can fetch you the maximum likes. Create humorous skits or short comedic sketches that resonate with your audience and keep them laughing.
  • Travel Vlogs: Take your followers on a virtual journey by documenting your adventures, exploring new destinations, and sharing travel tips and experiences.

Level Up Your Content: Best Practices for TikTok Creators

Conquering TikTok is more than just posting random videos. To truly engage your audience and build a loyal following, there are some key strategies to keep in mind. Let us discuss a few best practices to elevate your content and become a masterful TikTok creator.

  • Embrace Consistency: The TikTok algorithm favors active creators. Aim to post consistently, whether it's daily or a few times a week. This keeps your audience engaged and ensures they don't forget about you in the ever-flowing stream of content.
  • Ride the Trends, But Add Your Flair: Staying in tune with trending sounds, hashtags, and challenges is a prerequisite for discoverability. However, simply copying others won't set you apart. Inject your unique personality and creativity into trending topics to make your content stand out.
  • Engage with Your Audience: Don't be a one-way street! Respond to comments, answer questions, and participate in discussions. This fosters a sense of community and encourages viewers to keep coming back for more interaction.
  • Leverage the Power of Storytelling: People connect with stories. Use your videos to tell a captivating narrative, whether it's funny, informative, or inspirational. A well-crafted story lingers in viewers' minds and keeps them wanting more.
  • Analyze and Adapt: Don't be afraid to experiment and see what resonates with your audience. Look at your video analytics to understand what's performing well and what might need tweaking. Use this data to refine your approach and continuously improve the quality and engagement of your content.


If you imagine a platform where you can showcase your inner comedian, showcase your culinary talents, or simply connect with people who share your passions, TikTok is an ideal option! This guide has been your one-stop shop for everything TikTok. We covered setting up your account, creating engaging videos, and exploring cool features like Green Screen, Text-to-speech and Duets. But remember, TikTok is all about you! So don't be afraid to experiment, have fun, and let your personality shine through. Moreover, TikTok can also be a game-changer for your brand awareness and customer engagement. So grab your phone, hit record, and get ready to share your unique voice with the world. 

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